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  1. I just finished the entire tube. I do love the smell even if it is super strong, but it is very greasy. I have since changed to Pureen and I feel it is better. With Badger, my child still gets bites. With Pureen so far so good. :)
  2. You can ask the nurse to put the catheter after you had the epidural. That way, you won't feel pain. :)
  3. I think all of us have stories about our parents and in laws. I have to deal with it on a daily basis as well. My main point was that if we want help, we have to learn how to compromise because parents being parents, they are very stuck to their ways. And if we cannot accept their ways, then we have to rely on other ways. I'm sure when we are old and have grandchildren of our own, our children could be writing in forums complaining about us, and how we do not know the 'modern' way of raising children. :)
  4. Having been both a FTWM and SAHM, I can tell you the grass is always greener on the other side. And to divert slightly from the topic - I understand how annoying our parents and inlaws can be when it comes to wanting to help out, and not enforcing the parents rules. But at least they want to help. I have a lot of friends where the parents just do not want to help out, and hence, they have to rely on babysitters. At the end of the day, parents and in laws will likely not harm the child. But a babysitter - you just do not know what they will do. My friend's child was locked up in the store room with no lights for hours whenever he was naughty in the babysitters house. And no one knew about it till he was a teenager when he casually mentioned it. Before that, the parents were singing praises about the babysitter - saying how good she is, and how the son loved her etc etc. Also, our parents and in laws are already old. It is not fair to ask them to stay with their children, in order for them to take care of the grandchild. I mean, how many of us can say that we will uproot our lives and stay with our children, leave our friends, stay in an unfamiliar environment etc etc - to look after out grandchildren, when we become grandparents ourselves? I don't mean to sound harsh, but there is always another side to the story. I used to be one who always had a lot to say about my parents, until I realised I was wrong and I was not fair to them. If parents want help from their own parents in terms of raising a child - both parties seriously need to compromise a lot. If we can't, then we have to find another way, and not blame them. It really is not their job to raise their grandchildren.
  5. I latched on both breasts, but baby could never empty both sides. So after every session, I just pump out the extra milk, and store it for future use. They came in handy once I returned to work. :)
  6. You got that right. The only person you should talk to is your husband. The other woman can do whatever she wants but your husband is the one married to you. If he ignores her, there is nothing much the other woman can do.
  7. Hi Crazy, Don't worry about the amount as long as it is enough for your baby. 4 oz is good enough and a great effort. But to answer your question, I latched on my baby 8 times a day for the first 2 months, hence, I ended up with a lot of milk supply. It eventually decreased over time as I latched on less and less frequently after returning to work.
  8. Like what everyone says - latch latch latch! Pumping is never the same and I think most new Mums are very caught up and get disheartened very quickly with the low milk qty initially. FYI-you only do get the large amounts of milk eg 8 oz per pump when milk supply is well and truly established. So don't panic if its just half an ounce initially. I think the football hold it much easier for new mums IMO. Then once you are more confident then you may progress to the cradle hold. But the most important thing is to read up and understand how breastfeeding works. This helps build up your confidence level.
  9. You can consider buying the Annabel Karmel book - the one for infants and toddlers. You will find many toddler recipes you can use, and the recipes are easy on the tummy.
  10. Hi Pink, My son went through the same thing as well when he was 2 yo, though not as severe as your daughter. I'm not an expert, and there are many factors at play and there is no one size fits all solution. For my case, I do find that waking up early (nothing later than 7.30 am) makes the bedtime routine easier. It's also good to inculcate a good habit of waking up early because once she starts nursery later on, she won't have the problem of waking up early as most kindergartens start at 8.30 am, hence the child needs to be up by 7 am.
  11. Don't worry. It will eventually end. He is 10 months old, not 10 years old. Just remember every baby is different - don't get pressured by parents who tell you their baby slept through the night in the 1st mth, 2nd mth etc etc. One Mum told me her baby started sleeping through the night even when she was in her womb. :)
  12. In laws - can't live them, can't live without them! My opinion is that you cannot change their behaviour, and you are also not in the position to tell them off since they are not your family. You can however ask your husband to tell them off since they are his parents. If he refuses for whatever reason, then you can try limit your contact with them. Or you learn the art of 'right ear in, left ear out' and just ignore them.
  13. I would not worry about it. Kids go through phases - sometimes you are the most important person in the world, sometimes you hardly exist and they run to their father/in laws etc. At least its not the maid your baby is asking for. Now that would make any parent heartsick!
  14. Kimmie, If you are dead against it, then ask your husband not to give the ipad to your child. This is a joint decision after all. He probably doesn't even realise its bad for the child if the child is exposed to these things for long periods of time. Most men are quite ignorant, just point it out to him. Anyway, it really does not matter whether it is 'normal', or socially accepted, to let your children play with iphone/ipad, what matters is that you don't want that to happen to your family. :)
  15. Hi Panda, How exciting, first pregnancy! I'm not too sure what happens when a Mum gets chicken pox, you should read up on it just to be sure, or even seek a 2nd opinion. But it is weird that the doctor asked you to pray. I mean, I don't know what happened in the appt, and whether you mentioned you were religious etc. But a doctor normally will stay clear of religious matters to maintain the level of professionalism. Bottom line, if you are not comfortable with the doctor, see someone else. Remember, a gynae is important because you will see him for many times throughout your pregnancy. So stay with him if you are comfortable and change if you are not.
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