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  1. i had preterm contraction scare too... at week 31.. saw the doctor, there was no contraction during the time he monitored, plus no dilation and he gave me steroid jap... ultrasound showed growth of 4 weeks ahead, so even the baby was ready to kick and come out early, but i told him to wait till at least w36... around w33 had similar scare.. this time hubby decided i shd go back to my hometown with my mom... glad i did cos baby came out in w36. But hey i also know many people who have their baby after EDD even with the preterm labour scares
  2. Ash, thanks for sharing, i shall try it out
  3. do u mind sharing the massaging method?
  4. he is shanjeev :) the short version oso comes to sanju, so i am wondering how to find a nickname for him
  5. congrats! well when the pain is at its super-peak yr baby is out and everything gone... nature made is such way for the fruitful ending ;)
  6. sanju is quite different.. after baby came home (i was at my mom's place then) he was ok sleeping thru the night..during that period he was seeing my hubby once in 2 weeks or so.. cos of this whenever hubby is down visiting us, he behaved like super-glue with hubby... dont want to eat/bathe/play.. and now we are at MIL place... ever since we got here sanju has been waking up crying at night, looking for his dad... but now he sees myhubby daily.. so i am hoping his situation improves soon
  7. abt the blame, i was referring to getting me pregnant! :P i used to worry my NB will disturb my toddler's sleep.. it is instead the other way round.. for some reason sanju has been waking up at night crying, and needs his daddy to console him... while the NB getting irritated LOL i enjoy co-sleeping on the whole :)
  8. my kid was more into climbing onto his dad for hugging to sleep.. with me he will cuddle beside me... but there were instances when my boy used to sit on my tummy and jump as if i am some jumperoo for him... difficult to tell him off or scold... i would instead put him down and ask him to sayang my tummy by leaning his face on it.. and then if he still wants to jump on him, i let him sit on my lower abdomen, like just above the thighs and jump all he wants i used to be so stressed abt handling him during my pregnancy, but u know, it just came and we handled it.. most importantly dont get angry or hit him for that, cos it will make him feel even more 'less wanted' especially with the baby comng (i know it is easy to say, even i lost my temper a few times, but the key is always to try to get angry less) when at home with my kid, after 7mth onwards i stopped carrying him up the stairs.. we held hands and he would walk instead and we will count the steps together... but of course i did carry him at other time.. i think after 8th month only i stopped carrying him cos i was resting at my mom's hse now with the NB's presence, i let my son play near me while i BF.. and he like to sayang, kiss, and 'carry' baby.. i dont stop him. but he is in his terrible two, so when his mood is not right, he tends to hit the NB... sometimes NB will cry, sometimes he tak kisah.. hehe.. i dont scold my kid for it.. i tell him 'baby pain' and talk to him about it another thing... we co-sleep with NB & kid in the same room, we have queen bed and single bed put together... earlier used to worry if NB's crying at nite will disturb my kid.. but so far (did this for 3 nites) seems all ok.. *touchwood* dealing with a kid + baby is not easy, but not impossible either.. so hang in there.. i know i was spreading my worries and problems on this forum too... and learning to deal with it after sharing and getting advice from mamas here.. i might come back later for more support ;) and hey.. me too if hubby complain too much, i always scold him back on 'his fault' lol
  9. i hv to agree with Sharon... i might send my son to playschool for fun and making frens, but i dont want to start the pressure so soon i see no difference on the 'intelligence' level of kids who have gone for 2 or more years of kindy...
  10. i had premature contractions, and some other health issues due to anemic.. so i had tonnes of MC, and boss had to allow me to work from home.. i suggest u to get a 2nd opinion... chances are it is nothing to worry abt, at least u will get it off yr chest too
  11. both my babies were born before EDD (no.1 3 weeks bef, and no.2 4 weeks before) and thankfully for both i was working from home 1 month before delivery, in fact for no.2 i worked almost 3 months from home before delivery.. so ur maternity leave only start conuting once ur bb come out? my company does not allow work from home i guess.. now everyday i'm sitiing in the office surfing net n doing nthg as i've alr passed down my job to my backup.. makes me even more nervous n impatient.. it depends on yr company, most companies start maternity leave 2 weeks before EDD... not many will allow to wait until the day
  12. both my babies were born before EDD (no.1 3 weeks bef, and no.2 4 weeks before) and thankfully for both i was working from home 1 month before delivery, in fact for no.2 i worked almost 3 months from home before delivery..
  13. thats braxton hicks... contraction will be more painful, like period cramps, or even worse
  14. for my no.1 i was induced, and i had natural delivery.. and for no.2 i had natural delivery with quite short labour... having said that, if your medical condition needs c-sec, by all means go ahead... babies and mothers after c-sec also lead normal lives as natural ones :)
  15. i too wonder the same, have i tried enough? like u, i dont quite get along with my ILs, neither do i enjoy myself visiting them or even being around them.. there are so many differences in lifestyle, language and culture. But since ive married my hubby, it makes me a part of them, and i just try to gel along.. i say 'try' cos its not usually that easy. The evil side of me dreads visiting them... and i know my hubby realises it... just need to tolerate la.. as how my hubby tolerates my family (no one is perfect after all)
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