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  1. i dont know the ori price leer, my sis told me is 38 or 39++ is cheaper than MP.
  2. my sister tried mamypoko and this she said baby love is good also cheaper.
  3. pandasis, i'm so sorry for the bad experience. since u manage to get transport home, i dont understand why u still give her RM 50?
  4. hi Summer, just want to share some funny thing my friend did to her hub friends. Coz her hubby friends like to hang around at their house until late night watching football or whatever.. 1 day she cannot tahan she told the hb, if u dont ask ur friend go back now i will walk around the house bra less... LOL then the hb quickly ajak the friend go mamak for drinks... LOL about the excuse u said ur house got visitor that time so not convenient. Or said you hb dislike crowd at home so better dont come to your house, instead suggest another place for hangout.
  5. dear ladies, I want to ask did you all take any herbs or tonic and etc... after menstruation? My sis told me it's good to take 'pat chan'. I noted lately my period become very heavy, I need to change pad every 1-2hrs or else it will leak. I never have this problem before. I also take EPO daily. Just started last month.
  6. aishiteru

    Baby model

    hi, can give me ur email address? i cant pm you.
  7. my sister said, if want baby boy, the girl have to reach orgasm first before the guy.
  8. Is it a good brand=) the milk bottle is mom precious
  9. Hi Joja, below is the item that left, u interested? 2) Ameda Diaphragm - 2pcs @ RM 9 per pc (SOLD 2PCS, NOW LEFT 2PCS ONLY) 3) Ameda Silicon Tubing - 2pcs @ RM 9 per pc 2) Mom precious milk storage Bottle - 1 box @ RM 30 (consist of 6 bottles of 5oz)
  10. if Sri Damansara, my colleague highly recommend Taska Little Bean, u can google to find their blog. my colleague like their philosophy, besides academic, they teaches positive attitude and right principals. for age 2-4 LB emphasize more on kids' healthy growing, their characters, their attiitude, behaviours, their principal, their emotion, their happiness. They only stress a lots on academic when the kids are 5 & 6 yrs old.
  11. hey gal, forget about NP, dont call him anymore.. there is no need to tell him you want to end or whatever. Just treat it as a fling. pull yourself up together.. and live for better. stop supporting your hb, u dont owe him anything.... my friend always told me... love yourself first before you love someone else...
  12. seashello, yes i agreed with you! my agent is terrible... but i'm already fully paid. So i have no choice to get maid from them.
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