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  1. Hi Jess, Mind to email me the recipe? Email : cc.joey@yahoo.com Thank you.
  2. Hi Beautifulgown, Can u pm me as well? Thanks!
  3. Hi jcjy2009, Pls share with me too... Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm interested as well, pls pm me. Thank you.
  5. Hi, Pls pm me ur link as well. Thank you.
  6. Hi Loshita, Pls pm me ur link as well. Thanks!
  7. Hi twinklestar, Pls share with me too. Email : cc.joey@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  8. Shezarina & Carmen, Thanks for sharing. Both of u look pretty in the photos! Good job from KG. :P Shezarina, wow, u got the natural n classic pics. Nice! How many days it took to hav PS in few OD locations? Carmen, U r photogenic! Do share with me when u get ur album ya.
  9. Hi Carmen & Shezarina, Pls share ur pics with me too. My email add is cc.joey@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  10. Hi Secretgarden, Thanks for sharing. U look great & pretty in those pics! :)
  11. Hi Secretgarden, My email add is cc.joey@yahoo.com. Choose ur photos already? Where's ur outdoor PS location?
  12. Hi Esther, Pls share with me as well. Thanks.
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