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  1. leelove added a post in a topic Dress, Gown or Attire for Mum or MIL   

    Can you share the picture of the dress?
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  2. realphotos added a topic in Introduce yourselves!   

    Instant Print Photo Booth
    Get Fun Time with our Instant Print Photo Booth. Free Design, Unlimited Printout, Fun Props & many extra.
    Call us now at 011 1213 5350
    Email us now at realfotobooth @

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  3. Wilson_captain added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    If you want to confirm they sent people, you should keep follow up with the staff to make sure they dont ignore your report. Sometime they might handle the customer who always call them many times.
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  4. Billy80 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    I just try to make people understand sometimes staff have their SOP to follow in order to complete their job. But what you say is correct, we will boring when no internet. Hahaha
    Tomorrow you call them again and ask when will sent people to your place, kindly ask them what is the estimate time the staff will reach. Then you will know when to call again. 
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  5. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    i called them second time alrdy, what they tald me is they will sent people come to my place and checked. But she didnt say when will come, i just worry they still forget to come...
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  6. Wilson_captain added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    you are correct, u know i cant work if there is no internet, email or chat with the customer and colleague, checking order and reply feedback, the internet is a very important tool in our life.
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  7. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    Hahaha, are you represent the staff? we as the customer really cant understand why take so long to settle the bad connection, u know nowadays people cant live without internet... we will boring like hell.
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  8. Billy80 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    Sometimes people just know complain the staff cant settle the thing for them, but they didnt realize what actually the staff is doing in order to fix their problem. May be its processing but normally customer cant wait too long. What to do? scold loh~ 
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  9. Wilson_captain added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    sometime the connection is interrupt due to many reason, i got 1 case that the portal device is too old and it affect my connection. Then i call them to do the checking, after they find out and replace a new one, everything become normal dy.
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  10. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    Really? now i confuse want to believe it or not, since there are good and bad comment to the unifi. Actually i still think that 100 mbps can give good connection as the the mbps is high, there are no reason the line can slow like snail.
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  11. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    may b i really bad luck that time, hopefully the next time i report my problem, i can get a good staff to help me. What i want just settle my problem quickly, so i can get back my good connection.
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  12. Wilson_captain added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    i think you just meet the bad attitude staff, last time i call a staff to report my cable problem, the next day they sent me a technician and change the cable, then my problem solve immediate.
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  13. Billy80 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    I think the only way to  fix your problem is let them know, although they might delay the proses, you just have to make sure they done their work and you can get the good connection.
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  14. Wilson_captain added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    i think you no need to worry about the connection stability, the unifi can give the smooth line. When i play the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds , there is no lag and no connection down. I will recommend you to upgrade it.
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  15. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    How do i report my problem? call them? are they respond immediate, i have experience to call the staff, the speed to attend my problem is very very slow, if i didnt follow up with them. think my problem will ignore by them.
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  16. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    i was intend to upgrade my tm to unifi, now i saw this also very worry. we pay for the service and we get very low connection stability. hmm.... 
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  17. Billy80 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    as i know the incident happen is because the system down or update, i think you should call office and report your problem, then only they will know and fixed the problem.
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  18. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    of course 100mbps, i thought this package will be very stable as the high mbps and cheap price. who know it will continuously down, then now im very frustrate.
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  19. Billy80 added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    What package did u subscribe?  have u check your router? Or else.. call TMpoint to check your internet stability.. 
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  20. Callie added a topic in Feedback, Suggestions, and Enquiries   

    unifi connection
    im just wondering why start from last week, my unifi connection will down at least 3 times per day... what happen to the company, did connection down happen everywhere?
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  21. daniela added a topic in Setting up Home   

    Best Vacuum for Newly-Wed
    At the point when lovebirds start their coexistence, they should clean their home. Vacuums are one of the must-have fundamentals for housekeeping.
    Furthermore, the wrong vacuum will abandon pet hair and won't take into consideration the cover or ground surface to be cleaned amid the main pass. 
    On the off chance that the glad couple anticipates having children, the correct vacuum will have the capacity to rapidly get chaotic heaps and help mother or father spare time cleaning. 
    It's not until the point that somebody has a decent vacuum cleaner that they truly start to value the distinction between a low-end and top of the line demonstrate.
    Plan: If you have sensitivities, a vacuum with a HEPA channel will function admirably. This is a decent structure for dusty homes or zones where you're somewhat nearer to nature. Conveyability: What sort of home will the couple dwell in? in the event that the home has numerous dimensions, a mini vacuum or a handheld vacuum cleaner choice might be a decent decision for floor coverings. Additional items: The included additional items make cleaning much less demanding. A hole instrument or a handheld choice can make tidying up spills, pet hair and even stairs much less demanding than attempting to move an extensive vacuum in these tight and high zones.
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  22. payalsharma added a topic in Introduce yourselves!   

    The Sage Guide: Unpack The Goods After Relocation: Packers And Movers In Pune
    Household #relocation requisites lot of energy and a plenty of time carrying out the successful relocation in Pune. One needs to have enough knowledge about the scheme, appropriate ways and experience for carrying out the relocation in Packers And Movers Pune says must have a plenty of time, resources and obviously equipments to handle everything safely and smartly. Which is not possible unless you are the #moving #company, at #most this do not assure you to saving from mishandling cost #relocating by your own from or in Pune. So to avoid los it’s better to go for professional and credible packers and movers in Pune.
    Shifting is a mind- numbing processes and one amongst tough tasks from those is the #unpacking. Unpacking is a time-taking process, requires plenty of members for fast and continue unpacking, unpacking and rearranging can be the toughest job handling alone. To reduce this unpacking complexity you can hire a help from the unpacking services in Pune by packers and movers of Pune. Unpacking after relocation is much more than the work of adjustment.
    1. Bag of essentials : well just after the #move has finished there are many things you may need immediately. And for such things you have to unpack all the boxes and find out the things you need. And also have to keep the patience throughout the time unpacking is running. So it’s important during packing only all your essential things should be wrapped separately in a bag so that just after reaching you can feel relax and immediately use them.
    2. Marked and labelled boxes are easy to unpack : even while you are #packing the boxes @ your old home, office remember to mark the number and paste a label of the description that what this particular box actually consists of. This would take little time and will increase your job because you have to maintain a record. But as “god things take time” so if you want to avoid the hassle occurs during unpacking you can even perform this task. When have reached Packers And Movers Pune to Delhi the destination the stuffs you need first can unpack @ first and only the useful items will be unpack and the rest will go accordingly with time.
    3. Unwrap heavy items first : rather than unpacking the light items first, try to unpack the heavy items @ first “packers and movers in Pune experience says that”. All the heavy items if unpack firstly then your load from the boxes and area used will be reduced. After the unwrapping of huge and heavy stuffs, light items can be unpack now and then rearranged accordingly the rest. Wardrobes like heavy items if unpack first you get a choice to unpack the clothes and let them place into the wardrobe. So plan like a smart player movers and packers of Pune.
    4. Start with a clean room : reaching to the destination, now unload the stuffs in the clean room for better #unpacking process. Because a clean room offers you a clean environment where you can Packers And Movers Pune to Kolkata place the boxes whether small or big and can go for unpacking process. When the surrounding is clean you can easily identify what to do first and what @ next; this is what best and fast Packers and Movers of Pune believe.
    5. Unwrap and load immediately : well after unpacking the box remember to arrange it immediately for better visuality because if you unpack all the boxes and do not arrange them one by one then there would be the misunderstanding again after working so hard labelling each boxes and unwrapping them according to need, the problem would be everything will go mess and your will be confused what to arrange and how to? So unpack the boxes on your requisites and after you unpack just immediately place them on their respective right positions.
    Arrangement of things is in the #most typical act to do. It is the result time when you actually watch the stuffs are in good condition or not that have been packed from the source and now have reached to the destination. To have the best comfort during unpacking of the goods @ destination place it would be better hire Packers and Movers in Pune for unpacking services in Pune.
    Source Url :
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  23. gooddayday added a topic in Setting up Home   

    SK Magic JIKSOO Water Dispenser from RM70 per month
    SK Magic Jiksoo Korea High Quality Water Filter start from RM70 per moth

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    - Ice Maker Function
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    - UV sterilization
    - W255 X D500 X H492

    No need deposit

    Service every 4 month

    Monthly fees RM180


    - Cold, Hot (few temperature), and normal
    - 0 Tank design
    - Instant hot function
    - UV sterilization
    - W170 X D495 X H390

    No need deposit

    Service every 4 month

    Monthly fees RM120


    - Normal temperature
    - 0 Tank design
    - WIFI security function
    - sterilization
    - W92 X D400 X H330[

    No need deposit

    Service every 4 month

    Monthly fees RM70

    SK Magic Malaysia
    Magic Water Dispenser rental
    SK Magic Jiksoo Rich
    SK Magic Hyper
    SK Magic Rapi
    SK Magic WIZ C
    SK Magic Wiz S Floor Standing
    SK Magic Wiz R RO Floor Standing
    SK Magic Top Air Purifier

    Contact us to order now 016-3382618
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  24. daniela added a topic in General Topics   

    Durex Problem
    Hello newlyweds,
    Hereby I want to ask an opinions about the problem that have in durex condom the real feel one. There is some issue that say some of them are fake and how can I know which one is fake and what should I do about the durex product that mention if I already bought it. I kind of worry about this matter.
    Is there any serious effect will be harm me and my partner and it will be safe to just use the durex gel only? 
    To people whom may know I really need your advices according to this matter. 
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  25. TheSnapshotCafe added a topic in Wedding Photography and Video   

    Pre-Wedding and Wedding in Europe
    大家好, 不知你們有沒有看到我們新的網頁?  多得來自不同地區客人的愛戴及支持 (謝謝很多來自新加坡,馬來西亞,香港,中國的朋友), 我們The Snapshot Cafe決定開設這品牌,專注在華人海外婚紗拍攝(包括錄像及彩妝服務)。當然我們也會提供其他種類的人像拍攝, 如閨密照,家庭照等。-用愛去拍,去感受,留住時間-
    Hi beautiful couples, have you seen our new website?
    Thanks for all the love and support from our Oriental clients ( Many of them from #HongKong, #Singapore, #Philippines, #Taiwan, #China and #Malaysia )
    We have decided to open this brand dedicated to Overseas #PreWedding photography ( Including #videography and #hairmakeupservice)
    We also provide pregnancy, newborn baby and family portrait photo & video shoots.
    Create your legacy with love.
    Feel free to send us an email for further discussing your needs about our service. Have a nice day!
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    #一站式婚禮服務 #愛3C影音攝影朋友的最愛 
    #香港紋繡師  #新娘化妝師
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