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  1. Has anyone around used the so-called Induction Cooker? It's a kind of stove that doesn't use flame nor electrically-heated device to cook something. I'm thinking of getting one, but I wonder how good is the guy in terms of doing what we want it to do. For those who already used it, can you share your experience?
  2. People like to say: "Money is not everything. Money cannot buy happiness. Money is the root cause of all evils." But I would say the oppossite to all those statements: "Money IS everything. Money CAN buy happiness. And, Money is NOT the root cause of all evils". Reason? Money is only a commodity just like water, fire, the internet, cars, etc. Money itself cannot be evil. It is the wrong way to greed for money and the abuse of money that is evil. So, there is nothing wrong for one to look for a rich spouse to marry if the aim is just to look for a more comfortable life.
  3. SKIN-FRIENDLY SOAP I know of a lady who has a very clear, soft, and natural-looking skin. Her secret? She uses only that very old fashion basic soap for bathing - the very cheap type imported from China. The reason?Only basic necessary ingredients are used to make this kind of soap; no coloring, perfume, or chemical is added. It is thus very gentle for the skin. But most supermarkets don't sell this type of soap because they think it is cheap stuff. So, if you want to look for it, you've to go to those isolated sundry shops. In Sarawak, it is sold for RM4.50 for 6 pieces. The soap is light brown in color; a little transparent.
  4. little angel, Normally one should listen to both sides of the stories to get the overall picture of a matter. Sometimes, a fair hearing can expose faults of both parties. But if I were to take your story as the truth, and nothing else, but the truth, then it clearly indicates that your hubby is indeed a very difficult man to live with. Among one of the most unfortunate things in life is an unhappy marriage. On average, we spend about ¾ of our life as a married person. And you know what that entails if your married life is not happy. If you think your hubby will never change his character, it may be wiser for you to consider pulling out of the quagmire early rather than wait till you have sunk too deep into the muddle which would be extremely messy to get out from later. Resorting to divorce should be the last step to take if everything else fails. One central matter to remember is the welfare of your little princess. It is always a very pitiful affair for a child to be born into a situation where parents are divorcing. If divorce is eventually unavoidable, I do strongly feel that you are the one who must rightly have custody of your daughter. Since one of the issues that make him unhappy is that you didn't bear him a son, why should he deserve to keep a daughter which is the very cause of his disappointment?
  5. For wedding guests who can drink, a wedding without "the drinks" would be less enjoyable to them. Most people expect some kind of alcoholic drink if they attend a Chinese wedding, otherwise the "yam seng" toast doesn't sound well-founded. If we want to serve alcoholic drink, it would wise to try to check out that none of the guests invited are the type that has the tendency to cause trouble or making a sceone when drunk. This type of people are only suitable to drink at pubs and they don't deserve to be invited for such occasion regardless of who they are.
  6. Here is the cheapest, the most effective, and the healthiest way to lose weight: (1) Change your eating pattern (2) Take up a regular physical activity Your new eating pattern would be: Heavy breakfast; Moderate lunch; and Very light dinner. Your regular physical activity would be: Brisk walking (not jogging) for about an hour or so at least 3 times a week. TRY IT; BE PATIENT; AND I GUARANTEE YOU SUCCESS! !
  7. daddyo, I don't blame you for your irrational fear. I understand how it feels to have such a phobia. Forcing upon yourself a thing you feel uncomfortable about would only psychologically harm yourself. I, too, have an irrational fear. I feel horrendously creepy and frightened to be in bodily contact with little creatures which are already injured. For example, if you pull off a beetle's leg and put it on me, I would quickly want to flip it away and goose pimples would appear on my skin. But I have no qualms to hold and play with a beetle which has no injury. I cannot explain why I have such a fear. Of course I know full well that a beetle with a missing leg cannot hurt me, but still I'm afraid of it. Funny, isn't it? What is most scary to me is a cockroach that still crawls after its head is removed. Even typing that sentence already made my hairs stand on ends behind my neck. Give me a tiger and I will fight it, but throw me headless cockroach and I will flee “for my life”. Fortunately I don't have such a fear towards injured human beings or big animals. For example, I would have no problem to carry a child in my arms even though his or her limps have been blown away by a bomb. So, what I'm trying to point out is that some people may have similar qualms about donating organs without anything to do with beliefs. It is thus excusable for such persons to exempt themselves from becoming donors.
  8. A pregnant mother can eat any fruit during pregnancy. Eat as many types as possible to benefit from all the available nutrients which your body needs. If you find yourself pining for any particular fruit, it means your body is badly in need of a certain nutrient which is available in the type of fruit that you are longing for. The same is also the case with other food. But, just like everything, over consumption of any single thing is not advisable.
  9. Ooouu! How sweet of you all who want to wear mums' wedding dresses. It's so meaningful; so sentimental, and so touching. I'm sure your mums would be so happy to see their wedding dresses coming out to bloom like flowers again. I won't be surprised that tears of joy would well up in the eyes of some.
  10. Congratulations Hishiko! You did the right thing. PccIvy, as what I said, some people thought that when our organs are taken out for donation, our body will be left not in one piece. That's why some old people are apprehensive at the thought of organ donation. Many old folks also still live in the ancient superstitious world thinking that they will emerge in the next world with the parts they have donated missing. beautifulgown, Good idea. Do discuss with your hubby soon and go for it! By the way, I think there is campaign on organ donation in Malaysia at the moment. I often see the ad in TV.
  11. PccIvy, Thank you for sharing your experience and your feelings here. Hope that what you share can inspire or move others to be organ donors. I look upon people who want to do good without expecting anything is return as more kind and more benevolent than the so-called gods which many people believe because these kind hearted people don't expect to be worshipped and praised in return. When you said your eyes were always wet when you saw pople's happiness or sadness, those were the tears of geniune human compassion and human nobility. PccIvy, if only everyone in the world has a heart like you, heaven is already here on earth.
  12. If our grandparents are not the financially loaded type, the best gift is money. Because they can convert the money into anything they like. But of course put the money into a beautiful packet.
  13. meiteoh, Yeah, I know. It's not possible to transplant the whole of some organs. Actually, there is a misconception among some people that when they think of donating organs, they thought that whole organs have to be taken out from the body and put into another person. In fact, most often, only a little part of an organ is needed. For example, if we donate our eye, the doctor is not going to gouge out the whole eye ball and leave your eye socket empty. All they need is just the cornea or perhaps the lens of the eye. And there are also people who think that the corpse will be left mutiliated after an organ is taken out of the body. My advise to them is: Don't worry; the doctor will patch you up nicely and you will look "as good as new". beautifulgown, Grrrr .... I sangat takut sekarang. Don't ever tell your hubby what I said. But if your mouth is too itchy and you cannot stand not to tell him, then just do one thing for me. After you have told him, add another comment that I say he looks like Jacky Chan, and I like Jacky's movies a great lot. Hopefully that will cool him down. By the way, congratulations to the creators of Malaysiabrides for this new look. The colour is soothing, and it makes me feel blue, too.
  14. meiteoh, When you said you discovered that the body has preciously little to do with the soul and the afterlife, I finally found someone who talks some sense in this kind of matter. To me, I'd like to push the concept even further: The body has nothing to do with the soul at all; totally. In fact, I doubt if there is even a soul or a heaven. Have you ever wondered what in heaven is a soul going to do for eternity? I mean, on earth here at least we can busy ourselves with the problems of life, but in heaven what are we gonna do for ever, and ever, and ever? Singing and dancing with God? I think I'm gonna be bored to death, but ooops! how can we die another death? beautifulgown, I don't know whether the story I shared was real or not. But if you were my wife, I won't let you donate three parts of yours: Your llips, your breasts, and your that thing down there. Why? Because I can't bear to think that someone else might be using those items which have previously been enclusively licensed to me alone to use. You see, the new user may not be using them as gently and as graciously as I do. Ooops! Don't tell your hubby what I said. Mati saya dihantam dia nanti!
  15. One can pontificate for days on end on how to bring up kids. But I have only one advice to give: Never use foul language in front of kids. They immitate.
  16. beautifulgown, Oh yes, I have sigend up for organ donation decades ago. But one of these days I'm gonna check if the pledge still stands. By the way, I 've a story to share regarding organ donation: A man went to an office to sign up for organ donation. He was accompanied by his jelaous wife. "Which part of your body would like to donate," asked the officer who helped him fill in the form. "Every part of my body, " the man answered. "No, not every part," the man's wife interrupted, "I won't let him donate his penis. "Why?," asked the officer, curious. "Because I don't want him to commit adultery even after he dies," replied the wife. The man turned to look at his wife and said, "Well, you can marry the man who gets my penis!"
  17. juanil. Talking about karaoke, have you ever felt like wanting to throw the crooner out of the window? What happened is that some of these karaoker singers just don't seem to know how terrible it is the noise that they produce, and yet you see the same joker repeatedly appears on stage to sing. When the audience squeal. shout, and boo, the joker thought that the crowd is thrilled and that encourages him or her to be even more excited to want to "entertain their "fans". Guests have been known to leave dinners early because they cannot stand the torture of listening to voices which raise goose pimples. What I feel is that if singing is not your stuff, leave it to those who can at least belt out some decent sound.
  18. Thanks goodness! It's nice to know that there are still a lot of kind and sensible people around. I worry this species is heading towards extinction. Oh, how reliefed I feel now.
  19. fluenne, Thieves stealing glasses are not that strange yet. I know of thieves who only want to steal ladies panties. And some even prefer used unwashed panties. I wonder what they do with those stuff. Make soup?
  20. THE PROS AND CONS OF A LIVE-BAND AT WEDDING If a wedding ceremony is held in an open space, a live-band does add "live" to the occasion. But if a wedding is held in an enclosed place like a restaurant, a live-band could irritate some guests if the renditions are delivered too loudly. That's why some people also don't like karaoke's at wedding dinners for the same reason. The complain is that, wedding dinners are one of those rare occasions when old friends and relatives could meet at the same table and it is during such time that they would have a lot to chit-chat about, and thus wouldn't like musical performances to be drowning out their conversation. Anyway, there are also people who think that having live-band performances on such occasions would make the atmosphere more merry and exciting. My sincere advice to any live-band group is that, if you perform in an enclosed place, keep your sound volume to a more guest-friendly level. Quite a number of times, I've personally come across over zealous live-bands executing their performances like they're the center of attraction for the night. They forget that guests are there not to attend a rock concert, but a wedding dinner.
  21. Thank you to all who respond to this thread. For those who have registered as a donor, I salute you with greatest honour. I know some people hesitate to donate organs on religious ground. For those who face such a problem, try to ask yourself this simple question: Do you think God would forbid a person to save another person's life? If you answer yes to that question, then maybe it's time you dragged that god of yours by the beard and threw him into the river because a god which forbids you to do good is not worth to be worshipped. Donating organ is noble thing to do. No one can dispute that. If there's a God, and if God is righteous, merciful, and kind like what every God believer believes him to be, then commonsense should tell us that such a God would surely not punish anyone for doing a noble thing. For this reason, all the authorities of the major religions like Christian, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or Sikhism have come up with a decree that it is okay to donate organs. They all say there's no specific verse in their holy books that prohibits the donation of body organs. Now, religions aside, let's look at the issue from another angle: When a person dies, the body becomes a corpse to eventually rot away and perish, while those that go for cremation would become ashes. This means that all the organs which could be used by others as “spare parts” would also rot away to become useless dirt. What a waste, isn't it? Don't you feel it is better that a usable part of the body should be salvaged and given to another human being for him or her to get another chance to have a new lease of life? Can't you get a warm feeling in your heart to think that, part of you could still be living after you die? Imagine how grateful the organ receiver would be to you. I have heard of a superstitious belief which says that if you donate away, for instance, an eye, then you would be walking around like a “one-eyed hero” in the next world. I nearly burst my lungs trying to stop myself from exploding into a guffaw when I heard that. Well, if if that is really true, then you still need not worry because you won't be alone; you'll meet millions and millions who would be walking around looking more grotesque than you would be because they had died with body parts crushed or missing due to wars, natural disasters, accidents, murders, etc, etc. Now, let me be more serious: If there is a spiritual world, can you really expect the spiritual world to also operate exactly like the physical world? Unless the biology, the physics, and the chemistry of the spiritual world also work in identical manner to those of the physical world, then it would make sense to believe that you'd still be needing all your body parts to live over there? What? You're still worried to donate organs? GIMME A BREAK!.
  22. ORGAN DONATION Would you donate your organs? How do you feel about pledging to donate your organs upon your death? Signing a will to donate your organs means, in the even of your untimely death, an oragn or a tissue part of your body may be taken by a doctor to save other people's lives. Some people have qualms about the thought of having part of their body taken away after death, but some people think it is a noble sacrifice one can make. What do you guys think?
  23. juanil, Thanks for your suggestion. Ya, you're right. There are many tattoo shops around nowadays. At one time they were popping up like mushrooms in Kuching, Sarawak here. But I don't want to bother anymore to fix mine. I just leave it as it is so that I have a story to tell people how silly I was if they ask about it. Unlike the olden days, the way tattoos are done today here in Sarawak is already very technologically advanced. During the days when I got mine done, the instuments used were sewing needles, bamboo strip, pillow, a length of stick, and soot. It was a very bloody and painful process in which tears could ooze out from the eyes of the most courageous man. The natives of Sarawak were good at it and it was the tradition that every man should have one to express their manhood. Further back in the past, no girls would want to marry a man without tattoos.
  24. I read somewhere that in order to encourage your breasts to produce more milk, always let your baby suck your breasts as often as possible even if there is already no more milk. This is the natural way to stimulate the milk production system to manufacture more milk. I believe this to be true because long ago I knew of a grandmother who always let her grandchild to suck her breast whenever its mother was not around. After a period of time (I forget how long) there was milk being produced by the grandmother. And, by the way, I think most of you should already know that the best part of the breast milk is very first thick yellowish milk the breasts produce after the baby is born. It contains very rich and vital nourishment critically needed by the baby to start life in the outside world. Have you heard of a silly belief that the first milk should be squeezed away? There is such a belief even nowadays among some rural communities. In fact, recently, I saw a documentary in TV showing a very backward ethnic group (somewhere in India?) who believe that for the first few months, babies should not be breast-fed. As a result, many of their babies got sick, stunted, and some even died of malnutrition.
  25. genielee, Tahan ... for the wedding night? WOW! That's sounds like too good to be true. Maybe your HB deserved to be ... well, maybe it's too much for me to say to be entered into the Guiness World of Records, but at least his case can go into "Ripley's Believe It or Not" program. I think, nowadays, out of a thousand couples, you can hardly find one who "tahan it for the wedding night". But actually, it's a very good idea to reserve it till the conventionally approved night so that it becomes the "greatest gift" you can give each other on the wedding night. Well, we may have the intention, but unfortunately "the two fellows down there" sometimes seem to have a mind of their own and they won't obey us even we we tell them "don't, don't".
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