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  1. Dear 8den, I am sorry that this happened to you. I usually don't encourage separation but reading your post made me feel that you didn't deserve to be treated that way. Beauty is not everlasting, This man is a jerk for saying that he doesn't have feelings for you anymore just because your beauty is not up to par. It has been two months since you posted, I am not sure what is your situation now. But I would suggest that you move back to your parents with your child. Stay apart temporarily. In the meanwhile, do not dwell over this unworthy man. Go out and have some fun with 1-2 close friends. Show him that you can live your life without him. There will be two consequences: 1) If deep down he still love this family, he will regret what he ever said to hurt you and do whatever it takes to win you back. 2) If he didn't bother to win you back, which means this man is no longer worth all your tears and it is an assurance that it is time for you to move on. I wish you all the best and hope you have the strength to go through this. Whatever happen, hold on to your child. Based on my personal experience, child from single parent has a happier and healthier live compare to a child from a loveless family.
  2. Brand new wedding gown made of Duchess Satin. It is embroidered at the top with beautiful bead details. It is an A-Line cut. My friend had bought it for RM1,200.00 but as her aunt and bought her a new gown, she wont be using this anymore. :) So she wanna sell it at RM800.00. COD at Bandar Utama. I can do free alterations for you because I know how to sew. :) Photos: Photo0315 by SaeWei C, on Flickr The real color..Light Ivory Photo0316 by SaeWei C, on Flickr The full dress..
  3. Hi Hannie, Easier way is to handsewn on lace patches and then sewn on crystals and beadings on it. It will look prettier. This is ac example of how patch lace will look like http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8jMQ2krhJcw/T784W6dt2wI/AAAAAAAADKY/Q1UN6JKD4Ao/s1600/Lace+cheongsam+qiapo+chinese+collar+see-through+transparent+netting+patch+lace+sweet+heart+chest-line+silver+beading+sequins+crystals+red+matte+satin+cheongsam+by+I+am+a+bride+03.jpg If you need someone to do it for you, feel free to contact me at 017-2401891. :)
  4. Hi frogzee, Have you found a seamstress? If not, I can alter your wedding gown for you. Im staying in Bandar Utama and has been working as a designer in bridal boutique for a few years. You can call or text me at 017-2401891. :)
  5. Hi, I can do this for you if you are still interested, pls call or text me at 017-2401891. I am working as a designer in a bridal boutique for almost 5 years. :)
  6. Nicole's mom, Ya, now that you mentioned ity, our moms are really like sisters. Sometimes I really wondered, what had I done in my past life to deserve such treatment from my own mother. My mom had once again threatened to go back to her hometown for good. I've just started working for 1 month. So this time around, I am not gonna plead her to stay, she can go anywhere she wants.l She said she wanna find a job and earn her own money, I just think to myself, "go ahead and work, then only you know that money does not come easily" My husband will be asking his boss if he is allowed to work from home since he is in the IT line. Hopefully his boss is kind enough to understand our situation..
  7. Dear girls.. I had a mix feeling reading through everyone's problem with their moms. I am glad to know that i am not alone but a same time heartbroken, because I don't understand why our own mother could treat us like this. My mom exploded again this morning at 6am. Shouting at my room door, asking me to buy her the train ticket back to Penang. Said no need to buy return ticket because she is not planning to come back, bla bla bla. I also dunno why she suddenly like that because she was perfectly fine before going to bed last night. I am sick of all these stupid dramas. Damn!
  8. there's this new shop in Sunway Giza Mall called Belles & Tuxes. They have a lot of gowns and dresses. Suits and Tux also got. very big shop. summore now got opening sale..i bought my mom there and got a long chiffon dress for rm299 only..
  9. Dear girls, I would appreciate it very much if you girls can give me some advice on what I am facing now. I have a 2.5 years old son. He is very active but still doesn't know how to speak. He has been taken care of by my mom who is staying in the same house with us. All these while, my mom has got a DIVA attitude and she doesn't like my husband. Some example, she will scold me on the phone if I am late from work. Because she would wait for me to go home from work to cook dinner. She doesn't cook (she only cook once in a blue moon when she got the mood) and doesn't do housechores. All my mom does are bath my baby and feed him with food and milk. But I will take over when I am at home. But she still complaints a lot over petty petty things. Instead of discussing it like an adult, she will use profanities instead. In front of my husband and son. And things got worst recently, might be due to menopause, but it got worst. To the point that she is being unreasonable and unbearable. And last night, we got into a huge argument over my baby's photos. I took a photo of my baby bathing and posted one photo in Facebook. The photo just showed my baby's upper body as he was sitting in the basin. My mom saw the photo and went berserk. To the point of locking herself in MY office to delete the photos off my laptop. After that she DEMANDED that I delete the photos from my camera. I hesitated because I don't see any harm in taking these photos. It don't even show my baby's genitals. I can delete it from Facebook but to delete it from my camera was nonsense. But she kept on scolding me and like usual, all the foul words were thrown in my face. And we ended up in a huge argument. After that, she threaten to go back to Penang for good. And we were left with two options.. a) send baby to a daycare center/babysitter b) quit my job, take care of my baby myself and at the same time become a babysitter to generate income. Even if my mom doesnt go back in the end, I want to have a backup plan so that we won't be relying on her and have a backup plan the next time she threatens to leave. What do you do if you are in my shoes? Thank you for your time..
  10. Dear mommies...I will be buying Desitin diaper rash cream from US. The price is around RM30 per tube (4 o.z). Anyone want to tumpang?
  11. Hi girlss.. Any mom knew about this paed in TTDI?
  12. Just sharing my thoughts ya.. I brought my 21 month son over to a free trial Gymboree class a few weeks ago. I find that their play class is not really that useful and most games played are quite extreme in my opnion. They encouraged toddlers to climb up to high places and then slide/jump down. Although it is protected I still find this type of activities dangerous! What if my son imitate the same action and jump down from the table/bed. The floors in our house are not padded! It's like we spent all our time teaching our children not to climb up climb down, scared they fell down and hurt themselves. But it was the opposite in Gymboree.
  13. if we have to pay first then only can apply to withdraw EPF, means EPF will issue cheque under applicant's name?
  14. what is the meaning of sub-sale house?
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