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  1. Hello Dear

    My name is Juliet i saw your profile today when i was sarching for a Soul Mate and i admire it i think we can make it together to become friends therefore i would like you to contact me back thrugh my Email julietkuma@hotmail.com so that i will tell you more about myself and i will also send you my photo as soon as you contact me back.



  2. Hai, You may all this no. 012-617 2809 (Ms.Rona) and told recommend by Alex. Her f This 2 contractor had done my house and very responbility. hmm.....they reli good? any photo? thanks~~ my friend also looking for flooring next month
  3. ya, i also think is cost alot.... any others idea? how there price? anyone.....
  4. thanks~~ i heard that now DIAMOND got promotion for drinking water and outdoor. anyone using now? pls leave ur comment about it. wondering to have this.... for my office. can i know how their service and part pricing?
  5. looking for ur own stay home? mayb i can pm u~~
  6. ya. i went last year. but honestly this fair not big as homedec. some items are cheaper but some is not. they just doing few days promotion.
  7. ya....they selling solid wood. last time my friend used others brand. very nice installation!
  8. Dear All, Anyone can give some comment or opinion for this water filter system. is it necessary for every house? now market have more than 20 different product. any ideas for this... thanks
  9. hi lingys, i know 1 cabinet contractor at puchong area, nearby Newway there~~ i can give u the contact....there have show room too. i went there b4. good design and good services. just let me know or PM me. thanks
  10. taiwan noruwan!!!!! is nice to travel. just compare 3-5 travel agency then u know the price~~ du worry about the time coz u can find it from newspaper and just call to them. they will do many package. i hav been there 3 weeks!!! 1 thing u must do is just empty your stomach
  11. ok, water heater must be safe to use. so must have sirim pass sticker. but mostly got. so dun worry......brand are not so important...just my opinion
  12. my opinion is choose LCD. cheaper! nicer! dun look for no brand. you will regret
  13. hm.....true, the parquet is very hard to maintain. nowsaday, people are looking for new flooring material that easy to maintain and nice. thanks juvannise !!!!i am trying to put some pic here. but i cant....can help me?
  14. hi dear all, anyone agree with this? wooden floor(click joint system) that give you a very natural & warm in your house!! or Parquet(last 10 years type) is an outdated, lousy, not waterproof, easily scratched, loose its lustre and shine i personally feel that for wooden floor for house is excellent! tiles which suitable for wet kitchen.
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