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  1. Dear all Jie mui, really appreciate for the support! :) I do found out lots of single mom in KL. I feel that I'm lucky cau Im still survive and enjoy my new life.
  2. Dear Diana,janicelly,bunnyNwife & Skye, really appreciate your support! :)
  3. Dear all Jie mui, I'm back with my new status....I was disappear quite long time to settle all the remeh-temeh stuff, adjusted my new lifestyle. I'm glad n really appreciate my family, frens who help me n support me during those darkness period. Initially I know I'm not alone... I'm here to share single mom life n single family life in mys. And welcome single mom n single dad as well sharing your experiences. Thank you.
  4. Dear all, sorry for no time updating....cau finally everything clear...he is with the girl.......im going to dirvoce with my hb...initially im suffering in d dilema but now im fine and happy cau i learn to appreciate what I have now....i really thanks HIM and HER....i learn to know HIM "original" as early as possible before I have more kids in future..... Just sharing with all jie muis here, in this world we cant deny tat have so "unmoral" girl!!! Initially this girl still with his stayed bf and now "i step 2 boot", I also dont know my hb "jampi" by HER or wat.....he had made final decision and find the lawyer to dirvoce with me....actually my parents in law and I have put effort try to solve this pbl but still cant work since my hb very determine in his decision.
  5. mabel,Tash, beautifulgown, rosamundwo, thanks for your opinion, advice. tash, i can understand ur feelings...yup, i should feel lucky as u said i have family, fren here.... beautifulgown, agree with u every hb-wife have their own method to maintain r/ship.... rosamundwo, thanks for your inputs.....i understd it cau nobd like complaints but sometimes....if alwaz juz keep quite, it would exposure1 day....
  6. Hi CFA, It is good you realised it earlier.....Personally I faced this post-natal depression problem after I gave birth my son but just very "light". That time maybe because my hb quite bz with his work and have not much time accompany me & chat with me. I always crying myself with any reason. I feel more frustrated when I heard my bb crying...luckily, that time I have a fren who is counsellor and she help me a lot, I chat with her and she give me a lot advise that because of the transaction period from a wife to become a mother, a wife and working and need some times to adjust it....additionally, i'm fully breastfed working mom, i always think about my bb milk supply......Importantly is the support from hb. Later, my hb realised it and try find some time talk to me, accompany me, enjoy our parenting days. and also my hb need to pay my expensive phone bills....hehehe...cau I would called my mom everyday to chat..... so I have took a few weeks to recover. Try to accompany and chat with ur wife or can ask ur wif talk to her mom or sis which she feel comfortable. Wishing your wife recover soon....
  7. hi cfa, meiteoh, clarins,davinci, very appreciate your inputs and suggestion. I would take note on it. I'm agreed that there "potential" shouldnt be a reason to keep a staff, but i have no choice, I have ask my hb and he has told me that as a businessman, he dont want to waste his $$....so..what I do now is keep observe them....so far nothing special happen between them....just my relationship with hb become a bit "cold", i'm not sure because of this girl case or his really bz this time....I did talk to my hb bout our future, I ask him a stupid qs: Can I be ur only one women when u become a successful man? Then he replied me: that's is nothing finite in this world. I'm so sad when I heard this answer. but I know it is true, we cant predict what would happen in future. anyway, i'm glad is he stil remembered our mission and he did promised me together work hard for our mission. now I dont urge with him anymore, and try to avoid talking about this girl and our topic is only on our new home....I really hope everything would be fine soon..... actually just few days ago, I received a called from my x-colleague, after I heard her story I feel my case is just like a feather , my heart now is just thinking bringup my son and have a peace life as long as hb heart is with me & my son.....my x-colleague told me that her hb with his staff (work with him for 5 yrs, not married & have bf) date for 2 yrs....she told that the girl's bf meet up with her and showed her all the message that her hb sent to his gf....the content was very nude. my fren told me that she discussed with her hb and he hb insist said that he only sms and never sleep with her but my fren told me that how can she believe that cau the sms is talking bout that....she is very upset and she told me that she wanna divorce but hb don want cau they have 2 kids....and also her sisters in spore advise her that thinking bout her kids and this happen very common in spore, also advise her be open-mind.....somemore, she told me that they don have sex for last 6 mths oredi...I feel very sorry to heard that.....just wondering if my fren wanna to divorce , is it must have fizikal evidence like photos or videos? and what advise can give her? really appreciate if can give me some suggestion, so that I can help her...thanks in advance...
  8. Dear all, 2moro is Reunion ....Wishing u all have a "may man" family and "yuan man" reunion dinner......Appreciate and enjoy whatever we have now.......HAPPY NEW YEAR!! GONG XI FA CAY!!!
  9. happi, im glad u can understand my feeling cau I believed every wife also dont like hb having meal with other girl alone....although it just a meal....actually after the movie case....I did drop by to hb office few times for lunch and visit ....but very difficult to date my hb cau usually he go out site....so only like once or twice a month... ally'smom, this is for sure Im keep on eye on the girl and my hb......actually at beginning stage, like you said, I also feel suprises cau im his wife, if they just normal frens, he shouldnt offended my reactions. He should understand my feelings.....yup...u r right,i should be smart...keep silent and observe.... apekjolly, very appreciate you and thanks for your advise and input from man's viewpoint......I also believe this :"over time, a lie would sooner or later expose itself. " If they have something sorry to me, I believed God would know..... I agreed with you and wish as u hope.....thanks, apekjolly...."However, the good news is that many men can resort to their higher human sanity and conquer that beastly compulsion in them. And that's what I hope your husband can do, oxford. " " for my personal, I look at 2 aspects:positive & negative. I feel happy cau my hb frank and honest to me...he asked me dont think too much....My hb told me that if he really want affair , no need to wait until now cau he have a lot chance outside all this years.....this one I agreed cau my hb have attractive outlook (double eyelips, small "cui wo", 185cm and fit body) , have "mei4 li4" and gentle businessman....and hb also told me that usually affair no so easy to happen, unless both guy and gal react ...ppl always say:"one hand cant clap, only both hands can clapping"...I agreed this with him cau if he really have feel and affair with this girl , he wouldn't showed the sms and tell me that he will give me explanation....he can just keep secret....actually the girl is a good and potential employee....I really hope that she can help hb in his career as he really need someone capable for the job....actually after my hb hire her, he really not so pressure and he no need to bring work back home do so frequent (last time he also work at home every night ) and I feel very "xin teng" cau one day he only sleep 5 hrs..... and now he can have more time with me and bb....although my heart dont wan they work together and chat anymore.... Negatively is I feel worried cau this girl like a bomb.....since they work together, I so scare will "ri jiu sheng qing"...I dont know when it would happen....as hb told me when he hire this girl...he need to trained her for 3 mths, then slowly let her work independent...although now it is clear nothing action happen between them ....but I guess this girl very "admire" my hb...(cau I meet up girl and chat with her for 2 hrs, she showed me that my hb is very caring, responsible and good man compare to her bf and I also feel she jealous me that I have a good hb).....actually, I know he is a good and responsible boss fr his clerk who work few yrs....my hb very cincai like his clerk is pregnant and have morning sickness....sometime i feel his clerk take for granted cau she always said she not feeling well and didnt turn up even now bout 7-8 mths.....(all these my hb told me and I did advise him better make a standard rule cau in future u have more employees then will get trouble)....hmmm.... I did warned my hb a few times that sometime his kindly and gentleman would make ppl misunderstand especially young girl just freshgraduate cau I heard a lot real story in front my eye oredi bout them...they just start come work world and seek for good man...and the worst thing is that some (not offence anyone here and I didnt mean all like that) they wont care whether married man or not, have kids or not ..like the movie case, they chat in the car while they going to visit site...and just a normal conversation like usually any plan during weekend cau 2moro is weekend?.....and this begin the story..... and my worried is this girl tried to covered that she has bf at the beginning....I feel like she is "ride cow seek horse"...wanna fine better1....as I chat with her, she told me that she start with her bf during study days....and that time she is lonely fr hometown come to KL study and meet this guy....at 1st, not really have feel and slowly they together and until today they stayed together for 4 yrs already.....she said her bf control him a lot, if he go out dinner with guy, his bf allowed but will call her every 20 minutes.... tat's she tell lie to her bf......another funny thing is : she told me that actually she wanna leave her bf but she feel very sorry and not so good for her bf cau she like "use her bf and leave it"......cau her bf care and help her a lot during she study...and now she start to work......but .....what my hb told me is she say her bf is very busy working nowadays and just start have some results and their life is like "lao fu lao qi" (old couple)....and somemore tell my hb that actually her bf bz work hard.....also have some good things....and my hb told me that she dont look like what she told me that she and her bf relationship so bad.....anyway, my hb did told me that actually these all is she and her bf problem indirectly involving us ....I hope everything would be fine soon......
  10. <<<<<<<<<to oxford bb hmm i dunno much about children issue..but i sometimes also very pekcik with hb..he always come back late from work..so basically i cant have dinner with him..since i eat abit early like 6-6.30pm. & how i hate to eat alone..i just cant do anything with hb. so instead of showing my black face ..i will sit with him & watch him eat his dinner, since he like to tell me how was his day during the dinner time (almost everyday also got "happening" lol)>>>>>>>>> hi davinci, agreed with u...actually i also dont like eat alone cau feel very lonely....but cant do anything and have to accept it from day I know him. actually my hb if work late, he will dinner outside and when he back home, he bathed and sometime read books or watch tv...usually in this condition, I dont disturbing him.... but if he come back for dinner (ard8.30-9pm), I will wait him dinner together & watch tv & chat .... I tried my best to compromise with him like we going to swimming together one or twice a week, go to cinema for movie (once every 2 mths).....last time he went futsal, I will accompany him & watch him play.....but few yrs back he is bz, he didnt play futsal anymore...
  11. Dear apekjolly,meiteoh,tigercap26, Thanks very for your sharing and advice. I will take your advices....Actually we wont have communication pbl untill something had happened....I think I should tell u the story.... Actually everything was fine since we dating till last year. I knew how my life will be (hb have own business) before marry him. All this while, we trust each other....until last year, a new freshgraduate girl join his comp..... one day, I called him whether coming home dinner or not and that time he was dinner with her. As I know, so far, he never lunch/dinner with other girl stuff cau usually after work they wont stay back in office. so, I question him...and he just say: aiya, she said wan to avoid traffic, since im going for tea at mamak nearby office just ask her loh...I just be silent....(note: at the beginning,this girl didnt mentioned she have bf). one day , she sms my hb that she have bought movie ticket. and my hb showed me the message. I was shocked. I said how come this happen??!! My hb also shocked cau he just mentioned that he will going movie avatar 2moro alone but not sure have ticket or not....(actually my hb have told me that he will go movie avatar alone 2moro cau im outstation). The surpising things is that my hb feel weird cau he never asked her to buy ticket and this girl never ask him wat time he is free or wat?? somemore she bought another movie where my hb dont like the actor & actress....I feel very weird, so I questions my hb, how come this girl act like that , she just join ur comp < 2 months??!! My hb promised me to give me the explaination...but when they meet to talk, the girl insists said that my hb ask her to buy the tickets....and my hb feel tat is something wrong...Luckily, my hb still aware she might misunderstand. end up, my hb reject her invitation and talk to her briefly that she might misunderstand something...I thought everything was fine after this..... anyway, that time I started suspicious something cau i never see so hardworking freshgraduate always stay back after work......End up, I found out they sms (work +personal greets) and chatting....I feel that he cheated me cau all this while I'm 100% trust him work hard outside for our future not for other purposes.....Finally, he admited that they just frens and they dont have other motive and the girl have bf already bou 4 yrs and somemore they stayed together. she have pbl with her bf......My hb tell me what they chat content (about our family, my son...) and why she didnt mentioned she have bf at beginning stage cau her bf very "big man" and jealous type and dont allow her chat with other guys. My suspicious becoming serious cau I feel this girl quite weird cau she is new but very close with my hb where she can chat deeply about her stuff like family, bf....I have warned my hb try to avoid alone with her....Since she is hb staff, work together and most of the time they went out together such as visit site.....so my hb told me that he cant avoid lunch with her alone and my hb also told me that she is one of his frens that can chat deeply.......thus I need to accept this....unless he fire the girl but as a boss, he wont do that cau he told me that this girl is very potential... finally one day, her bf realised that my hb & her sms after work....and his bf called up my hb and warned my hb dont kacau his gf.....frankly speaking, my hb be frank with me that they just chat as normal fren and he also dont mind I meet u this girl and chat...for me, i feel happy that my hb frank to me and wanna me understand the real situation...end up, I meet up this girl and chat for 2 hours....my first impression of this girl is she is sweet, pretty,very young girl and "like a piece white paper" maybe she still new to this world cau this is her 1st job. she told me that she admire my hb as he was a good and responsible boss...she told me that I'm very lucky cau my hb is very caring and responsible man....I just smile and said "hmmm..hmmmm...." and thinking how long she know my hb ah?? As I know, she join the comp about 3 mths....after we have a nice chat, finally I can decraled they are just boss & staff & normal frens.....actually before this, we quarrel about this issue for sometimes cau I dont know her and always wondering why she wanna covered that she have bf. cau other staff try to recommend someone to her...and she asked my hb dont tell other staff that she have bf included me.... then, I thought we have settle "this girl" problem and we will become as normal but not.....one day, my hb showed me sms from the girl :"okok..." Hb asked me what I said to this girl which give her impact that she reply like that. cau last time when she reply sms, she will write a bit long text....I replied my hb:"what do u expect more?" last time, I usually talk to him at night but later he feel very bored, so I stopped it. and now even worst, everytime I talk to him, he easily get irritating...end up we flight again n again until today.......actually I think all women just wanna man can care & share with them their happiness & sadness.....but now, I hardly feel his caring me....actually I'm freelance and my time is flexi but my hb never take initiative to ask me for breakfast or lunch....as I know, sometime his work is very free & sometime is tight....but a few day I initiate to have breaskfast with him but is a bit rush.....and we seldom chat or sms thru phone unless I have urgent things to ask him cau he say we meet everynight. I agreed, but usually when he come back home, I feel he is tired and try dont disturb him and let him take a good rest...slowly slowly our discussion time become shorter & shorter...anyway, I'm appreciate that he try to have sunday as family day... I'm thinking am I expecting a lot from him?
  12. My hubby and I were love marriage and together for 6+ years. And this year is our 7th year. I realized that our relationship is not like previous, it is more like family feel ….responsible. These few months, we always quarrel because small small things……and he said I complaint him a lot ….and he asked me better don’t put any expectation on him…so that I wont disappointed….. But I’m thinking how can I do so that I don’t expect on him? I feel it is very difficult for me… Dear all mummies & daddies, Please share with me how you cope with your spouse in this condition? I really need your advice especially your hubby own a business. FYI, my hubby has set up his own company when we start dating and I accompany him and support him indirectly until today. He is a responsible and motivate person. He work hard for our family and future. But….sometime, I feel it is very hard time for me ….because I need to consider a lot things myself. I must be very independent. Eg: sometime my hb need to work on weekend even though public holidays. I drive back to my hometown (5 hrs journey) alone with my bb & maid cause my hb is bz….If your spouse have own business, I think you might more understand my feelings. We cant expect very much like other employees who work 9-5 everyday. Both hb & wife can have dinner together every night. For me, I cant expect my hubby having meal with me everyday even weekend. I just wondering how you cope with this? how you compromise each other? pls advise me what to do……TQVM….
  13. Yup, actually I get to know from my confinement lady. She included 'mok yee' in my sesame oil chicken dish. I like it so much...;) for 1st 2 weeks, I took a lot, she said that it can help me to clear my womb. and I realised that, after I ate, my blood come out like "pieces"...and actually about 1 week, my period is totally "clear" ...
  14. <<<<Oxford, I wanted to use finger too but really scared to hurt her. Nanny feed her 4-5 oz water from 10 - 6pm.. is it too little? I feed her abt 2 oz more at home at night when i feed her solid i think.. this is in addtion to bm. she's also always hot and sweating. I dont know why..>>>>>>>> zeroflower, I don't know the exact amount of water should a bb drink per day. what I do is I observe my son "pee" and how frequent he pee....if look yellowish & very thick means not enough water taken. (advice from my mum as experiences bbsitter). did ur bb active move around? my son is hyperactive type, very kasar type, running here & there not walk slowly1 at home. my son also very easy hot & sweating type even during sleeping time. my mum ask me try to taste his sweat. if salty means not good...ppl say "mao len han" (in mandarin). so usually midnight, will give him some water even he is sleeping to avoid he loss water a lot....
  15. zeroflower, I would like to share my experiences where my son have the same problem even now he was 17mths. My son also fully BM bb until 1 yr and started solid food when he around 7 mths. He never have any constipation before I start solid food. Somemore his body foundation is "heaty" type. Easily get heat & warm…. So must make sure he drink a lot water and juice everyday, if not he will suffer…A few times, he have this problem, the stool stuck at the "door" , he cant push it out & crying , bleeding, I have no choice and use my finger slowly and softly help him dig the stool out…. when I intro FM, He has this problem too. Very pity him…I need to try and error until I find out FM with "suit" to him..…and I realized that he can't take "expensive" FM such as enfaXX, MamilXX, PediXX…., he either have constipation (2-3 day go toilet) or diarrhea (very watery & > 2 times/day). End up, he only drink DL (every day). Besides, I need to observe every single stuff he eat. Eg: pumpkin is very good but he can't take it, if he ate pumpkin, his stool very dry and hard. He also cant take pear/apple, he will coughing. Every human have different kind of body, same as adult… So, suggest you try start with semi-solid, then only go to solid and make sure your bb take enough water ie. drinks, juice, soup….
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