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  1. Fuhh.. so long time didnt online to this site already.. hey girls.. how are you all?? just wanna to let you all know, i still interest in buying lampe berger essential oil.. anyone still wanna stock clearance can pm me the price that you can offer to me.. and.. please let me know the type of delivery too.. thank you.. have a nice day..
  2. orh, cooking oil.. haha.. oil+ salad a good idea oso.. hehe.. i hv a try when i pregnant for my fourth baby.. :P thank you.. :)
  3. Virgin Olive Oil? buy from where? izzit really good effect? my tummy's strech marks already become silvery gray llines.. izzit still got effect on me? i got heard about the Bio-oil too (from the tv advertisement).. :P the cream got weird smell or sticky mah?
  4. My strech marks no cure dy.. :( But i have a recommend for u all lar.. :) My friend, Angel, she now had pregnant for bout 6 month over dy.. I hear somebody say Amway Allano Lotion can prevent the strech mark too, so i mah recommend her lor.. Last month when i meet her, she tell me that the lotion quite OK wor.. She say some time the stomach is itchy, then no itchiness after she apply on the lotion.. I dunno lar.. Thats she tell me.. U all want try mah try lor.. Dowan try oso up to u.. A bit details about the lotion are below: **Anyone got interest can pm me lar.. ;)
  5. it increase appetite rite..? i also want to try it somedays.. for my family.. i have very good appetite dy.. dont want try by my own ler.. hehe.. :P
  6. Hmm, u all rite.. As long as i'm happy and thats is important.. Who care what they are talking bout.. Haha.. Choose to continue work hard..? Or juz let it maintain as usual..? I had some network customer dy.. But till now are not yet get any HOT downline to fight together with me.. :( Its nevermind to sacrifice my weekend for it, but my hubby dont want me work so hard.. :P He say: "for what u make u so tired? now no money to spend? no money to buy milk? or no money to buy eat? ". So, my network not going up and also nothing happen.. coz i no move even on wekkend.. sometimes i can get a few bonus lar.. but juz enough to eat a meal.. haha.. my upline say:if i dont move, i'm wasting my time.. but they promise me they'll help me build my networking.. i never said that i want to fight.. i juz say i wan to try.. but they seem like not understand my meaning.. <_< finally.. i choose to run the biz when i feel that i want to fight.. let it there if i'm busy with my family.. i got a good job.. although its only a thousand a month, actually its really enough for me.. juz let it to become my tools to earn experience lor..
  7. i like this word and agreed with it.. actually i never think to make FAST money.. i juz want to try to earn RESIDUAL income that they tell me.. izzit silly.. haha.. :P i'm come from poor family.. sometimes what they are telling are touch my heart.. bout my DREAMS.. bout my future.. B) may be coz of this i decided to continue this biz eventhough i know its may be will wasting my tme.. juz hope to have miracle.. haha..
  8. ya.. i agreed too.. usually plump girls didnt have strech mark during pregnancy.. :P i'm planning to have my 4th kid some more year.. but, i dont want to eat more and grow fat ler.. later will it can not maintain back the weight before pregnant dy.. :( furthermore, it already leave scar at my stomach, so growing fat also no use dy.. haha.. may be i could have to try any product to lighten the strech mark lor.. <_<
  9. erm, may be gua.. but the one i know, before i get pregnant, i'm very very thin.. my breast juz like the 'air port' only.. haha.. after pregnant, all become bigger.. luckily, my size doesnt become fat after pregnant.. :P somemore, i dislike vegetable.. so may be coz of less vitamin gua.. :P Clarin's strech mark cream? where to buy? izzit expensive?
  10. hmm.. ic.. MLM company.. many are not agreed with them.. may be i'm still new to this society.. so i dunno too much about it.. i think i need to consider more whether to continue this biz or not.. but, i still think that their product got good effect on me lor.. continue using its product no problem gua?? :P something i'm curious is, why there is still got ordinary people can success by running this MLM biz? what i been heard is, there is a durian seller, that only study till standard two can be the higher achiever in Malaysia. all only the creation story?
  11. strech mark.. ishh.. so sad.. i have a lot.. breast, stomach, and back side.. leave scar dy.. :( i'm still young when i pregnant for my first baby.. so, many thing i dunno and i feel hard to ask people.. then, i have been ask my MIL and my mum after some time, they never put any lotion (old generation people where got use that).. but, some friend tell me that their pregnant sister got put on some cream to prevent or reduce strech mark.. so, i go buy and try lor.. i use till i pregnant for 5 month plus, i thought nothing happen then i stop dy.. who noe.. after 6 month and over, the strech mark come out dy.. wuaaaaa.. so regret.. :( then, i never care bout it when i pregnant for my second and third babies.. i feel that the 'old' strech mark wont disappear also whether i got care for it or not.. <_< izzit rite..? any recommend for 'old' strech mark problem? many people say no cure dy.. :( hope to get any share from u all neither for me nor others new mama..
  12. i'm new to this company, Amway.. its juz my part time only lar.. :P i'm using their product for some time, i feel quite good.. i very support it and like to share it with others .. :) but, sometimes i saw many web article write bad bout this company.. my heart get 'down'.. :( somemore, when i juz want to join, my MIL and other elder been say its wont let ur life get better.. i refused to listen to them and i want to try.. i always think that, "may be i can be the one who success".. so i join.. i join it becoz i hope to improve my life (beside to earn some extra income) and i agreed with prosumer concept.. izzit i'm only day dreaming..? i hope to get any share from u all bout this company and their product.. thank you..
  13. Forgot to wish all member Happy Merdeka !!! Tommorow no work, holiday.. Hehe.. Actually there is many type of using the aroma essential oil.. Some people using candle type one, and some are using ultrasonic diffuser like water_sakana.. and i'm using LB diffuser.. :) Its up to u whether which type of the method is suit u.. Last time i put in the diffuser in car too (for about 1/2 an hour then take out).. i dont dare to put in care after reading so much of article bout incident that happen bcoz of putting the diffuser in car.. :P
  14. lampe berger diffuser doesnt have smoke come out but its a steam.. the diffuser burn the aroma oil by more than 100° celcius then spread the smell.. if there is side effect for smelling aroma essential oil, i think it doesnt sold at almost every country dy bah.. not only malaysia, many country are selling different kind of aromatheraphy essential oil and its diffuser wor (not only LB brand, there is many other brand and burning method too).. :)
  15. ermm, lampe berger not candle type de wor.. its burn the aroma essential oil by its diffuser and spread the scent.. its depend on how serious is the people condition.. for me, i can saw the effect lar.. :) i use it because my children like to sleep late.. actually they are sleepy dy but refused to sleep early.. then, when i started join DCHL (now non-member dy..hehe..), i use lavender essential oil, its really got change my children late sleep de habit oo.. and my hubby also, he always cant fall assleep, after using it, he always the one who going to sleep.. haha..
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