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  1. Where can i have simple helium balloons delivered in KL? Hopefully the price will be reasonable. TQ
  2. Hi nicole i like the painter contact too. Thank you. frost_french @ yahoo.com
  3. Hi, I too want iron grill for my main door of the house. I live in cheras, can anyone recommend any good person that able to do it? Thank you. Much appreciated
  4. Anyone been to or celebrate their wedding in this hotel? I will like some updates of this hotel.
  5. Aisumomo, may i have the link too. TQ TQ TQ frost_french@yahoo.com
  6. Congratulation phm may i see the DIY stuffs too? frost_french@yahoo.com Thank
  7. Hi Kathy, Mind to share the templete with me too? frost_french @ yahoo.com Much Appreciated, THank You
  8. Chihuahua, can you email me the quotation too? Or anyone who can forward the quotation from Chihuahua to me? Much appreciated. frost_french@yahoo.com
  9. sOulz, Congratulation for having a great wedding dinner in Crowne Plaza. I went to check out the Windows on KL room, have to say the views are great. But how's the L-shaped ballroom? Does it affect the guests?
  10. May i know where can i find this head pieace or similar in KL. thank you
  11. meliss@, where u mtm both yr gowns? got pics to share? I like to mtm my WG too.
  12. secretgarden, frost_french@ yahoo.com tQ
  13. secretgarden, congratulations! how many tables did u have in the Xin restaurant? I went there for dinner b 4, it's a huge place. I plan to have 20 tables. Can u message me the quotation too? THanks
  14. Ladies, can we buy Spanx in Kuala lumpur?
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