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  1. sorry i'm not competitor of any studios. if so i won't do such stupid things to caused my competitor suffer like this.. once again.. this studio REALLY expensive..
  2. quote name='beautifulgown' date='Aug 18 2008, 07:27 PM' post='200512' Jyhyung, hehe .. I can see that you are still mad about this BS :P calm down .. calm down, no point to get mad with this type of dirty biz man, they won't know as well, if they know they won't care too, as long as $$ masuk their pocket, they don't care anything. oh ya i forgot i have said it is ok with that.. should calm down myself.. thanks
  3. Ya that's true. The softcopy cost at RM700/photo. XXXX..... imagine RM700 x 21 pieces = RM14,700.00 (can buy a professional camera and hire a camera man take pictures for you); RM700 x 30 pieces = RM21,000.00 (can buy a pro camera and go honeymoon); RM700 x 200 pieces = RM140,000.00 (can buy a pro camera and bring a long camera man to where you honeymoon and take as much pictures as you like). Crazy businessman...
  4. Aiks my wife from west malaysia also don't like the food here.. she only likes a few.. what she says Ka chang ma taste like the chinese medicine to relief sprain or what so ever. (tit da jau in cantonese)
  5. Hi Gals, Long time didnt post anything in this forum. As you all know , I was working with one of the BS in KL b4, still cant help to read this forum though. Dont worry, I'm not representing any BS now. :) I think my advise below might help, to all the brides-to-be: 1). We cant compare the 4R printed in a lab with the 4R that you buy from a BS, WHY? Bcos you are buying the copyright, the skill of the photographer and the make-up artist. So it is expensive, and we know it from the very first day we check-out the package. If the price of additional photos are cheap, which means, we should be worry about the quality of the photos instead. Why so cheap? Bcos.......u think about it yourself. (A price of a original CD and the one in pasar malam also is a huge different.) 2). The payment terms, as what I read, are the standard. 30% upon confirmation, 50% upon gown fitting, and fullpayment upon shooting. It is standard, some even ask for fullpayment upon signing up. Well, if you are not okay with the terms, sign one which you are okay with the terms. This should not be a matter as long as the SA keep you inform b4 signing up. As long as I know, no BS will allow too much hanging balance, why? BS are other suppliers' customer also, BS also need to settle payment. : ) 3). Additional pictures, again, make sure the SA inform you regards the price. If you think it is too expensive, then find one BS which you think is okay. But of course, the more you buy, the cheaper you get. One of my friend, she bought around 100 pcs, the one piece is at RM 75. Always check the price and the payment terms b4 you sign up. Which I believe everyone of us will do rite? All the best, Bride-to-be, try not to be too tension, relax, and you will enjoy, sometimes things will not be as what we plan, but what to do? We can always work out the best from a worst situition. Good luck cheers. :)
  6. Now the manager ask me pay the full amount when the album is ready.. BUT our trading not yet end.. Usually other studio let customer pays the full amount after the wedding, means after car decoration, make up and gowns. BUT TOUCH WEDDING ARE DIFFERENT... they ask me pay them full amount after shooting.. after nego they also reply this is COMPANY RULES... XXXX... i went returning them the gown the other day (after came back from west malaysia, cos my wife is from west malaysia) , the manager ask me pay him full amount while the album is ready, i said y i have to pay you full amount while our trading not yet end. HE AGAIN REPLIES THIS IS COMPANY RULES... that's mean they are always cheating.. they use COMPANY RULES to force you pay the money.. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!
  7. Note: THINK TWICE BEFORE SING UP WITH TOUCH WEDDING. Last month i went touch wedding for enquiries for my wedding use. At first, the manager introduce me so much good things about the company and then he intro me 2 packages that is RM2988 and RM3988. So i signed up a RM2988 package cos the manager give us some offers (which is only add in a horoscope magazine which is specially for me and my wife, add more photos, upgrade photo sizes including frames and DVD video). Then they quickly ask me pay RM1000 for deposit, i was thinking to scold them y have to pay so much for the deposit. i just calm down and said i did not expect to pay so much for the deposit and i have not enough cash right now, then the manager and other staff replied: you can go withdraw cash now at the nearest ATM or you can pay by Credit Card. i was so dumb at that time and just pay by credit card (yet still charge for RM20 for using credit card), cos my wedding is kinda close, so i don't care so much. After taking 300 plus photos, they quickly give us the invoice which is RM1988. so we're quite angry and told them we haven't get anything yet but have to pay full amount. we're just finished taking our photos and need to pay full amount. RIDICULOUS!!! then they said this is our company laws. what the heck they didn't tell us earlier and never show us the company rules and regulations. I told them i didn't bring so much money and they replied the same again ask me go cash out from ATM. I'm frustrated and just pay them RM1488, so only left RM500. The next day they call up to choose photos, so we're only allow to choose 21 pieces photos out of 300 plus photos (really hard to choose). We've chosen so much photos which is more than 21 pieces. BUT THE STAFF TOLD ME EXTRA PHOTO HAVE TO CHARGE RM142 which is DAMN expensive. (RM2988/21 = RM142). crazy business tactics. THAT'S OVER CHARGE. But it's ok we're just more FRUSTRATE. so we ask the staff what is the cost for the extra photo which not put into the album (just 4R size photo). and it COST RM25 per piece. i was shocked and ask y it is so expensive, the staff said cos they need to charge for the labour cost and whatever and the 4R will be laminate with a piece of protector. so i just agree cos the pictures are really nice. The staff again directly ask me PAY RM200 for extra photos (RM25 x 8 = RM200). I told him i won't pay any cents once i have not got my album and other services, then he argue with me said this is company law and bla bla bla.... i just don't care and walk away after comfirming my photos. we're quite disapointed with the result of 4R photos, cos they promised me to have laminate with protector for each 4R but they didn't and argue they didn't promised. YET THE 4R ONLY COST RM0.40 MARKET PRICE. I just calm down and ask them if it is possible to add in these 8 extras photo to our DVD video since i purchased it. THE ANSWER IS "NO" no matter how i beg them. Yet also me and my wife have already chosen the cover for our photo album, few weeks later then they just told me the cover we choose is not available. I told them please complete our photo album as soon as possible so we could catch our time. the next day they call up again and said the last cover we've chose also not available.. (WHAT A LOUSY WORKMANSHIP AND WORST MANAGEMENT). Wasting my car fuel and my time.... ALL THE COUPLES OUT THERE.. PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGN UP WITH TOUCH WEDDING... the summary of their disadvantages: 1. extra pictures add in to album are very EXPENSIVE, RM142 per piece; 2. lousy workmanship; 3. no customer flexibility; 4. Invoice come to you at every visit; (money face, as if we will runaway) 5. the gowns so smelly; (might have not wash properly, the smell of armpit) GROSS 6. will break promise sometimes; better copy down every single thing they promised. 7. charges very expensive; 8. photo taking poses are similar to others; (square mind) 9. slow processing; 10. cannot meet customer needs; 11. they are always right; 12. customer always wrong; 13. company too much rules and regulations; (that's their tactic) 14. extra pictures for not add into album cost RM25 per piece; (ONLY ORDINARY 4R PHOTO, RM0.40 per piece market price) SO THINK BEFORE YOU SIGN!!!
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