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  1. Dear KG brides, I took my PS on end of June.My PG is Small Sam and MUA is Christy.They are very nice and funny. I am still choosing my photo. After 3 weeks of my PS only I get my CD. Luckily my AD is on Dec. So I still got time to choose the pics.. Hmmm..Maybe I put high expectation on my PG..so when I first get my CD I found that I cant choose 60 poses for my album.but after my fiance share his opinion with me..Then I only found that Small Sam did catch some very nice photo :P Lychee, Pls PM ur PS to me...Thanks a lot :)
  2. Hi Fish, Thanks for your info... I enjoyed during my PS.... so u need to bring de following: 3. nude bra / silicon bra ( better buy outside, only RM30-40 for 1 set, i bought during promotion only RM20, no need spend much if u only use for PS & AD only, now i also throw a side only. i got fren bought RM200 1 set for silicon bra,not worth loh), mUA will wear for u at there, so no worry.they know to push up for u. I bought it from KG, RM60 7. RM60 for 2 bottles ampoulse pay to MUA by cash. 1bottle for u & him. MUA said 2 bottles for me n 1 bottle for him.how come i need more one?haha... 8. did ur manicure for finger nails 1-2days before, u may do those simple french manicure also can if not ur photos shown ur fingers not nice u will feel sad. I did simple french manicure. But duno can see it in photo mou... Can u PM ur link of ur wedding photo to me? TQ
  3. hi hi, Pls PM me.. Thanks for sharing :)
  4. Hi all, I will take my PS on next Tuesday.Hopefully everything will be good :P Wat should i prepare for it?
  5. Hi adkate01, sorry for late reply. The 10 years saving plan is a whole life plan. U need to pay premium for 10 years.u can choose to receive the $$ on 11th years onwards or 20th years or 25th years. Can u PM me ur email? thanks ....
  6. Hi gal,can u PM me ur link?Tq
  7. Can u PM me ur pretty pics? I will have my PS with Sam n TongTong on next tuesday... A bit "kan cheong"....hopefully everything will be great ^^
  8. Hi Ivy, Mind to PM your pics to me? I am still thinking which photographer to choose in KG.
  9. Hi leng lui, Can u PM me your AD & PS photos? Thanks ya ...
  10. Can u share with me in PM? My BS is Keep Gallery also :P
  11. Hi Aisumomo, U r so lucky to get another free PS package.. My BS is Keep Gallery. I will take picture on June 09. So far their service is quite good. IV..I heard that it's already black listed by many of them few years ago. Anyway,can u share ur PS? my email : cindy_hy@hotmail.com Thanks ya...
  12. Anyone interested in Retirement / Education plan? There is a 10 years saving plan...
  13. Congrates Vivi...ur AD is really coming soon.How's your preparation? Actually i been to Concorde Shah Alam to have a look. There was a chinese wedding on that day as well. The decoration is quite nice. So how's your food tasting? If for Chinese Restaurant, next year Dec almost full already. So better look for the venue 1st... Thanks for your info again ^^
  14. Hi Vivi, How's your wedding banquet in Concorde Hotel Shah Alam? My AD is on next year dec.
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