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  1. Never tried the food. But the service is good and the banquet hall is beautiful and classy. Especially the lightings....
  2. Hi Hooi Shing, nice seeing you here.... Yes, crazy monkey did a wonderful job... I personally like their style too....
  3. What you need is to find the right band for your wedding. That's all~!
  4. My baby is 10 months old. She is just getting 10-15 ounces of breastmilk per day, and this is the maximum amount of milk I can produce in a day. She refuses all kinds of formula milk or soy milk, she only wants breastmilk. This has been giving me so much pressure as my milk supply is not enough for her since she only wants breastmilk. She is gaining weight very slowly and is now only 7.8kg. She doesnt like to eat solid either. Sigh~
  5. The matter is, I am NOT travelling with my baby... If the security refuse to let me through, then how ah? Can't throw away all my frozen milk in madela bottles mah... rugi loh!
  6. Thanks for suggestions... any comment on Universal Studios?
  7. Just wondering, are we allowed to hand carry our espressed breast milk in airplanes? Or we need to check-in the luggage with breastmilk? I wil be travelling by airasia soon...
  8. We will be travelling to Singapore in mid of August. YAY! (finally) And we need suggestions, especially from the locals... What are the MUST VISIT tourist attractions in Singapore? Anyone been to Universal Studios? Issit worth the 'price'? Personally, I've been to the Zoo and Night Safari... Love em all~! Will be paying them a visit again.... This time, we may add 'Jurong Bird Park' into out list, since we've not been there before... For vegetarians, any restaurants to recommend as well?
  9. Jessie, you may try looking for Jazz Bands from outstation. Like what Amanda mentioned, yes, KL has better Jazz Bands.
  10. Hi Desperado, thanks so much for the compliments.... And my singers enjoyed themselves sooo much performing for your wedding dinner too! Yes, Soo is a lady singer.
  11. hey c_cube~!! Thanks for the nice compliments~! I gotta congratulate you also for your pregnancy!! It's a blessing~ Ivy, the other singers are Edison and Soo.
  12. Haha, thanks Amanda.... u're one crazy lady~! Anyway, kitgoh, I will be needing your email address.... or you may pls drop me an email at starzband@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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