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  1. I am going to close this topic as i don't want anymore vendor to promote here, if you really interested on MY HIRED BAND, just drop me an email at anson81@gmail.com thanks
  2. i was monitoring this topic long time ago.. maybe since 2009, and thank god, i already got 1 princess (1 year+), i can't really tell when is the best time to get the first baby.... but to my experience, financial is confirm not a main problem, as some of the member here said, actually formula, pampers do not actually cost a bomb, its just like you do not eat some fast food for 2 - 3 times per month will do it. if you ask me, what will be the main problem, i can say... it might be the lifestyle. after getting the first baby, the lifestyle will be totally changed. from 2 person become 3 person, from hanging out at weekend become hanging with kid at weekend, It is a big challenge for someone who want more freedom, but it definitely worth when you heard you baby laugh and play with you. so if i were no kid yet, i will travel to some place i really want with my wife, after the travel, its time to get kids... lol
  3. haha.... i tot i will just see ppl promote their business here... no one will see my satisfied comment, anyway, i will try to find our the video... but i dont think got video that fully shoot them for whole song...
  4. wow... so nice seeing the anniversary dinner are awesome.... i am expecting on it too... coming sept will be our anniversary too.... wish it will be smooth..
  5. hi, i'm a new parents from kl / cheras, juz wish anyone can recommend me a good patient doctor for my baby girl? She will be going to jab by this 2 days, before this we consult dr.chung from taman pertama cheras there, he is not patient on anything, and talk a lot of nonsense, Of course i still follow his instruction coz the thing he said is correct, jus not patient only. My friend introduce me to consult Dr.Khoo (KB CHILD SPECIALIST CLINIC) at old klang road. anyone have experience with this dr.khoo? or anyone can recommend me dr who can patient with my girl?
  6. Hi everyone, just for your info, The decorator and emcee no more doing this, So PM about this I wont reply anymore, but if you need the music band, you can still PM me... thanks
  7. the emcee go to HK for his advance DJ job already wo.... sorry for later reply, you can check your inbox,. thanks sorry stupudboy. can you pm me ur emcee? how much ur emcee charges? cos my wedding reception also at equatorial where without emcee ally_liinn@yahoo.com
  8. sorry for later reply, you can check your inbox,. thanks
  9. Hi, you got PMed hi, can i have the contact as well. thanks a lot. sorry for late reply, been busy lately, i heard the emcee already went to hong kong for his advance career, so you can try to call, please check your PM
  10. Hi Butterfly, Don't worry, just negotiate with the SA in EQ KL. Tell them that you don't want to pay so much upfront and also the supporting reasons. In fact, that payment mode is ridiculous. Hi Stupidboy, can i have the contacts for ur decorator as well as the band? btw pls pm me the package for both services as well as ur wedding dinner package... thanks so much... check your pm
  11. Sorry... been busy lately... just got chance to check mail. Minami... you got PMed Suanliew, please check your email.... cheers Charlia, Please check your email.... cheers kmling, please check your email. thanks
  12. Hi karen, already sent to your email. Thanks and congrates.
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