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  1. MMC

    Vistana Hotel, K.L

    update on Vistana Wedding Package... is now at no price. based on your own create menu! but the best part was all included such as decoration, red wine, wedding arch, tea ceremony and etc
  2. Vistana KL also min 20 Tables and below! More over private hall with Swimming Pool for pre dinner!
  3. Hi Missj, Vistana Hotel could offer 1000nett per menu with free tea ceremony and ROM too!
  4. MMC

    Vistana Hotel, K.L

    Vistana KL Sales Person Contact was Ms Wai Wai @ 018-308 5938 or email at lywai@ytlhotels.com.my Hope this help!
  5. Try Vistana Hotel, they have a nice hall facing swimming pool.. price also reasonable.
  6. All the best on nego for best deal! ^^
  7. how bout The Vistana KL which under the YTL Group.. sister properties of JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton, KL. Their master chef was from Hong Kong. Minimum 20 tables.. hall facing swimming pool for pre-cocktail. Menu in nett price also. Give a call to find out!
  8. Try Vistana KL.. the hall was facing swimming pool (use for pre-cocktail) and maximum for 30 tables but there are 2 x pillars also.. but it privacy..
  9. The Vistana KL min 20 tables.. but halal Hong Kong dish.. Main Chef from JW Marriott.
  10. MMC

    Vistana Hotel, K.L

    Hi Sylph, The photos no longer with me. It was all hard copy and video cause my pc was down and lost all my wedding pix! you may call the sales person directly, she got more pix to show! sorry can't help.
  11. Can't find anything on their website as well...everything about traders is regarding the penang branch...hmmm...not sure why... Traders function room was KLCC Convention Center.. maybe you could check there..
  12. Hi Linda, You could also try out Flamingo by the lake, Vistana Hotel, corus too! reasonable price..
  13. MMC

    Vistana Hotel, K.L

    Hi Noven, Hope my reply not too late for you.. Vistana now is having promotion on Wedding Package.. maybe it will be great that you can call the sales person directly. Her name is wai wai @ 019-6655 713. Overall, I'm satisfied with my weddings and the most important was i just pay for the menu price the rest of it such as decoration, pa system all are free from the hotel!! Worth to give a try on negotiation to shortlist on the hotel selection..
  14. MMC

    Hotel Maya, K.L.

    so scary.. it like haunted hotel..
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