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  1. I found after my period late for four days..and my instinct told me i might getting pregnant.. so just tested at home.. it shows double line.. :)
  2. I would suggest my MUA, Grace Wang. She did great job during my AD. I really love her make up and hair do.. You will not regret to choose her as your MUA.. even my cousin also choose her as her MUA during her AD.. :)
  3. Hi Linly, So sorry cos i just threw off all the invoices and doc last few weeks after AD cos my handbags very messy with all docs for wedding. What i can remember is my package is RM3k plus.. but at the end i did top up some pics, corsages, outdoor shootings (tanjung sepat) and etc.. End up about 5k..
  4. Honeynut, So far i deal with Sean/ Nick, i did remind them if any additional charge do let me know.. and they will said dun worry, we got no hidden charge unless i have special request which do not stated in the invoice during i signed up. For me i would say Jessica is better than the make up artist. As the make up artist show sour face during make up session.. maybe due to I was late for the make up session and she is not happy.. sigh..Anyway, i didnt blame her as she tried her best to make me pretty on PS day just that she did not show friendly face. For the gowns, I love my gowns much cos it makes me look thinner and elegant..
  5. I have just gone thru my AD. I would said BC provide me good service. They are helpful and friendly. So far i am satisfied with their service. I admit their price could be slightly higher compare to other BS but I got what I've paid for.. My friends and relatives comment that the good quality of albums, frames and even my gowns are very nice.. I guess if i choose other BS i would not have that nice gown .. with MTM designer's gown.. Thanks Sean! Besides, i would advise try to deal with Sean and Nick as both of them are friendly and helpful. As for Mr A, he is ok with me cos i didnt liaise with him much.. He is the one who set the PS date and PG for me.. others i tried to avoid further discussion with him.. hahaha Jessica is the one who serve me for gown fittings.. so far she is ok as well.. Maybe her face and the way she talk not so friendly but as long as I need any help she is willing to help.. eg. change colors for car deco last minute, match jewellery with my gowns.. i kept on change/ searching for a few types jewellery and veil, she is still patient with me.. and try to choose the best one for me.. Overall, i am a satisfied client..Thanks to BC's members!
  6. Finally my AD is over.. My PG is Eileen and you may see her job www.eileenelvina.com. I love her jobs especially for actual day fast edit and love story that she has done for my wedding.. Now waiting for the albums.. cant wait to see.. :)
  7. hi, pls email to me at angel_leen@hotmail.com Thanks
  8. Hi cutie, you're welcome! I've chosen my pics d.. now awaiting for the albums.. congrates to u too! :)
  9. How i wish i can stay near my parents.. Both of us need to fly only can see our parents.. I am envy those who can drive back during weekends.. sigh So far i only can meet my parents 3-4 times a year.. :((
  10. hi cutie, my pg was skills was good.. as he knows how to pose in order to hide our double chin.. haha anyway there are one or two copies that my eyes looks sleepy.. i am not sure it's due to the make up or the flash.. overall i satisfied with my pics.. :) I havent get my copy yet.. sorry~
  11. Hi RBC, I just got my softcopy for the chosen pics only with touched up. Those unchoose copy they do not give back as i didnt add much pics. The PIC said unless I choose certain limit (3k above) then only they gave all copies..
  12. Talk about unromantic hubby.. I have one 'kayu' hb too.. We have been dating about 8 years+ and by Nov will having AD.. Till now he also didnt propose even i told him i want proposal.. sigh.. So my jimuis already plan that must make him propose on AD.. hahhaa Actually after think now even have or dont have proposal not important d cos AD is near.. and the most important is he will be good hubby and good papa in future.. hehe
  13. Hi RBC, I am not sure also.. That's why i asked here cos i forgot to ask them that day.. sigh.. but at least i can have the chosen softcopy..
  14. Hi, I am interested in Plain white veil, 4m long, by Carven Ong @ RM100 and Short white veil with embroidery, by Carven Ong @ RM80 Please pm me the pictures. My email: angel_leen@hotmail.com Thanks
  15. hi girly, thanks for your info.Glad to hear tat. In that case i can ask for the softcopy.
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