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  1. Hi.. Any recent comment on TUK TUK catering? I was thinking to take this for my housewarming. Please share!
  2. I order nubian goat milk 1liter bottle for RM22.. slightly cheaper than their 200ml bottle.. my boy, now is 3 year old. After stop breasfeeding , got try some cow formula and then give pastuerize cow milk and full cream milk. Few month later, got terible cough and got alot of phelgm.. doctor said no sick.. Sigh! i seen my son suffer cough for few month and at night all of us also cannot sleep well. I have try alot of remedy and avoid alot of food that will trigger his cough.. Got one day, shopping at giant.. saw nubian chocolate goat milk... simple bought one for my son.. i surprise, he didnt cought that day... so i tot one of the remedy able to stop his cough... but the next day, cough resume as usual.. sigh.. and then think and think, most probably is the goat milk.. and i start do to more online research on goatmilk.. then i try few more time, and confirm my son got of effect of high lactose intolenrance. Cannot eat high sugar, high fat, and cold food.. goatmilk very expensive.. it is RM5 per 200ml compare to cowmilk RM5-6 per little... So i start to search for cheaper supply... Also try to search formula.. Karihome and other organic goat milk no suitable for my son because it contain sugar... i did let my son try the sample before... My son can drink HiGoat formula(without sugar)..
  3. Got an aunty taught me to put abit in chicken soon.. She said. is good because working adult (man & women) alway stay in air-cond (either office and home) and got "sap hei" (wet air). I also put one two slices of dang kwei when cook herbal soup for my son and hubby. So far no problem. Abit, is goodness, no harm... Not necessary to consume alot as over nourishing the body lead to body heatiness.
  4. Hi.. I brought my king size bed room set, sofa set with under storage, tv cabinet and few shoe cabinet from cavenzi. The quality, not very very good, also not that bad. But the design, is nice. So far , i need to add many extra nail at the end of my bedframe to support the mattress. The dressing table's chair also broken because i stand on it.. hahahaa.. I think, i'm too rude compare with the quality.. Also need to change many clothes rail's hood. Dont know why, but maybe over load . HAHAHAHA.. but i admit the price and the design is very good, except the quality.. So far, i have no problem with the sofa set with under storage, tv cabinet and shoe cabinet..
  5. Hi Doven. How long have u own the Sunshinne? The power is 1300w. I wonder how strong is the suction power. Have u try to use the turbo brush to vacuum your bed? Isnt alot of dust removed? Is there any air purifier function like others brand? Mind share you experience or review about it. It there any thing that you like and dislike about this vacuum? Many Thank..
  6. Anyone using any good vacuum other than Rainbow? Appeciates if able to share your experience..
  7. Hi .. I was actually, looking for a good vacuum.. Then comeacross the goodness of steam cleaner. I think another steam cleaner will futher more be very helpful to reduce my burden in house cleaning and less worry of run out of detergent. I got nose sensitive and need to avoid strong detergent.. My parents owned a osim steam cleaner but already dead and i never try it before. Steam cleaner is very difficult to get in malaysia... One of my friend reccommed rainbow and iThan I was thinking to getting one water filtration vacuum after the Rainbow demo. Rainbow got the steam function.. but too bad, it is extremely expensive and don't have the steam function that i'm looking around.. But the motor and water filtration function and the air purifier is very good. And now, i'm planing to get a water filtration vacuum first, which come along with turbo brush for mattress. Anyone using the following brand.. Please share your experience.. If you know of any other brand, please share also... 1) Delonghi water filtration vaccum 1800pet - wet and dry (price over RM1k++) 2) Sunshinne water filtration vacuum (tru amway) - wet and dry (price under RM1k++) 3) Katcher vacuum with filtration system - wet and dry (price <> RM3300) Beside that, i'm also looking for a steam cleaner.. so far, i'm able to get 3 brand that selling in malaysia. But still dont know which brand to choose.. 1) Karcher steam cleaner (<>RM2950) 2) Ariete steam vapori (different model from RM300++ to RM2900) Karcher got a a steam&vacuum cleaner.. it cost RM5500, Information that i get from reviews is.. the vacuuming function very noise.. and the machine is heavy (<>10kg) to carry arround, and cleaning bathroom , not really convenient.. It quite expensive.. with RM5500, maybe i can get a ariete multivapori steam cleaner, a delonghi water filtration vacuum and an i-robot..hahaha Thank..
  8. previously, i concern bpa also.. but after read this, less worry. http://www.bisphenol-a.org/ when bottle or teats wear off, just discharge
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