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  1. Bump! Gowns and accessories still available, price negotiable!
  2. Dear all, I got my baby boy, EDD 22/9. I checked the Chinese gender prediction chart it's tally, including my first baby girl. But I think the ovulation calculation method is most accurate, meaning using the opk and conceive 1 day before or on the same day will have higher chance of getting boy. Just because me and my ji muis in office always check the Chinese prediction chart and there are only 50% right...
  3. Hey there, I was like you too, couldn't fit in normal pants that I worn when it was just 6 weeks preggy...shirts, blouses were still ok though. Then I quickly went for maternity pants shopping otherwise cannot tahan wearing the normal pants in office for the whole day, painful... So now, I'm getting all this tight feeling again...yeah, I'm preggy! I think, 90%, based on the test kit. As this is just 5th week...
  4. Dear all,Do you come across any business that offering first trial free to tumbletots? I plan to give it a try for my baby girl who will be turning 1 year old this dec butane at the same time I found Baiboo was actually giving it free for the Baiboo card holder. Somehow I did not manage to find the way to apply for the Baiboo card, need to contact the CS huh...but if you know any other sources can you please share? What comments do you have if you had been there with your kid? Is it worthwhile? Thanks ya
  5. Dear all, I found this on jbtalks forum. Is this the same TCM list that ceetee has I wonder... It says once taken all future offsprings will be boys... 生男孩,还是生女孩,不是只是爸爸精虫的问题哦!很多人都误解了!妈咪的身体也很重要的! 我在备孕着,不肯定会不会中,也是希望生个男宝宝,我上网搜查了些质料 : (1)生男生女清宫图,根据妈咪怀孕的农历月份配上农历年龄,看是生男生还是生女生。。。 (2)酸碱性食物,Y 精虫比较不能适应酸性环境,所以要保持身体的碱性程度。。。想生女儿就倒反。。。 多吃香蕉和含钾、钙、维生素C等较多的食物,新鲜的蔬菜、牛奶、柳丁、海带, 豆类(如:青豆、大豆、红豆、豆腐) (3)爱爱姿势,爸爸射精一定要在很里面,让 Y 精虫不用游那么远,而且妈咪一定要有高潮,应高潮会排出碱性液体。。。 要把屁屁抬高,保持15分钟让精液流进去,爱爱是男上女下的姿势 (4)中药偏方,只吃一贴,包生男孩。。。 黄芪=3钱, 当参=3钱,板壳=3钱,枳实=2钱,沉香=2钱,玉蓯蓉=3钱,没药=2钱,粉草=2钱,胡桃=3钱,川弓=3钱 药头以三碗水煎至八分碗水,药渣以二碗水煎至八分碗。见有月经时喝。早晨空腹喝。此药方一辈子只服一次,以后皆生男,如再服必为双胞胎
  6. hi ceetee, What's opk? is it a brand of something else? Cheers
  7. Bump! Gowns are still available for sale, price negotiable.
  8. If you plan to do it in a hotel then you can get the event manager to help in term of execution. In my case, the event manager helped a lot on the poolside ROM seating and decorations, the pre dinner cocktail. They are all parts of the wedding dinner package.
  9. Price cut down! RM800-RM1k for the gowns. Anyone who interested please PM me. Thanks!
  10. Hi sinejane, Thanks and I am glad you received the heels in good. Cheers
  11. It depends whether you have a wedding theme and if you can find the things that match with it, most important is you must like it and happy about it
  12. I have done my ROM ceremony and dinner on the same day. The ceremony with the registrar and all close relatives started from 2pm and ended around 4pm including the photography session. Then we took a short break and I had to start changing and makeup around 5pm for the pre dinner cocktail party started at 6pm. All done at the Renaissance Hotel.
  13. hi there, I got myself this dolly bag with our initials on it. Matching ring pillow and guest book as well. Use it to keep handphone, angbaos for tea ceremony and touch up kits on actual wedding day. They are so beautiful for forever keepsake. http://www.olivierlaudus.com/html/display_...oiles+dolly+bag
  14. hehe...come to think of it, I had never bought anything for my elder sisters before that so I did not mind at all. When my mother said I just 'oh' and followed. They are wearing it all the time, isn't that great? Best gift ever, of course also the prize - great surprise!!
  15. I bought a white gold pendant and earrings for my two elder sisters. That won me a Hugo Boss watch
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