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  1. Donny, can I have the contractor name to dismantle & install WC? Need one for my office. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm also interested to find out a daily caterer, below RM10 daily for 2 person if possible. No rice never mind, I can "cook" rice myself. Hehe. Very hard to find for below RM 10 but I know one, only cater to Tmn Connaught area. PM me if you want the contact
  3. Yes, I agree, Mamypoko is the best. Pricey? Yes, agree too but quality ma. However, I started to used cloth diaper, much more economical in longer term as it can be washed unlimited times and more environmental friendly in that sense (less disposable diapers used). But when go jalan-jalan, sometimes use the conventional diaper lo (scared poo poo :wacko3: ). Think can save thousands of RM in 2-3 yrs
  4. U register at which place?how much is ur course? Hi, The classroom is at Taman Maluri Cheras... The fee for Facial Care and Make up course is RM250. After 5 classes, u will be able to do make up for other people because at the 6th class which is the last class, you have to bring your friend as your model... haha! you need to make up for your friend... Hi, Jocelyn, May i know which part of maluri? Can u pm me the address and phone no. Thanks in advance Yalor, good one must share ma! Pls pm me.. [edited: trafficking.]
  5. Thanks for sharing, hope what suzette shares is true, otherwise the CL very "yin wong"
  6. since no one put up the contacts here, hope someone can email their contacts too (good CL). My email is hylim007@hotmail.com. TQ.
  7. hihi Caren0421, Can you please pm or email me your CL's contact? how much she charges u ar? thanks. Dear All, just thinking, why not once and for all, everyone put up the confinement lady's contact no if you think she's good? Then no need to pm here & pm there lo
  8. Wow, did I see wrongly? Less than RM 1K for whole 250 pax or just 1 table?
  9. You can roughly know whether the caterer is using MSG or not cause if they do, you will feel quite thirsty after your meal. It's the different thirst if without MSG.
  10. the price is cheap but does it have anti-colic function? errr, not sure leh, got to ask my friend. But think my son ok cause so far he's been using the normal brand of bottles, no anti-colic. He doesn't like Avent brand cause it's wide neck.
  11. my friend tell me here can get a cheaper BPA-Free baby bottle http://cforum2.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?...;extra=page%3D2 cheaper than MAM, only RM15.90 : ) i alreadi ask my friend to order 2 for me, hehe.
  12. but the baby bottles we use is being used repeatedly, so dangerous right?30+? Someone told me cheaper than that, less than RM 20 but don't know same size or not. The RM 30+ is how many ml?
  13. sunshine girl, hoping my next one would be like that too :-)
  14. A study has once again reminded us that bisphenol A, a toxic chemical in plastics used in transparent baby bottles and food containers may cause damage to the brain and reproductive systems. Biphenol A is similar to the sex hormone estradiol. It has been proven in animal studies that biphenol A can cause brain damage, hyperactivity, abnormal sexual behavior, early puberty, and disrupted reproductive cycles, among other things. The study reviewed 115 research papers on the effect of low-doses of biphenol A. Most of these studies were conducted on mice and rats. Biphenol A can be released from plastic into food when heated, washed, or exposed to acidic foods. The study appeared in Environmental Health Perspectives, published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Just to share. Heard friend saying US or don't know which country is recalling all those BPA products from market. We at M'sia still blur blur <_<
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