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  2. Vielleicht kann ich Ihnen bei der Gestaltung helfen, wenn Sie möchten.
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  4. OMG! i just found this website after ive sign with touch wedding 2 month ago. Sighhh. I already paid dep for 2,400. I agree that they are really pushy n when i have some question to ask, they doesnt show much effort to layan. So mad at myself for to easily aggreeing to them. Im not sure to still continue to do ps with them or not because really dont like how they respond to question that i ask. Like, better stop now than losing more money. Please recommend me better way if u have some. Srsly dont know what to do at this point.
  5. Hi I need an emcee speak English and Malay any recommendation please on march 28th
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  7. Hi . Did anyone try out the little bean warmer in car without putting water? It seems like take forever to warm up the milk from fridge.
  8. You're absolutely right. You always need a credit card if you want to buy something without a hitch.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Elia. Just registered my account and decided to say hi. Nice to meet you all.
  10. Get Fun Time with our Instant Print Photo Booth. Free Design, Unlimited Printout, Fun Props & many extra. Call us now at 011 1213 5350 Email us now at realfotobooth @ gmail.com
  11. If you want to confirm they sent people, you should keep follow up with the staff to make sure they dont ignore your report. Sometime they might handle the customer who always call them many times.
  12. I just try to make people understand sometimes staff have their SOP to follow in order to complete their job. But what you say is correct, we will boring when no internet. Hahaha Tomorrow you call them again and ask when will sent people to your place, kindly ask them what is the estimate time the staff will reach. Then you will know when to call again.
  13. i called them second time alrdy, what they tald me is they will sent people come to my place and checked. But she didnt say when will come, i just worry they still forget to come...
  14. you are correct, u know i cant work if there is no internet, email or chat with the customer and colleague, checking order and reply feedback, the internet is a very important tool in our life.
  15. Hahaha, are you represent the staff? we as the customer really cant understand why take so long to settle the bad connection, u know nowadays people cant live without internet... we will boring like hell.
  16. Sometimes people just know complain the staff cant settle the thing for them, but they didnt realize what actually the staff is doing in order to fix their problem. May be its processing but normally customer cant wait too long. What to do? scold loh~
  17. sometime the connection is interrupt due to many reason, i got 1 case that the portal device is too old and it affect my connection. Then i call them to do the checking, after they find out and replace a new one, everything become normal dy.
  18. Really? now i confuse want to believe it or not, since there are good and bad comment to the unifi. Actually i still think that 100 mbps can give good connection as the the mbps is high, there are no reason the line can slow like snail.
  19. may b i really bad luck that time, hopefully the next time i report my problem, i can get a good staff to help me. What i want just settle my problem quickly, so i can get back my good connection.
  20. i think you just meet the bad attitude staff, last time i call a staff to report my cable problem, the next day they sent me a technician and change the cable, then my problem solve immediate.
  21. I think the only way to fix your problem is let them know, although they might delay the proses, you just have to make sure they done their work and you can get the good connection.
  22. i think you no need to worry about the connection stability, the unifi can give the smooth line. When i play the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds , there is no lag and no connection down. I will recommend you to upgrade it.
  23. How do i report my problem? call them? are they respond immediate, i have experience to call the staff, the speed to attend my problem is very very slow, if i didnt follow up with them. think my problem will ignore by them.
  24. i was intend to upgrade my tm to unifi, now i saw this also very worry. we pay for the service and we get very low connection stability. hmm....
  25. no wor, my unifi 100 mbps just function very well at my area. Are you taking the same package, or just the 30 mbps unifi? of course 100mbps, i thought this package will be very stable as the high mbps and cheap price. who know it will continuously down, then now im very frustrate. as i know the incident happen is because the system down or update, i think you should call office and report your problem, then only they will know and fixed the problem.
  26. no wor, my unifi 100 mbps just function very well at my area. Are you taking the same package, or just the 30 mbps unifi? of course 100mbps, i thought this package will be very stable as the high mbps and cheap price. who know it will continuously down, then now im very frustrate.
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