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  1. Hello Yee Leng, Oh.. AD is your actual date of wedding... I'm so happy for you. Getting married is the happiest moment in our lives. So now, you must be taking care of your diet and also your food intake. Careful, some spicy food will spike the pimples. Try eating lots and lots of Vege & Fruits, drink 8 glasses of water a day, you will be glowing and look radiant right before your wedding day. Prince Court Hospital is located in Jalan Kia Peng, KL. Think by the time I go there, I would've given birth in the car due to the traffic jam... wuwuwu Not that expensive ar. I received an email from Prince Court yesterday, normal delivery is only from RM2,900 to RM3,400, but it's not a maternity package. So I believed there must be some hidden costs. The best part of this hospital is that it looks like a hotel, and all their rooms are only Single Room. So peace & privacy is rest assured. Think I will go there with my 2nd pregnancy. If husband gets more money, I might give birth in Prince Court too. I really like the environment there. I'm now 5 months pregnant. This monday going for my next checkup, hopefully baby will show off the assets to see boy or girl. Every month, baby sleep sideways, so cannot see. Now baby is kicking very lightly, but the movement is different from gas in the stomach. Baby will tap or turn. When baby turn, it's quite painful. So I believe it must be a boy. You are such a good parent, so fast start planning already where to give birth and all. Don't worry Yee Leng, You will conceive when the time comes. Avoid pineapples & sour fruits for now and prepare your body with nutrients to aid conception. I've been trying for one year, until the doc said if I don't conceive for next few months, she will have to do some test on my husband and on my ovaries/fallopion tube. Thank god, I conceived. When I was trying hard, I was lying flat each time after lovemaking. But an indonesian maid told me to lie on the side, Left for Boy, Right for Girl. So I took her advise after trying for so hard over a year, and already giving up hope. We'd also thought of adoption. Then, tried lying on the side for one month, couldn't get. Till 2nd month lying on the side after lovemaking, finally I'd conceived. Guess this lying position helps me. Because certain women, their uterus is tilted or face inward, therefore lying flat on the back forbids the sperm to travel to the egg. Some easy to conceive after lying on the side. So it works for me, I guess I have a tilted uterus. All you have to do is pray hard. If you and husband is young, very easy to conceive. Take Pai-fung-wan right after your menses is clean. Take one each day for 5 days. And then once a week. After make love, don't stand up and clean yourself. It's advisable to lie down for 1 to 2 hours. Oh.. One word of advise - Never ever ever go to Government Hospital. Because they don't use Vacuum, they're still using Forceps. Came out in the papers recently, that there's one Government hospital used a Forcep to deliver a woman's baby, the baby is healthy, but the Forcep crushed the baby's skull, and the baby died on the spot. I know it's cheap to go government hospital, but their treatment and skills is really downgraded. Better to start saving money now so that you could easily choose the best private hospital. I have yet to go to Columbia Asia tomorrow, hubby not free. Will go only on 5th July. Will let you know and email you the brochures by then. Wish you luck & lots and lots of baby dust. Hope to hear that you will be a mommy soon.
  2. Hello Yee Leng, It's fine.. Not a trouble at all. We all help each other whenever we can. Your fren gave birth in Sunway is at the right charges. I am currently having my monthly checkups at Sunway as well, my gynae said, normal Delivery fees is at RM3,500 per package, epidural / vacuum @ RM1,000 each. So her's is at 4.5k is the right charges ar. Pantai Hospital charge 1 + 1. If normal birth leads to Emergency C-sect, they charge normal birth RM3,500 + RM7,500 c-sect - So be prepared total bill at RM11,000/-. Sunway & SJMC do not have such charges. I also came across the new Hospital called - Prince Court Medical Centre - eeeeee... so nice and highclass.. The suite room got extra bedroom for husband to sleep in. Bet it must be very expensive. I've asked for brochures too. But for sure I will give birth in Columbia Asia. Seems it's quite a good hospital as it's 21st Century medical centre. And very cheap & affordable. I gave birth here, I save RM1,500. But male gynae... hubby don't like... cos he's very protective towards me. I agree with you too, trying for a baby is not easy. I tried for one year already, but this thing is very funny. the more you want a baby, cannot get. But once you give up trying, it all caught you up by surprise. I was about to migrate to Australia which is happening in few months time, I've given up in trying for baby, as I thought want to conceive in Australia. Sekali pregnant, I also was shocked. So every migration plan has to be on hold lar.. But now baby start to move already, very cute. But don't know boy or girl yet leh. Baby lying flat on the stomach so cannot see the gender. Will let you know yar. Having my month end check.. Sorry... shy to say.. I'm quite new to this forum. What is AD ar? I blur blur. But anyway, wish you all the best with your TTC.. Kambate
  3. Hello Leng, I too did the same too when I was hospitalised once in Assunta. Nothing to do, walk around to the nursery to see babies.. They're all so cute... sleeping and winking away. Thanks a lot for your update. And first thing - "Congratulations" on your wedding. It's so much fun being newly married. Are you trying for baby soon... Wish you all the baby luck. If you're buddhist, try placing the laughing buddha with babies in your master bedroom. It helps with Fertility. I was trying for one year, all methods and god knows... every methods but not medical. Until My mum place one statue of this laughing buddha in my bedroom. Two months after that, I was pregnant. I'm 5 months now. After reading your reply, I'm so relieved knowing that the nurses & docs there are good. Think 80% I'm giving birth there. Oh.. I'm going there on Saturday to see the facilities in the hospital and also getting the quotations. I'll pass you some valuable info or give me your email address, I'll scan the brochures and email to you. Sunway Medical is a bit pricy - RM3,500 to RM4,500 for normal, RM7,500 to RM8,500 for C-sect. If touchwood, any complications, could stretch up to 10K. Doctors there are good. Highclass, but expensive lar. Hope you are getting much better now. Drink a lot of barley, as it helps with dehydration. Hope to hear from you... Take care.
  4. Hi... I'm new to this forum. Anyone - new mothers or coming mothers who have opt to deliver their baby at Columbia Asia Hospital located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong? Appreciate your kind feedback on any good or bad experiences... Cos I'm too afraid - don't know whether this hospital is as great as Sunway Medical's expertise. Please help... :(
  5. :( Can someone / any experience mums advise me whether is Columbia Asia Specialist Centre (CASC) in Bandar Puteri, Puchong a reliable hospital ? I'm currently engaged with Sunway Medical Centre, but was thinking of other alternative to save the pocket on some unforeseen crashing bills of C-section as this is my first pregnancy. I want a hospital to offer Natural Birth without any drugs and promoting Breastfeeding. Fees at CASC is cheap - at only RM2,100.00 for normal delivery. But their gynaes only two of them being trained locally in UM. I fear for the safety of my baby after reading thru the articles of those doctors treating the babies. Has anyone gave birth to their babies in this Columbia Asia Hospital before? Any good or bad experience advise would be greatly appreciated. Please help....
  6. Oooh.. that's expensive. I'm currently 5 months pregnant and going to Sunway Medical Centre for my monthly checkups too. Monthly bills chalked up to more than RM120 a month. My gynae is Wong Yat May, she too did mentioned, natural birth is RM3,500.00, epidural / vacuum - RM1,000.00. So your charges is exactly the same as what she had quoted me. I'd just found out today that Columbia Asia Medical Centre (CAMC) in Bandar Puteri costs only RM2,100.00 for Natural Birth, and they promote breastfeed. It seems that one Gynae called Dr. Ng is recommended by a lot of people, formelly based in UHM, transferred to CAMC. But this CAMC is a 21st century hospital with the state of the art medical treatment. But they'd only have 2 gynaes there to prepare for birth, one Bumiputera Lady doctor, and Dr. Ng. I am quite uncertain whether to give birth there at CAMC, cost is affordable, but from the exterior the hospital looks great. But interior don't know leh Anyhow, I'm visiting this hospital on weekend to checkout what they could offer. But I'm more afraid of the safety of my newborn.. First baby leh... 3 Anyone visited / gavebirth in Columbia Asia Medical Centre before... ? Appreciate any complaints or review from you, cos I'm so darn worried. You may email me at elaine.theng@dksh.com. Cheers..
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