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  1. poiolia added a post in a topic List of Gynaes   

    Hi Everybody :)
    I'm new to this forum and its a great place for imformation.
    I think i'm preggy so now i'm looking for an ob-gyn. however, i'm very confused with the whole process of choosing the right doc. i live in cheras so i'll prefer some ob-gyn who is attached at a nearby hospital. does anyone have any advice on who I can go to? I see alot of comments about HUKM, UMSC and Pantai Bangsar. I think i'll probably be going there. Do you choose the doctor based on where he's attached or the hospital where you will deliver? Do you go to clinic or hospital to check up? Pls help....
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  2. poiolia added a post in a topic Recommendation for Bridal Boutique in Negeri Sembilan   

    Thanks, let us know the size of album, poses and gown total too.
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  3. poiolia added a post in a topic Examples of the The various models of Hot Wedding Dresses 2014?   

    I think wedding dresses should include lace for basic elements, because lace can show women's elegance and charm. I prefer lace wedding gown.
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  4. Kalika added a post in a topic Flora Etc by Razak Luxe Decor   

    No. I don't used but I thin it is a good! Good luck
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  5. Kalika added a post in a topic Behind the scenes_dreamz's wedding   

    Looks realyy great. I like it!
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  6. fifacoinkopen added a topic in Introduce yourselves!   

    El Clasico: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who's better in FIFA 17?
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  7. tonnya11 added a post in a topic wedding photographer paris   

    This one looks very good!
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  8. tonnya11 added a post in a topic what internet have the fastest speed?   

    I'm happy whith this internet!
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  9. joyceln82 added a topic in Feedback, Suggestions, and Enquiries   

    Kuching Wedding Dress Alteration
    Hi, anyone know where can I find a good tailor for my wedding dress alteration in Kuching? I ordered my dress online and I try to find an experience dressmaker to do some alteration. Tried to ask Hafiz Dressmaker but he dont do alteration. 
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  10. xilian added a post in a topic Electric store recommendation around Melaka   

    ya! it's real...more than 10 years
    this brand is come from Europe, my house also using this brand's product, so far not bad
    yes! really! when my dad bought it also feel shock hahaha
    welcome :)
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  11. harryho46 added a post in a topic Electric store recommendation around Melaka   

    More than 10 years warranty? really? Rarely to see that home appliances offer warranty for more than 10 years.
    OK will look into it. Thank you for the information. 
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  12. Mary211 added a post in a topic Share with you gals interesting & artistic wedding photos   

    I can recommend you this site. There are lot's of interesting ideas and tips for your special day. I hope it will be useful for you. 
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  13. meerah added a post in a topic Electric store recommendation around Melaka   

    i never heard bout this brand..every business want make profit so imposibble they  give 10 years wrnty..mybe just want to attract  the cstmer.
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  14. Kah mun added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    i'm using this boost top up, at first the service was no that nice , but their customer service very efficient, once youfeedback or complain, they will assist you to resolve the problem. now getting more stable and more user. is a very fast reload and safe

    pm me please~ use my invitation code...i wan free boost credit ~
    the point even no expired date, and can reload anytime or transfer to friend who using prepaid
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  15. BroadwayDiddy added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    there do have some method to stay active as long as your number didnt get disabled, like top up for one week then stay inactive for another week.
    probably one month will top up less than rm30, quite save also, haha
    seem like quite some times they take do develop for iOS, anyway its a good app, got to support them, keep working on it!
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  16. Mary211 added a post in a topic Behind the scenes_dreamz's wedding   

    Very pretty! I am always interested in such photos. I like to look behind the main scene
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  17. Mary211 added a post in a topic Korea Pre Wedding Photoshoot Experience   

    Omg! Your works are perfect! I wish you were my photographer on my wedding day. Great! 
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  18. Mary211 added a post in a topic An elegant way to organise our wedding photos   

    I definetely like it. It would be  a pleasure to take it to the hands and look at photos. Thank you for sharing!
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  19. Mary211 added a post in a topic My special day!   

    You look very happy and tender. My sincere congratulations! Your photos are amazing!
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  20. Letteroaka added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    HAHAHAAHA, maybe his/her friend never see news, living in their own world
    i also agree with that, prepaid still suitable for who want to saving cost, some more mix together with the boost top up, top up with earn point, good good....
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  21. xilian added a post in a topic Electric store recommendation around Melaka   

    as long as the warranty period are longer, if any issue also not problem right
    as I know Beko provided warranty can lasts for 10 years or plus
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  22. Xiang_xiao added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    this app i think just release for few months and only for android user now.
    would give a try when it available for IOS. 
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  23. Xiang_xiao added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    should ask your friend have enough sleep or not :/
    prepaid is better than postpaid my girl! nowadays all competitor are having promotion on their product.
    prepaid = low cost + good
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  24. Letteroaka added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    Hi there, recently i just trying to figure out how to clear the credit that i reloaded, why cant just convert the credit inside into somewhere else.. few hundred that i have inside my prepaid number.... after clear my credit inside then just think of try boost top up app, otherwise the credit inside will keep increasing only !!!!
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  25. fraid added a topic in Bridal Shops & Bridal Boutiques - Johor Bahru   

    Who knows Fannybrides
    Want to find a reputable wedding dress supplier which can provide custom wedding dress, and found this website called Fannybrides, seems a Chinese wedding dress factory, but don't know if they can make high quality dress. However, I have read some negotive feedback about Chinese suppliers, so what should I do? really need to buy one on line.
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