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  1. aisumomo, You've had what might be called "close encounters" with the spirit kind. Interesting! I had one myself similar to yours many years back. But it happened in a dream when I was a teenager. In that dream, I went to visit my grandmother's tomb. Upon arrival at the tomb, I saw a pretty young girl plucking little wild flowers that grew on the ground nearby. When she saw me, she smiled. He face was so brilliant and enchanting. It was love on first sight. After we chatted for a while, I told her I had fallen in love with her. She smiled very shyly, took my hand into hers and said, "I've someone I want you to meet; someone who looks after me since I was born." I followed her to a place and met that someone. To my surprise, that someone of hers was my grandmother, the one whose tomb I visited. Quickly I ran to her dragging the pretty girl along. "Amaa! I called out happily! I want to marry this girl. She's so nice!" "Oh, no, no, no my dear Nini!" she resplied, calling me with the nickname she used to call me. "You cannot marry her!" "Why?" I asked, rather shocked. "She is your sister!" she replied. My heart broke, and I began to cry, and cry, and cry ...... until I woke up to find my pillow drenched in tears. What my grandmother told me was true. I had a sister who died a few days after birth. She was burried at a location just next to my grandmother's tomb, but she doesn't have a tombstone because, according to the Chinese tradition, it is prohibited to have one for a person who dies so young.
  2. steelfish, I have a more scarry version of such a story to share. It was one of the nights during the ghost month, and there was this housewife waking up around midnight to go to her kitchen to make a cup of milk for herself. When she opened a cabinet door to take the milk powder tin, she saw a negro head inside the cabinet smiling at her. Spontaneously, she smiled back at the head and said "helo". Only when she turned around to reach for a cup, did she suddenly realised that it wasn't a correct thing to have a head smiling at her in the cupboard. That made her threw the milk tin to the floor and flew upstairs screaming her lungs out. Looking dazed and shivering in her husband's arms, she wasn't able to utter any word for a nearly 15 minutes. Well, of course her husband went down to check, and found nothing of that sort in the cupboard. The husband had to clean up the floor which was splattered with milk powder. The woman described the head as having curly hair, big shiny eyes, very thick lips, very white teeth, and dark pimpled skin. Rumours said there was a negro college student recently murdered around that time. In fact, I regret to share with you this story because I fear that some ladies who read this may not dare to open cupboards for sometime to come.
  3. beautifulgown, Hah hah! You seem adamant in asking me to try the method you suggested (to see a ghost). I have heard of that method, too. They say, to be more effective, we should use the earth basket which the Chinese call "pun ki". The basket must be made of rotan. On the night of 15th, when all hell breaks loose for the spiritual beings, we place the basket inverted on our head and look through the crevices between the rotan canes and there we can see ghosts of all shapes and sizes. The most common type, they say, are those with long heads tapering upward and tongues hanging down loose and dripping with blood. There's a warning, though: Don't try it if you don't have the nerve to do so! Because if you're terrified by what you see and if you fall ill because of it, you will die a yellow death!! What that means is that your body will turn yellow before you die. Well, beautifulgown, for your sake, maybe I should really try it. After all, I have such a basket at home. But before I do it, I think I really need to take good look around first to make sure that nobody can see me. Cos I don't want them to laugh until they need to see a dentist the next day. ashley, A thousand apologies for my misunderstanding. You see, what happens is, when someone steps into my home and says something, I naturally assume that he or she is talking to me. That was why when I saw you coming into my thread and say something, I thought you were talking to me. After all, you didn't address anyone's name. However, once again, permit me to prostate to the ground, kiss your shoe, and ask for your pardon. Anyway, at the thought that you had been so kind to have visited my thread, is already a great honour to me. And for that, I must thank you very,very much indeed.
  4. jetfynn, Interesting picture. Thanks. That's what many people believe. Not only is there an underworld photographer; there seems to be all kinds of professions which the souls of the departed ones take up at the underworld. What a pity -- even after death we still need to work to earn a living. ashley, I may be joking. But I'm dead serious on the part that I don't believe in ghosts.
  5. beautifulgown, Yupe! Here's a human who's "hungry" to meet a hungry ghost. Thanks to those who wish me good luck. I know some of you might just be sacarstic to grant me that wish; but as for me, I was dead serious when I said I wanted to meet a ghost. You know what my problem is? Ninety-nine out of 100 people I know believe in ghosts. But I don't. So, apparently, I'm the odd one. That's why I've that burning desire to meet a ghost; just to convince myself that thoose 99 people are correct and I'm wrong. Ghost stories which you've heard from others are not of much use to me. I've heard too many of them, and I feel like want to drop dead to hear yet another one. But if you meet one yourself, maybe it will be of some interest to me. Well - actually what I really want is to be in contact with one myself; just to prove to myself, once and for all, that such mysterious beings do exist. Honestly, I don't actually need any evidence to peruade myself to believe in ghosts. All I need is, to be able figure out a logical explanation as to how, why, and in what sense ghosts exist. But, unfortunately, up to today, I still can't think out a rational over the whole thing. Instead, the more I think about it, the more I'm sure there're no ghosts. That explains why I'm so daring to challenge ghosts to meet me because I know they don't exist. I guess ghost believers would be very, very angry at me for saying so and how they wish a ghost would really appear to strangle to death to "teach me a lesson". Well, frankly speaking, that's my wish, too. But I'd rather prefer ghosts not to kill me straight away because I want to have a chance to "learn my lesson" you see. Say, at least let me "live my regret" for a few days before I die. By the way, if ghosts exist, I'm sure they wouldn't just let me belittle and humiliate them in this manner. I mean, if I were a ghost, I'd be so furious at this Apekjolly for not believing in me that I'd want to see him suffer for it. What I'd do is to haunt him day and night until he kneels down to beg for mercy. And when I'm already satisfied, I'll then conclude my revenge by making his eyes pop out, his tongue fly out, and his blood gushing out from his mouth. And when he drops to the floor twitching and kicking like a slaughtered chicken to gasp his last breath, I'll then laugh out loud and long, and finally send him to agonize in hell forever.
  6. Hi everybody, According to a Chinese traditional belief, today is the first day of the Month of the Hungry Ghosts. It's the month when the ghosts would be loitering around, so to say. So, after midnight last night, I went out my house meaning to also join them to loiter around for a while. But I met none of them. I thought of going to the graveyard, but at such an hour, I fear it was kind of weird to be seen hanging around at such a place. Moreover, if the police saw me, they could get me arrested thinking that I was up to something bad; or they could send me to the mental institution. So, I didn't go to the graveyard not because I was afraid of meeting a ghost. After all, I had been dying to meet one all my life. My intention to meet a ghost is not because I have any mischievious aim. All I want is to make friend with them. I'm curious about their world and I want to ask them about their life in the spiritual world. So, if anyone of you are able to, sort of, direct a ghost to meet me, please do so. I've seen people burning off paper models of PCs for the spirit beings. So, many of them must be spending quite a lot of time online. I hope some of them do log in to this MalaysiaBride forum. Thus, for those of you ghosts who happen to see this post of mine, below is my mesasage to you: "Hi!. Nice to meet you here. How about meeting me personally? Don't be afraid of me. I won't eat you. I just to be your friend. How you meet me? Well, you can appear in a dream telling me where to find you; or you can materialize yourselves in my bedroom. You know all the tricks, don't you? There are a hundred and one ways you can make your presence known to me. After all, I have heard of a thousand and one stories about people meeting, seeing, or hearing you . So, why not one of you meet this someone who has been longing to meet one of you for so long? I appeal to you all! Please meet me before you go back to your world. For the whole of this month, I shall be looking forward to such an encounter. Hmm ... if a single lady ghost wishes to meet me, why not? Oh! How romantic it would be!"
  7. Hi girls, I'm here not to talk about whether I prefer baby boys or baby girls. I just want to share one interesting fact with you. According to biologists, a human male is actually a modified female. They say the penis, for example, is simply an elongated clitoris while the male breasts are simply female breasts which have stopped growing. If we think about it, it seems logical. Otherwise, for what purpose do males must also have breasts? Is that not an evidence that they are actually the remnant of the female breasts?
  8. beautifulgown, The matter you brought up is exactly what I'm trying to address. I'm not saying that by talking to such people they're going to be happily accepting what they're told. The more crucial objective here is to let them know that their unmannerliness has become a thorn in the flesh for their hosts. If they choose to be hostile after being confronted about it, well, what to do? At least the offensive party has already gotten a counter-attack for the "war" that they've engendered. By the way, as a matter of fact, there's a kind of people who'd become very defensive and opposed to whatever negativity you tell them about themselves. That, actually, is only their reaction in front of you simply because they want to defend their ego. In other words, they're not modest enough to want to admit defeat openly, but at the bottom of their hearts, they know you're right. And another sad thing about yet another common kind of human behaviour is that, there are people who even think that they have the right to be wrong.
  9. beautifulgown, Ever thought of opening a DIY shop? I suspect that there is something in you which is clamouring be exploited to its fullest potential - like a lump of gold under the earth waiting to be unearthed. By the way, let me give you a maxim to think about: Behind us is infinite power, Before us is endless possibility Around us is boundless opportunity Perhaps you can DIY it into a piece of decorative item for the wall?
  10. meiteoh, I know one of the most difficult things to face in this world is to be sandwiched between a spouse and parents. You find yourself pushed into a corner and you just don't know what to do. You feel so helpless, so frustrated, and so bloated that you think you might explode anytime. I know the feeling because I myself have experienced such kind of situation. It's one thing for others to give this advice and that advice, but it's another thing altogether for the one who suffers the consequence. Since you yourself have already said you plan to sit down and talk to your parents about it, I think that's the best thing for you to do. Personally, I feel it's better that you talk to them rather than your husband doing it. Never mind about whether or not they will be angry at you. The more important thing is that they must be told and made to realize what they have done to you both. I have a feeling that your father simply has no idea what he has done. Maybe he is now already entering the realm of mental senility due to aging. That would make the matter more imperative to be dealt with.
  11. meiteoh, You mean you and family are moving to Singapore and reside there? And your parents are gonna visit you every weekend? Oh! Then that REALLY is indeed a source of worry for you. Which means, you do have to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, when you are already in Singapore you will be confronted with the same old stress. I'm going to be very blunt with you for a moment, meiteoh. Do you agree with me that a daughter has the right to scold her father if she is not happy with him? A parent does not mean he or she has full authority to dominate their children. Let me put it in a less confrontational way to express what I mean. Let me take I myself as an example. The way I see myself as a father to my kids is like this: As far as my status is concerned, I see myself as only the biological source of my children. Although I have been a partner to feed them, cloth them, protect them, and bring them up, those are my inevitable responsibilities. I cannot use this fact to regard that my children owe me a favour and therefore I demand full kowtow from them. On quite a few accasions, I have been scolded by my children. If I see that they do have a good reason to scold me, I just accept it. Believe it or not, when I was first scolded by my very young daughter, instead of being angry at her, I felt proud and happy. That was because I suddenly realised that the kid had begun to know her rights as a human being and she also began to know what was right and what was wrong. But of course, the way of the scolding must be diplomatic. Foul languages should never acceptable, least of all between family members.
  12. Hello Linda, You're just happy to be here? Nothing else to share? Or you're too dumb-founded to utter any other words? Anyway, welcome to this cyberworld. Let's be thankful to those who invented the computers and the Internet for having created an opportunity for us to get to know one another even though we are oceans apart. This virtual community is a wonderful thing. You can come here not only to be happy. You can even come here to be sad and share your sadness. There are many kind souls around in MB who'll give you loving electronic hugs to comfort you and share your feelings. So, feel free to blast off, Linda!
  13. When we talk about pricing and quality in terms of looking a service, the best strategy is like this: Go for the best quality and haggle down the price to your satisfaction. If you don't succeed, go for the next best quality and do the same for the pricing. Keep on doing that until you reach the best meeting point between price and quality.
  14. Er ... I wonder if it's appropriate for me to join this topic. But I can't contain my happiness to see that there're still many mothers out there who have not abandoned what Mother Nature has intented the breasts to do - that is, to feed babies. So, all women shouldn't forget to use them according to nature's "manual of instruction". Although the woman's breasts can also function as "toys" for men, that is only a supplementary role. By the way, if your man is rather fond of groping around those softies of yours as if looking for something, why not give him a more usfeful assigment? At least that would make him "kill two birds with one stone" so to say. The task? Ask him to feel for lumps, and if he finds something suspicious, you must quickly see a doctor. Breast cancer is no joking matter.
  15. In my opinion, a baby who is born in any day, any week, any month, or any year is as good as (or as bad as) any other baby born any other day, week, month, or year. Just because someone somewhere in the dim past allocate an animal symbol to each year of a 12-year cycle does not mean that his action would cause an effect to the lives of millions of other people born after that. The fortune and well-being of a person depends of myriads of inter-playing factors and unfolding events right from the day he or she is being born.
  16. meiteoh, By the way, just how long more your parents are going to be around? I worry that you're already on the verge of exploding with pent up exasperation. I don't think this is good for your system; especially for a new mum like you. Fortunately the situation has not caused any friction between you and your husband. This is all because your husband is reasonable man and he knows it is not right to vent his anger on you. And without any intention to flatter you, I must say you are also a very tactful person in the sense that you have not been defensive of your father's behaviour. There're many couples who quarrel because of parents' intermeddling into their home's affairs, and it's very often due to one partner being defensive of his or her parents. Well, meiteoh, if you feel you cannot hold it out any longer, maybe you can ask your mum to frankly tell your dad, once and for all, that he has been annoying you both a lot all this while, and if he continues to do so, you would move out to stay in a hotel until he says "sayonara". Ooops! Omigosh! What have I done? Have I instigated you to quarrel with your father? No, no that's not my intention. Anyway, I have confidence you know what to do because you're the one who's on the spot facing the situation.
  17. I wonder if you people would believe me if I tell you that those celibate nuns also get orgasms although they never have sex. The fact is that women also have wet dreams, especially when they are deprived of sex. And it is during their wet dreams that they get orgasms.
  18. They say the Japanese are inventing a robot which can serve as a security guard and a bouncer in your home. The robot is said to be able to recognise family members by sight and will greet and welcome them when it sees them coming into the house. But if a stranger comes in, the robot will punch and kick the intruder out the door. They had come up with a prototype for experiment, and found it still needed some improvement. What happened was this: One evening the house master found himself being punched and kicked out by the robot when he entered hiis house. The reason? It transpired that the man, before he went home, had gone to barber shop to trim his hair very short and also had his beard and moustach shaved very clean. And when he came home, the robot could not recognise him.
  19. Here's something strange, but true. A naughty friend of mine once told me how he had sex with his wife while they were not in good terms with each other. He said they had not had it for over three weeks already, and that night his "little brother" down there was in the "festive mood" again and was itchy for some action. Without saying a word, he started to undress his wife. To his surprise, he encountered no serious resistence. Finally he found himself on top of her and so he proceed to "carry out his duty as a husband" . After it was all over, both went to wash up in separate washrooms and then went back to bed and slept. The whole episode played out without them saying a word to each other; and they continued not to talk to each for next few days. However, he said, there was drawback during the process - his wife refused to take off her shirt. So, he just had to make-do with whatever was exposed.
  20. Yupe, true, old people like to say to the young, "We eat salt more than you eat rice". If we are nasty enough, we can answer them, " No wonder your brains have become "salted fish". Ha hah! just joking. Please don't answer them like that. Now seriously. Sometimes it doesn't mean that older people know better than younger people. It depends of many factors, circumstances, and field of knowledge it is. They may know more when it comes to the general wisdom of life. But they may be far behind in many other fields of knowledge. A parent who knows nothing computer, for instance, also knows nothing about the Internet and all knowledge available within it. I am lucky to have survived through the "torture and abuse" inflicted on me by the ignorance of my parents in the old days. For example, when I had a fever, they sent me into a small, hot, and stuffy bedroom, closed all windows, and covered me head to toe with a thick blanket to make my body become even hotter till I was drenched in my own sweat. I should have died of suffocation and heat stroke. But the old chaps thought that was a medically smart thing to do to someone who got a fever. Then if I continued to be sick days later, I was prevented from eating vegetables and fruits. They said those things were "too cold" and not good for me. Phew!! Sometimes, I wonder why I am still alive and kicking. There were many more things, which to me now, show what big idiots they were. But those were the so-called "more salt than rice" knowledge that they had inherited from the "dinausar days" which old people are always bragging about. But there are a lot of very knowledgable old people around. "Don't play, play" with those who read a lot and keep up with news and times. From across the ocean, they even know what you could be thinking about.
  21. panda1020, I don't think that colleage of yours is fit to live in this world. I mean if her skin is really that beautiful, I don't think you would have been the first and the last person who would give her a compliment about it. And if she were to scream and curse everytime people do so, how horrible that is! It's amazing that in this age of science and technology, many people, including highly educated people, still believe in all kinds od silly superstitions.
  22. Just an opinion from me: If the purpose of the EPF withdrawal is to pay for the loan you owe the bank, you should not be charged any fee. After all, the bank is already charging you interest for the loan.
  23. Hi ivi, You only address the sisters? How about a brother trying to "busy-body" into your topic? This is what I can say: If you can afford a wedding dinner and yet you skip it, you will regret later. If you cannot afford a dinner and you still by "hook and by crook" go ahead with it, you will also regret later. But if you skip the dinner because you really cannot afford it, you will have nothing to regret about.
  24. meiteoh, I'm kind of surprised to see you grousing about your mum and dad like. It is as if you have never known them all this while. Anyway, what I can say is that people's character can change when they get older ( I wonder how old they are). I have heard of plenty of stories of people finding it hard to tolerate their parents as they get older. That's why many children like to move out and away from their parents especially after they have got married. I'm sure, in your parents' case, they just have no idea at all that they are driving you nuts with their behaviours. When they give you this and that advice, in their minds, they think they are only showing you their concern and care. And when they make a mess of your home, they think that they are just trying to be "making themselves at home". Well, if they are just going to be temporary around, the best option for you and your hubby is just to tolerate them. Let them go back home again with a happy memory. Maybe you can apologise to your husband on their behalf. I'm sure he will understand.
  25. TAHNIAH kepadamu for being a mum finally, meiteoh! I can imagine how excited you are. It is believed that a person of mixed blood is more likely to be intelligent, and also more good-looking. Personally, I believe it to be true because scientifically it is supposed to be like that. Well, if the Darwinian's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is anything to go by, your baby will certainly grow up to be extremely brainy and beautiful. So, once again CONGRATULATIONS to both you and hubby; and let us all extend our warmest welcome to new earthling member.
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