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  1. If that's the case - I think I will try to be there as well - I have 1 WG and 2 EG - maybe I can use one of the EG during cocktail - change into WG for march in and then change one more time into my other EG? What do you girls think?
  2. Dear all... My wedding is coming up real soon - next saturday... and I just remembered that there will be a pre-cocktail drink session before the dinner begins at 7.30 - DO the couple need to be there or just the family will do??? Please share your experiences with me and the pros and cons of each.... Hope to hear from you all sooon..getting nervous...
  3. After filing a complaint..we finally have the person in charge changed. Now I will be dealing with Joyce - I hope she will stay at least until my wedding. I do not want to have another change anymore. I have emailed her this morning..let's hope she is responsive to me. Will keep you all updated. ;) Wow, you're experiencing more changes. There's this lady called Joyce, right? Try to request for her. I received one older chinese lady, can't remember her name. She never replies calls, rarely replied emails so we asked for a change and we got Wei Ching. She was spectacular. Sorry to see her leave. But anyway, if you don't feel cofident with the current allocated planner and you know you can get a replacement, just ask for the other planner, for the peace of heart of mind. You don't want to risk plans going flat on your AD. My wedding was very simple, I used all their basic decor and stuff ad it was great enough for me. Most important is that everything is coordinated properly by a responsible and dedicated crew. Equatorial gave me that for my AD, hope it gives you the same on your big day.
  4. Hi franzel, Pictures have been sent to your email.
  5. There were already 4 changes since I booked my wedding dinner - my dinner is in June 2010. Now I'm hoping that they can assign someone good to me. They assigned me to a Malay guy and he is not very responsive - I hope to change my person in charge. Any good suggestions??? Stupidboy, can you please share the band/emcee info with me? Also your decorator info as well as how much you spent on them? Thanks!
  6. so sad.. can you share your experience and what happened with us? I'm actually thinking of signing up..but after reading your comments I'm a lil unsure...can you please share? If you do not want to share in public, please PM me. Thanks!
  7. The measurements are approximately as below: bust: 36.5" waist: 29.5" hip: 39 3/4" hollow to hem: 59"
  8. I totally agree with what you all have said - vendors not responding are the most annoying thing, especially when we are planning the wedding from overseas. It's hard enough not being able to really see/talk to the person. With them not responding to your email/questions, it just makes you feel so un-important. I booked my hotel banquet a while back and one of the main reason I booked it was because the PIC was so quick in getting back to my questions and such. After I've signed up and paid the deposit, the person that I have been working informed me that she'll be resigning soon. They then assigned a different person to me. This 2nd person have not responded to ANY of my emails. My mom then called and filed a complaint - apparently, this 2nd person was the Manager - can you imagine? Anyways, they assigned a 3rd person to me. This 3rd person was OK, quick at responding to me as well, but then she stopped responding to me after a while. I found out later (one month later) that she also resigned. The 4th person that I'm working with so far has been good - I'm not sure how many more person I will have to deal with before my wedding!! It's frustrating trying to tell each person the same thing over and over again. Why is the staff turnover rate so high?!? I have also contacted a decorator via email - NO response whatsoever. With people that do not respond to my email, I just cut them off my list because I refuse to deal with people that can't even reply emails. It's not like they have to go out and make any sales - these are people (brides) that come to you with business - it's so easy and yet you do not reply. What is on these people's mind? Alright, enough of my babbling..
  9. hi Mel, Sent you an email. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Can anyone tell me what are the differences between all bridal fairs? I saw one in December which is the MBA wedding Expo, then there''s KL wedding expo in Jan 2010, then there's the international wedding expo - can anyone please tell me what the differences are? I'm debating to go to the KL wedding expo in Jan 2010 or go to the MBA wedding Expo in dec 2009. Thanks!!
  11. You can try Novotel in KL - Maximum of 15 tables can fit in the ballroom. Equatorial and COncorde also have smaller function room where you can have less than 15 tables. Hope this helps.
  12. I bought this wedding gown and I changed my mind on it. It is new - never worn. The dress retails for USD$ 1350 and I'm only asking for RM600. The dress comes with a detachable train and has beautiful beadwork. The dress is in US size 10 - never been altered. Please ask any questions you may have.
  13. can you share who you hired and what the cost is? I'm looking for reasonable priced band too. Thanks! I am not before.... i am going to be.... on september
  14. The charge is RM199 - they gave us a list of dates that work for us..then we have to pick a date then after that, they will give you more information of when to set the bed, what time of day to get the bride to the groom's place etc. The service has been OK (heard from parents in law as they were the ones that did it for us - we are currently overseas). My sister in law got their dates there too and they were the one that recommended us to go there.
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