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    Concorde Hotel, K.L

    hi, you guys can actually get the quotation from their website. http://kl.concordehotelsresorts.com/weddings.htm
  2. Hi shirey, Thanks. Do you know how much they cost? Hi aspen, I saw it at Daiso shop at The curve. It is the small roses with red n pink color em... I think one pack consist of 12 pcs small rose candle.
  3. Hi guys, anyone know where i can find red rose floating candles in kl? pls help! -Aspen-
  4. Hi guys, Anyone know where i can learn how to bake in KL? I'm hoping to learn how to make and decorate cupcakes so i can make them as wedding favors for my wedding. I wonder how long i need to learn to be able to do that.. haha :) Pls help.
  5. Hi i'm interested in the cupcakes you mentioned, can u pm me the details and pictures. thanks hi Cherries, the jenny's cake house that u mentioned,isit located opp sunshine square? a corner house? i saw another mention of jenni cake house in another website.dunno whether it is the same jenny??? but i want cupcakes lor. Hi Cherries, I had my wedding dinner last month. Just share with you on my simple cupcakes... I ordered around 200+ cupcakes from TipTop in SP. I like the cupcakes very much. if you wanna see the photos, leave your email here, i can send to you.
  6. Hi lovewedding, i've sent u the pics as requested. cheers! Hi Aspen, Is it still available? Please email the pic to my email at eeley1227@yahoo.com Thanks
  7. hi ladies, i've already sent the pics to your email.
  8. hi cutevb19, wat's ure email again, i misplaced it and i donno how to retrieve it from mb. hehe
  9. Hi cutevb19, i should be choosing d gown in mid april. ps will be in august.
  10. hi miracle hoper, don't worry too much.. what's done is done right? just don't let them have a chance to bully you. Customers are alwez right.. hehe. i've already signed up so i've decided not to worry abt that just have to stand firm on what was agreed on. Screw them up if they screw up . then end up saying .. "i should've listened to that forum, this just proves how horrible EA really is!!" . just hope that works la.. if not, we just contribute an additional bad experiene to this forum. haha!! who knows, maybe is not as bad as it sound? i hope so la
  11. hi kathy, so you wore the kwa with the white veil to chut mun is it and then just cham cha when u arrive at the groom's place? do you have any pics with you in the morning chut mun? hehe looks nice from your pic but not very clear coz background is red ..
  12. hi ladies!! that's a good idea with the veil.. hehe can consider. davinci, i'm also moving to my own place after the wedding meaning i will chut mun to my FH's family house where there's a room la but we won't be staying there when we're married. why cannot one ar? have to stay in that room meh? now i'm stressed... :wacko3:
  13. Hi cutevb19, i signed up in jan, rachael attended to me. seems fine for now. but after all these comments i hear from this forum i'm worried. abt the vip collection, i was told i can choose anything from the rack. the only difference is some EG are for photoshoot only and the rest are for rent out for the AD. so no.. i haven't heard anything abt the vip collection. shucks! stressed :wacko3: i'm so going to give them a piece of my mind if i feel like i've been tricked!! hehe..
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