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  1. Hi Yvonne Can email your CL contact no to summerbabies.09@gmail.com I cant pm u :( My fren needed CL urgently too.. Thanks ya ~~
  2. the pediped shoes are so cute but after convert to RM , very expensive liao le..
  3. Yup, its not easy to clean the carpet. And we are not sure is the carpet really clean even after wash. My gal also dun like to being confine in the playmat. She kept crawling out of it. She think the zone out of the playmat is more interesting. hehe Now it's more like her sleeping area.. hehe..
  4. Hmmm.. i also not sure on each babies development. Mine also never crawl and just move her butt around. then once she reach 1-y-o, she start to bum shuffling very fast. She also speeding quite fast in the walker too.
  5. Hmm.. never heard this name before. Currently those i heard is Parklon, LG prime & another is Beng Beng playmat lor..
  6. haha.. very funny.. even now working, i also eat super fast like got fire burning your butt.
  7. Joyful, your DIY's really pretty. Congratulations ya :) btw is those organza ribbons cheap at the Macy, Jln Sultan?
  8. hai... me too very scared when think to TTC as my gal was being over pampered. I'm afraid once i had 2nd bb, they will turn their attention to the youngest & neglect the oldest 1. This is wat happen to my frens. The oldest kids very jealous & even tried to hit her bb gal as the il always carried her gal.
  9. ya, so manja.. mine oso le. even fall on the playmat she cried like mad.. beh tahan... but with me, she cried a while coz i ignore her.. haha but when her daddy & grandparents around, cried even louder.. Q, does Sanju roll onto his tummy from when he's on his back ?
  10. Hi Mei Teoh, thanks for the info Where can i get the endamame ?
  11. Hi Tinkerbelle, may i know what is endamame? btw, where to find bb yogurt for less than 1 yr & 1 yr ++ baby? I been searching it since the past few weeks.
  12. i never taste mine oso.. Felt geli to try it myself.. But will never let pil know as i insist to bf my gal.. Haha but i think its sweet coz when i pump, some of bm drop on floor. a lot ants came to it wor.. Luckily not at home.. haha
  13. haha.. i also had the same experience when i bf my gal. Everyday criticise at.. till now they never accept bm if the best for babies. However i was not as strong as u to have exclusive bf my gal. I oni exclusive bf for 2 months..
  14. Hi BunnyNwife, how much is this ar ?
  15. Ceetee, Wow, seems like u lost all the weight gained during pregnancy le.. how u manage it ar?
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