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  1. Hi Yvonne, would appreciate if u can email me ur cl number. My email is teckleekl@hotmail.com. Millions thanks! !
  2. Hi Woan Chin, Am appreciate if u can email me ur cl number. My email teckleekl@hotmail.com or anjoe_yap@hotmail.com Millions thanks!
  3. My first CL which is a year ago didn't request for ang pow...I gave her Rm300 cz her service not bad especially the cooking is superb. However, in terms of taking care bb is so-so only, she is very experienced but a bit lazy cz seems to leave d bb to me whenever possible. Later on after she left, I realized my MIL also gave her a ang pow...RM300.... Her basic salary is RM3200. My 2nd CL...will try her out by next year Feb...:).... Salary RM3500+compulsory ang pow RM200
  4. Hey it's interesting to see ur renovations ...good job!
  5. Aishiteru, Very sorry to hear what happened on u, but from my experience Combodian maid is more obedient compared to others maybe bcz of language barrier. You might need more time for the communication part (dictionary n body gesture),but once they get ur Msg, n also other little benefits like watt u always did to ur maid, they dun mind to work hard for u. Besides, d salary is lower compared to Philipino. Do consider. anjoe
  6. I got a Cambodian maid since my bb 7 months old and has been working with me for 6 months Liao and she is 25 with 2 kids(1&2 yeAr old), in d beginning of course not got performance cz missing hb and kids but slowly gets better and now can fully handle my bb but it's always under our supervision. I think she is quite good cz sometimes I purposely went upstairs n left only bb with her, but I secretly vision them from the CCTV la... Sometimes I even saw her secretly kiss my bb...I accidentally saw it from the reflection of the glass...but what worries me is...we got a Master to see our house feng Sui few days ago...and when the Master saw my maid...immediately ask me to becarefull of her ...said her not a good one....how ah?
  7. Y3N, First of all, I'm so sorry to hear abt ur lost. Hope u take good care of urself. Anyway, would like to talk abt d pineapple tat u use to take. Actually it's not good to eat sang-Lang food during menstrual cz it doesn't help to pour out all dirty blood but it will retain in our body..n this also a reason of a women can't get pregnant easily. This infor is from a Chinese sinseh tat i went to see last time cz I'm trying for 1 n half year b4 I got pregnant. I stopped all d cooling food like pineapple, leong fun, and also iced water. Hope this help.
  8. Hehe...me also d same, insisted dun wan to wash hair...sampai d confinement lady n my MIL both persuade me to wash cz they said can smell even outside my bedroom....;p
  9. Tats what our traditional Chinese confinement rules...we can't even kena the rain drops within 100 days from our delivery unless it will affect the inner bone which plp called fong-sap. There are so many rules!!
  10. Crasygal, Suck finger is normal..... Get excited when she started to suck her leg...time for a 2nd one....;p
  11. marryhim, we decided for taiwan...He said actually he also scare of coldnest Juanil, Just try my luck......and it works!
  12. hey gals.... a happy thing to share with you all.. Remember I told u gals tat my vacation had changed from Korea to Taiwan bcz of my parents scare of coldnest....but at the end they said they dun wan to go anywhere... . I was so disappointed cz I know hb will rather cancel the trip than to travel only with me alone I told him how disappointed I am...and how tired I am cz have to persuade everyone in order to go for a trip and have to cancel the whole trip if anyone of them say NO. He was silent throughout our conversation and at the end he said....."Ok Ok....go book....only 2 of us!!!".....
  13. prettikat, got ah.....but must travel in a group 1st then we sneak out for a walk....only 2 of us..... mei, envy u!! I have been dating with him for 7 years then only got married. Last time we spent most of the time together, really only 2 of us. We can still chat thru the phone for 4-5 hours even after we have been together for the entire day. We are seeing each other everyday and every moment except for sleeping hours. Even if we dun see each other, we will be hanging over the phone. After abt 3 years, our "culture" slowly change as every date will include his family which he thinks is VIP in his life. The reason is he loves his family a lot and thus wish to have the time with them and at the same time with me. Since that, we are always in a group. marryhim, I told him at least once in our lifetime we must have a trip only 2 of us.....guess what he say....."yaya no problem, dont u think its romantic when we are holding hand travelling when both of our hair gone white?" MayWong, No...No....u r not old-fashioned. Me also wish I could have tat but since my hb is not tat kind of plp....so have to accept lo <_< juanil, Ya true. Me also experienced tat b4. Say travel in group but Im the one doing all the research and everything. At first ask me to find a reliable travel agencies, so I got Reliance but of course its a bit pricey, then ask me to find cheaper one, got cheaper one, say dun wan cz the itinery not interesting . End up.....din go ! Sometimes, I told my hb tat why wanna ask plp to go then only we go? Its very hard for our friends to follow due to time and money constraint. But he is still with his thinking tat travelling in a group is much merrier. One day I will make him travel only with me alone :P OK my Korea trip is cancelled liao :( .......my mom scare of coldnest. As usual my hb will not travel if there is anyone objected. He never think of going only with me...he rather choose Taiwan to suit them....
  14. mays, Like wat others said....many Asian men are like tat. My hb also the same, never buy me stuff even I demand from him for my birthday. He will say he got no $$ but in fact he just dun want to buy for me :o . He said I already got everything and its a waste to buy another. Never celebrate Valentine and Anniversary after 4-5th year together. Isn't sound like a same situation like u? But my hb is willing to spend for room renovation and oversea vacation which he think is more worthwhile. Think the other way round, ur hb might want to use the money for other purposes instead of getting u occasional gift.
  15. agree tat travelling in a group is much merrier.....at least the pics not only repeating the same 2 faces :P . For me, both are acceptable but for hb, he rather stay at home than to travel only 2 person... <_< Think so far the place tat we go in 2 only Jusco to shop for groceries.... Anyway, the good news is tat I have succesfully persuaded my parents to go Korea and the happy thing is hb will go too.... :P ....I really need to work hard for an exchange of a holiday tour...huh..
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