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  1. Diana & eunice, You two sound like you are really happy to have been born as females. I'm happy for you two, too. You know what? One of my daughters use to grouse and growl over the fact that she had born a female. And I did also hear from some other females that, if they had a choice, they would have chosen to be born as males. Well, they might have their own special reasons for saying so, but I believe, just like many other things, there are both pros and cons for either one. As for me, I'm glad being a male - not because I have a pistol to shoot left and right with. It's more because I like to be naughty and people seem to think that it is more acceptable for a male to be naughtier than a female.
  2. Let me say something silly: You know what? I'm kind of fed up to be a male all my life. I wish I can be a female for a period of time and feel how it feels like to be female. I want to feel how it feels to be made love to as a female, how it feels to get pregnant, and then how it feels to deliver a baby. Don't suspect me a pondan. I'm just not. I'm just curious. Well, if you girls feel like want to spank my head with a ladle for such a donkey talk, I deserve it. But don't you girls ever want to feel how it is like to be a male?
  3. If you're super rich, both don't matter. If you've just enough to get by, both are equally bad because circirmstances at one time or another may crop up to require a woman to cook or a man to do housework. Anyway, no one can say that he or she can never learn to cook or do housework. Any fool can learn to do those things. It's just that when a person finds he or she can get by well enough without needing to know how to cook or do housework, they would just let it be. After all, they don't see the exigency for the time being and they can easily get to learn those tasks when situation requires. Once upon a time, my daughter called me from her college hostel asking me how to boil-cook a chicken egg. I nearly dropped dead laughing. Today, the laksa that she prepares is just as good as the best one I can find in town. So, as I said, it's a matter of learning. No big deal, okay?
  4. yvonne, Wow! He looks like a "samseng" in the making. I think you better watch him grow up carefully before he really turns out to be one next time. Hmmm ... you must have felt so worth carrying him inside you for 9 months.
  5. Let me guess why beautifulgown asked me to steer away from that "sexually aroused by a slighly pregnant woman" topic. I think she is about to be slightly pregnant herself and she is afraid I may be sexually aroused by her. Let me assure her I dare not show it even if I do, otherwise her hubby will "kung fu" me till all my teeth gone and my eyes blue and black. And scariest of all is that he may even execute a flying kick to my balls and send them flying to the roof top.
  6. CFA, I was using the term "sexually aroused" in a scientific context. Because that is what actually is happening to some men when they see a slightly pregnant woman. So, it shouldn't be a term that should be regarded as "too strong" to be used. I 've to call a spade "a spade"; not a shovel or a spoon. By the way, a slightly pregnant woman does look charming and pleasant to me, but not to the extend that it sexually arouses me. However, I got a friend who confessed to me that he was actually sexually aroused by such a sight. And I have read in a magazine somewhere that for men to be sexually aroused by a slightly pregnant woman is quite a natural thing.
  7. alexvj & LuckyMom, WELCOME! This forum is a nice place to hang out. The cyberworld is a safe, cheap and convenient venue to socialize with other fellow humans, and in some ways, you also get almost the same safisfaction as loitering in the physical world. Many eventually end up as friends for real and I won't be surprised some may even find their soul-mates here. So, feel free to blast off and have fun. But be careful with words because you would be talking to real emotional intelligent human beings and not dumb computers.
  8. fujkenasai, I refrain from any suggestion for you when it comes to getting a girl ... because there are a hundred and one ways to either get or to lose a girl. Admittedly, I'm a non-expert in this field. I was just explaining a scientific phenomenon which may not be known to some people. By the way, being attracted by a slightly pregnant women has nothing to do with whether or not it is gross or insulting. It's just a sexual chemistry that effects some men - a reaction similar to a hungry person salivating when he sees or smells some delicious food.
  9. Just a comment: The problem with pimples is that, the more you worry about it, the more they appear. The experts say that among the factors which contribute to the growth of pimples are stress and lack of sleep, which I've observed to be true for many cases.
  10. glassyeyes, If you're talking about too poor to have babies, let me tell you this: I know of a very poor couple who were rubber tappers and they had 9 children. Now, all their children have grown up. Some have become school teachers, some become other civil servants, one is a hotel executive, and one is an engineer. If they had waited till they were richer to have children, they would, today, still be a childless couple slogging under the rubber trees listening to the tiny screams of mosquitoes. But, anyway, for your case, since you two are still in your early 20s, you still have the luxury of having ample time to do your waltz in the breeze.
  11. saelawie, Let me. too, be realistic and also be "very cruel" in my comment. You are now facing a very critical point of your life. If you don't handle it carefully, you may be headed towards a disasterious marriage! First of all, let me say that nobody expects you to be an angel. You're only human not to want to look after a pararlysed MIL. Two very blunt issues you have to copnfront face to face are: (1) Is there already a very clear decision as to who will look after your future MIL after you marry your bf? If not, is the family or any family member rich enough to employ a caretaker? (2) Next is a very sensitive and a crucial question you need to, in one way or another, find out the answer: Are you sure your bf wants to marry you NOT because he has an intention to get you to look after his mother or even his mentally unsound sister? CAUTION: When a person is drunkenly in love, he or she would even see the dark cloud of an approaching storm as brilliant rainbow. Watch out for that trap!
  12. fujkenasai, As a matter of fact, there's a scientific (biological) reason as to why some people view the "already attached" opposite sex members as more attractive. It's actually a very complicated topic, but bascially it has something to do our natural instinct to propagate. Here is how I put it in a very simply way: People who show that they have sexual partners also engenders an effect of showing that they are sexually productive. A sexually productive individual means he or she is a good partner to have sex with because they are fertile and stand a better chance of producing more offsprings. Nature has given us (including animals) that natural urge to seek out individuals who are fertile to produce children with (the insticnt to propagate). That is why some men are sexually aroused by women who are slightly pregnant. And that is also why some women are atracted by men who are already married and have children. CAUTION! We must not use this biological reason as an excuse to indulge ourselves to flirt around because we human beings have already developed a civilized society with rules and regulations just to combat that animal instinct in us. If we let our natural urge win over our human wisdom, it simply means we allow ourselves to return to be ruled by our primitive instinct and become like animals again.
  13. Ini punya apek bukan sebarang apek Tiap malam masih boleh ngek ngek Macam sportcar yang tak ada brek
  14. Marriage is a gamble. Sometimes you hit it right, but most of the times you hit it wrong. But the wrongs can be made rights if both parties can make an effort to make it right. Unfortunately, there are times when the wrongs are really wrongs. This is the time when both can consider calling it a day and start all over again with another gamble, but try to be wiser before you throw in your next bet.
  15. beautifulgown, No, I haven't got any medicine to take; because so far I'm in in tip-top condition from head to toe. And I wasn't crazy when I said what I said. By the way, the photo when you were still a "shapeless blob" rang a bell in my memory. I thought I did see you once somewhere at that time. Now I suddenly remember! I think I saw you at the fish market! What happened was ... I was looking for some jellyfish to buy and then I saw a big one. Only when it suddenly walked away on two legs did I realize that the "jellyfish" that I saw was a human being. No wonder your husband nearly fainted when he first set eyes on you. If I were him, I would have sneaked away and took the next flight back to Miri and never to set foot in Kuching at least for the next decade. But, anyway, I admire his courage, optimism, and foresight; and it paid off for him. He has transformed a "weird two-legged object" into a beautiful girl. It was a miracle! Congratulations to you both! Cupids would have been extremely furious if you didn't marry him.
  16. There is a Chinese saying which goes: A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step. Flirting online is therefore the first step towards ending up flirting in bed. So, BEWARE! But if you're single and unattached, why not? Go full speed ahead! But just be careful not to take wrong path and end up at the wrong destination.
  17. beautifulgown!!! You know what happened after I've gone through your "love story"? I am simmering with jealousy and turning green like "The Incrdedible Hulk". And I feel like I want to murder your husband and marry you!!
  18. jusco, I don't expect you to be able to give me answers. As a matter of fact, nobody can give answers to explain in what way ghosts can exist. This is simply because they don't actually exist, but they only exist in the form of myths, beliefs and people's imaginations and hallucinations. That's why science cannot come up with even a theory as how a ghost might exist let alone produce the evidence. That's why you can't find even one tiny ghost in all the museums of the world, nor is the subject of ghosts ever being studied in the educational institutions on this planet. beautifulgown, What is it that you want me to comment on?
  19. JUST AN OPINION In my opinion, SAHMs should also be regarded as working people. The only difference is that SAHMs work at home while others work outside. What I'm trying to point out is that, SAHMs are also a group of workers who contribute something to the society as well as to the nation. My argument is as follows: By looking after their homes, they ensure that their husbands can go work efficiently and their children can grow up properly. Husbands work to contribute to society while children grow up to prepare for their turn to contribute to society. So, who are behind to make these possible? SAHMs, of course. That's why I always feel that SAHMs should be paid some salary; not by their husbands, but by the government of the country. How many of you support my idea?
  20. We must remember that humans are born with all kinds of characters: talkative, quiet, show-off, humble, hot-tempered, cool, sociable, and shy. For the case of jajar's hubby, he could be just shy. Yes, men can be shy, too! But they don't want to show it because it looks girlish to be shy. As a result, that shyness is transformed into a character which makes such men keep to themselves. By the way, a bit of English lesson here; if you all don't mind: Don't describe a person as "He is very SOCIAL." The correct word is "He is very SOCIABLE." "We're all the SOCIABLE type". Not "We are all the SOCIAL type". The wrong usage of the word SOCIAL is too common that many of us don't realise the mistake. Frankly speaking, I myself do also make a lot of mistakes in English, but I'm always trying to learn to improve. After all, one never stops learning, right?
  21. jusco, How I wish what you say is true - about ghosts taking care of us. Or more specifically, about the departed souls of our ancestors taking care of us. If they can do that, then all of us who are still alive in this world would be safe and sound and peaceful and happy. And if the ghosts of the departed can take care of us, they must also be able to punish people who are bad towards us. And if they can punish others for us, they must also be able to punish people who have been bad to them while they were still living as human beings. That means the ghosts of those who have been murdered can haunt the murderers to their deaths. If that really happens consistently, who the hell dares to commit murder? If nobody dares to commit any murder, isn't this world a very safe and peaceful world to live in? But, as you and I can see, that does not seem to be the case, isn't it?
  22. beautifulgown, Occasionally, I go to my mother's tomb alone at Batu Kitang. I go there to clear the weeds and sweep away fallen leaves. That place is quite a distant from vehicle roads, so it's kind of quiet. That is the time I can hear bees buzzing and birds singing. After some work, I would sit for a while at the tomb contemplating about life. I always feel very peaceful and serene whenever I 'm all alone at the tomb. I feel a sense of tranquility being surrounded by the silent residents. And strangely, I don't feel sad to think that I will be one of them in time to come. At one time, while I was trimming the grass, rain drops started to fall. Then I heard my mother's voice calling my name and telling me that rain had come and I must go. It was just the kind of voice that she normally used to talk to me when she was alive and fine. At another time, near to Ching Ming time, I brought a someone with me to clean up the tomb. It was near to evening time. While we took a rest, we saw , in the sky, a very beautiful, brilliant and colourful cloud formation. We had never seen such beauty in the sky. It lasted for only about 5 minutes.
  23. HOW MARRIAGE WAS BORN The very early humans did not marry. The males just sought out the best-looking females and copulate. But this method caused lots of problems - males often killed one another fighting over females. Then someone came up with an idea. Why not allocate one female to one male so that no need to fight? But how to go about it? The only way was to announce it. But how to do it in the best way? Why not call for a a gathering? And why not go one step further and make the gathering a merry occasion? And what could be merrier than eating and drinking together? So, they organized a gathering, a feast, and announced to everyone that this female now belonged to this male and nobody else should disturb her. And so, marriage was born!
  24. Bao B, Thanks for your suggestion. That's what I've heard, too - about standing at a 3-junction road with the "pun ki". Well, I'd very much like to try. But at the thought of being seen in that condition by people who know me ..... OMIGOSH! I can imagine how people would talk about what they saw. Some may think it was a "pun ki ghost" that they saw and not me. The thing is that they would wonder why that "pun ki" ghost looked like me. Anyway, let's see if I can overcome my embarrasment when the moment comes. beautifulgown, I notice you already asked me quite few times as to how I'd react if I see a ghost. I think I already described it last year. But no harm to refresh your memory. I remember I said something like this: "I would be so happy that I would run down the street and shouted at the top of my voice, 'YEAH! YEAH! I MET A GHOST! I MET A GHOST!' And I wouldn't care if a car knocks me to death because then I would have the chance to become a ghost early and have fun haunting around." meiteoh, It's an honour to see you in my thread again. Let me virtually serve you a warm cup of tea. By the way, if your dream was really true (I'm not trying to be sarcastic), that means even a dog has a soul. How I wish that everything living thing in this world has a soul. And when we all live in a spiritual world with a spiritual god, life should be very happy and merry forever. It would be a world of no wars and no diseases because every soul would have no biological body to get sick and there would be no land, territories, and resources to fight one another for. Anyway meiteoh, you sure did the right thing for your dog by putting it to sleep instead of letting it suffer until it dies a natural death. But there are some silly people who'd think it's a cruel thing to do. How can it be cruel when we try to end a suffering earlier than to let the sufferer suffer longer? That's is why I support the idea of euthanasia. But unfortunately it has not been legally accepted in many countries including Malaysia. We ought NOT to dispute the fact that it is definitely a more cruel thing to do to let a terminally ill person suffer his illness until he dies. It OUGHT to be a more merciful thing to do to let him make a choice to end his own suffering. But unfortunately euthansia has not been legally and universally accepted. The reason being given by those who oppose euthanasia is that death is in the hands of god and we shouldn't intervene to decide when a person should die. But they forget that we actually already intervene when we use medical resources to artificially keep a person alive when he should have died naturally from his suffering.
  25. Bao B, Thanks for your suggestion. That's what I've heard, too - about standing at a 3-junction road. Well, I'd very much like to try, actually. But at the thought of being seen in that condition by people who know me ..... OMIGOSH! I can imagine how people would talk about what they saw. Some may think it was a "pun ki ghost" that they saw and not me. The only thing is that they would wonder why that pun ki ghost looked like me. Anyway, let's see if I can overcome my embarrasment when the moment comes. beautifulgown, I notice you already asked me quite few times as to how I'd react if I see a ghost. I think I already described it last year. But no harm to refresh your memory. I remember I said something like this: "I would be so happy that I would run down the street and shouted at the top of my voice, 'YEAH! YEAH! I MET A GHOST! I MET A GHOST!' And I wouldn't care if a car knocks me to death because then I would have the chance to become a ghost early and have fun haunting around."
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