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  1. Ladies, Im looking for urut lady in KL. Any recs?
  2. Ladies, please share with me your postnatal massage experience and contact details if any if it's good. TQVM
  3. Hi! This is my first experience on moving in a high-end furnished apartment. Any advice on the checklist I should have before I move in,as I am meeting the landlord to have a last inspection before moving in. What are the things I should look out for that should be there/ I should be careful about? TQ
  4. Saw an ad on newpaper on gold savings by citibank...Any experience with this too?
  5. Do be aware than formaldehyde, a toxic agent is present in nail polish. Make sure yours does not have so...only certain colours of OPI does not have formaldehyde. A lot of products used in manicure also contains aromatic agents which is carcinogenic i.e. cancer inducing. Just to share a knowledge:)
  6. naviakim

    Maid Services

    OMG, now cambodia maid also not good yeah. Anyone knows where we can get maid who only comes from 7 am to 5pm, no need to sleep over?
  7. MAC 1) Penultimate Brow Marker - Brown (3 available) RM 39 each 2) MAC LIPSTICK Color: WHAT A DO! (Frost) RM 49 each 3) MAC LIPSTICK Color: FRONT LIT (Frost) - 1 available RM 49 Each 4) Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss - 1 available Color: True Beige (15) RM 39 Each 5) Bobbi Brown LipStick (Creamy lip color) - 1 available Color: Twilight (45) RM 49 Each 6) Bobbi Brown LipStick (Creamy lip color) - 1 available Color: HoneySuckle (2) RM49 Each 7) Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow - 1 available Color: Shell (17) RM 48 Each 8) Bobbi Brown Metalic Eye Shadow - 1 available Color: Brown Stone (22) RM 55 Each 9) Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow - 1 available Color: Woodrose (33) RM 48 Each Price not including postage (RM6 by poslaju) Goods sold are not returnable / exchangable pm me if interested
  8. 1) Origins 'The Way of the Bath' Matcha Tea Body Soak. The efferverscent and purifying Matcha bath soak provides healthy refreshment for body and soul. (1 available) RM 149 Price not inclusive of postage (Rm8 by poslaju) Good sold are not refundable/exchangable. pm me if interested
  9. amyrylyn, hugs. at least I am not the only one in this bridal world to encounter this horror. Girls, i share the same ethics as amyrylyn. We do not xpose their name in the web not because we are scared, no. It is because we have ethics & values which are higher that those of our photographers. If we xpose their names here, then we are no different from them. Will PM u girls the names.
  10. Happi: i really need some tips from you. Questions: do you have a maid, if not how do you cope? Do you cook dinners? How about house cleaning? Who takes of kids when u r away at work? TQ
  11. Had my wedding which was beautiful, though the photographer marred the event. I shall not divulge too much on the details, but I would like to say that the photographer did not keep to his promise. When we payed the deposit, the photographer agreed to give complimentary 1 hour extra photography time as my wedding assignment challenges his photographic skill and he loves the challenge, but the day before the wedding, the office assistant calls us up to pay extra rm 400-500. When we asked the photographer,the only thing said was, I am just the photographer, usually the admin staff handles this, though in reality, he is the boss!! The best part is, wedding album only given to us after 6 months after lots & lots of chasing after them. After the wedding, we never get to meet the photographer to choose our photos, we were 'directed' to a young post SPM boy that edit our photo & album. We never got the see the photographer after our wedding night. As a 'compensation' for the late album, they say they will compensate with a framed photo, but the catch is, you still have to add rm 100? What is that?!! I was also recommended to a celebrity videographer by the same photographer. The videographer has videoed famous celebs' weddings. The videographer went uncontactable 3 weeks before my wedding though he has agreed on the job assigment (he went MIA when we want to give him the 50% payment) : call handphone, sms no reply. call office: used his personal assistant for the avoidance technique. Perhaps got a fat assigment from a celeb on our wedding day. My lesson to share is: be very careful with celebrity photographers & videographers
  12. Kindly drop a line if you know of any good sewing/handicraft suppliers within Klang valley with details as follows: Name of shop Location( since I am relying on my GPS, a complete address is very much appreciated) Phone number if available Thanks
  13. I have trusted a close family friend who promised will play piano for our reception in 3 weeks' time. Unfortunately, she backed out last minute. Therefore my fellow sisters, do not trust non-professionals to do the job...i learnt it the hard way. Anyone can recommend me an affordable and good pianist who is reliable?.TQ
  14. I urgently needs contact for an affordable pianist who can play for 45 mins. TQ. Anyone please help
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