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  1. Hi Everyone, I seldom post anything here, but I read. It has been 3 weeks I didnt log on, and this morning when I logged on, I saw many bad things with regards the BS. Well, in my opinion, can't we just relax and sometimes could just be a bit carefree with reagrds this matter? Heard so many bad things about BS already, so if you think they are not good enough for you, take the pictures yourself, or dont take at all. Why should one keep complaining and keep spending? Actually, I had many many bad experiences with other business also, for example, 5-star hotel, airline, hospital, and so on. The money that I paid for the service that I mentioned above are so so much expensive than the money we pay for BS, so y be so particular? I did find out that when I smile to some one, someone will smile back to me. I dont know why some could wrote something so "angry" in this forum, hey, aren't this forum suppose to be happy? as weddings are happy! Or, maybe, some of us are not really happy with our wedding deep down in our heart? Pls, spend more time to build a happy relationship, happy marriage, to communicate, rather than express your anger here, make this forum a happy one, how could you expect a good service if you walk into one's shop with an angry face? Eventhough you are paying, doesn't mean that you are the king/ queen. We are getting married, so what is the big deal? By paying 3K or 4K allow you to just simply throwing your temper to others? Really hope to get useful infos from this forum, but not some rubbish. Cheers.
  2. Hi Jane98209, Since my wedding and shooting has been postpone, I guess I will be seeing your pictures sooner than mine lor. When 's your shooting date? Sorry if you did mnetioned it earlier, you know la, a bit blur, long time didnt check out this forum alraedy. Cheers
  3. Hi Tomatopeanut, It has been about 3 weeks I was away, sorry for can't reply your question sooner. Well, bad news for me, somebody in my family passed away, I will have to postpone my wedding 3 years later, so my shooting, also postpone liao. :(
  4. Jane98209, No, they dont allow, the "no photography" sticker is there. So I didnt take any pictures. I think is ok la, we gonna have lots of pictures taken anyway.:)
  5. Hi All Touch Collection Brides, Just went for gown fitting today, finally. Just a piece of advise, dont bring anyone along, or the most , one friend if only her taste is the same with you. I brought 4 of them, and I was so regret. As they have different oppinions, and I was so tired trying all the gowns taken by them, some of them I dont even like it. So friends, dont do what I did okay. Luckily the SA helped me out by choosing the gowns for me. Or else, I really lost. Always check with your SA regarding the gowns as they know better, as they have seen people wore them. Gd Luck everybody.
  6. I have been to many bridal gown shops in KL and PJ and finally landed my feet at Designer Bridal Room. I was impressed by the interior of the shop and the service they provided ( must see to believe ! ), then of course the gowns were drop dead gorgeous ( also must see to believe )!! May be you can get a cheaper gown else where, but the cut/construction and the details of the gowns at DBR are just so different! After you had put on their gown, I don think you wil be satisfied by other gown in town! It's once in a lifetime's event, why not splash more money on it.... :P Hi Cassandra, How much is a dress there? You bought ?
  7. Hi, Whitevanilla, The service was great, dont know, maybe I'm kind of "click" with Joevy, my bridal consultant. Dont worry about the gowns, all are designer, even the quantity is not as much as the other bridal houses that I've been to, but trust me, you can find your dream gowns. They told me almost every month there are new arrival, but sometimes is more and sometimes it is less, depends. so far I am very okay with the gowns, as this is the only bridal house that did not charge me extra for letting me wearing the designer gowns, even the one in the magazine, and even it is brand new! For me, this already worth a lot. I heard a lot of complaints about topping up for gowns already. Yeah, Joevy told me they have fair this weekend, in Sunway Pyramid. I sign on the spot bcos my hubby starts getting piss off already, as you know, we went to almost every bridal houses in SS2, "kia-su" la. He said, you sign now, or we dont take pictures at all. So what to do, sign la cepat cepat, he is the one paying anyway. :)
  8. It is a DIY package, so just let them know what are the items that you need and dont, they will culculate the price, mine is a complete package , except I dont have large portrait, only one album, and no car decor and bouquet. hope you find an ideal package also.
  9. I signed up with Touch Collection, I will email my package to you of course, and I was told that they are having a bridal fair at Sunway this weekend, not sure it is true or not, maybe you can check. Hope you will find a "dream" package :)
  10. Hi iwinelin, I didnt engage with keep gallery, the main reason is the same as yours, I dont see what can I do with the 4R resolution pictures, they might as well dont give me at all and give me a better discount. I end up signing with one bridal house which could offer me all the CDR that in high resolution, and the package is only RM2K plus, and it is a complete package with all the gowns for shooting and for actual day!
  11. Hi Gals, Guess what? I went to survey wedding package in SS2 yesterday, and I found out that TOUCH is actually available in PJ! This is quite a good news for me as I've having this dielema you see, I like TOUCH, but it is only in Loke Yew, Ipoh Rd and Klang. But then I am staying in PJ. Now my problem been solved. But then when I check with them the package, it is actually different from TOUCH, as the name itself is called TOUCH COLLECTION, I asked the gal, what the different? Then Joevy, the bridal consultant told me that TOUCH COLLECTION is targeting more high-end market and all the gowns are only designers' collection, no wonder they are called TOUCH COLLECTION. I am quite confident with TOUCH photo skill, they are well known for that, some more in TOUCH COLLECTION, the bridal consultant will arrange the photographer according to my charactor, preferences, and personality. This is something I like, as I often heard about frens complaining about the pictures they are getting are so much different from the smaples. Joevy asked me to trust her with the arrangement of the photographer, I am okay with that, bcos if I didnt trust her, I would not sign up with her in the very first place, so I think everything should be okay if I could just leave it to her. As I dont really trust that some bridal house will ask you to choose the photographer from the portfolio, firstly, we dont really know who they are, and secondly, how do we know that the portfolio ae actually taken by them or not? Gowns are very nice, of course la, designer mah. I went to some other bridal house bfore, to upgrade to designer range, it cost me RM 450 to 800, but to be frank, the quantity is lesser compare to other bridal houses that I went before, but Im okay la as I found my dream dress already, the full lace with green sash shown in the nu you brides. At first I am quite worry that I might over spend, as Joevy keep telling that quality is the main reason people come to TOUCH collection, so I was like: okay, we might be looking at something RM5K onwards, so I quickly told her that I wanted something very basic,my budget is around RM4k, but of course la I told her RM3K(biasala), and after took out the car deor, hand bouquet, large portrait,and the coat, my package is only RM 2Kplus. I cepat cepat sign already as it is within my budget.Haha. I didnt take the package , I took the DIY one, I found it more flexible, and I get back all the pictures I took you know, of course la, soft copy only la, but it is large file. For those brides to be, like me, dont like big big package, and big big album, can check out this DIY package, you just pay for want you really need. My wedding is next year , but after signing the package, so exited now : )
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