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  1. One of my girl friend told me she attended some gov functions there before... food was quite okay, but feel like quite Malay lor... especially that area... anyways haven't heard from anyone else about the weddings <_<
  2. Hey gals... I have visited the place last Saturday. The ballroom looks quite grand, it's new and nice. But I have bad impression on their client serving part. I've made an appointment with the Catering Manager to view the place but he asked me to look for his colleagues instead coz he won't be around on that Sat. And he gave me the hp no. of his colleague. So we went on time as scheduled and tried to look for this guy. But we couldn't find him even with the help of the receptionist. So ended up another female sales person came down to 'entertain' us for a while. She told us this guy that we're supposed to meet up did not turn up for work ... She led us to the ballroom and briefly told us about the packages. Then she said that she has to go coz she has no time, need to rush for her own appointment... <_< We didn't even get the brochures or anything like that... she asked if we brought our own print out of the packages... So although the ballroom looks nice and grand, we were kinda put off by their client servicing 'efficiency'... we don't want to mess with our big day! sigh...
  3. Thx fusionista for this great idea/website!!! I'd love to do one for mine too... this MB is really really good man... no regret in joining!
  4. I thought of doing that... morning 'jip sun leong', then tea ceremony, then rest for a while (as if i'll have time to rest), then go to the hotel to prepare for the ROM & dinner... my only concern is it'll drag till very late, coz u know lar, being Asians, said 7pm they'll probably come at 8pm so by the time we finish cocktail session & ROM, think the dinner will be served at 9+... sigh... maybe I should go back to the traditional way of doing it i.e. separate the ROM & dinner... <_<
  5. Hey gals, Want to get some ideas/opinions from you gals... Have seen my colleague's wedding in Singapore whereby she had her ROM just before the wedding dinner start. They marched in the ballroom and went up to the stage to sign the papers & exchanged their vows. She said it only took her a good 15 minutes to do that. And by doing that she said she can have all her guests to be their witness. Cool right? But hor... don't know if this is practical leh... and how much is it to have the registrar on site ar? Do you think the hotel will charge for this ar? Has anyone attended any similar wedding dinner before? Many thanks for sharing! :)
  6. Hi everyone, Anyone know about Best Western Premier Seri Pacific? It was formerly known as Pan Pacific KL. I've got the quotation from them but I'm not sure about their environment, food, settings etc. Hope you gals can share some experiences & opinions. Many thanks ya~~
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