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  1. Hi all, I just stumble upon this forum and als oin the dilemma of seeking fertility treatment. For sure, we want to seek treatment, but what treatment + at where is the question. My hubby has very bad result on semen analysis, in all count :( Supposedly, I am ok, unless I do a laproscopy to confirm. But from ultrasound scan + vaginal scan, all looks alright, menstrual cycle seems ok...had a "chemical pregnancy" 6 mths ago (blood test is positive, but no sign of baby + started spotting) which I tried to sustain (by taking hormones), and ended up bleeding for a few mths :( We are contemplating IVF (that's what doctor advise us), but I am also worried abuot the drugs + all the hormones, friends told me it will affect our body + it's bad for the baby too! Anyone heard of Golden Gate Fertility Centre in Puchong, supposed to be a chinese medical way to help ppl get pregnant, their pills are herbs based & no hormone. Anyone has any experience there to share? I am 34 this year, after reading through the trial mail, I am also worried whether I shd drag on further or just go for an IVF to speed up the process....yet, worried that I cannot handle the failure, if it fails....yeah yeah, try to be positive, but it's only natural for ppl like us to feel anxious... Really appreciate some comments/ sharing which can help in my case.....
  2. Brilliant! I love the pics especially on the flowing water, the water is so clear, the camera seems to be able to capture the flow of the water, amazing! I presume that is using analogue camera. Chun chun......
  3. Muhahaha, Sharene, no problem, take your time, though still very eager, my enthusiasm hasn't dropped even after long wait, very persistent ler... Usually MUA from bridal house a bit heavy, I think...I tried one MUA thinking the quality won't run as much, but the results turn out quite scary, I am glad I tried, will go on trying a few freelancer before deciding, anyone with good MUA for AD also can recommend me yeah....
  4. <A name=OLE_LINK1>Hi Hi! I am still on long holidays when everyone is back to work, paiseh J Sharene, Thanks a lot for all the tips, hope to see your photos soon (turnign into giraffe liao)….I am still considering whether analogue or digital, as WP told me for analogue, they will only give me the negative, and no softcopy!!! They also told me the effect is the same for analogue or digital….confused… Yeah yeah, their wedding gown is good, and agree that their dinner gown is limited. I am trying to look for a maroon red dinner gown for AD, still can’t find L Hopefully new stock comes in within the next few months, crossing my fingers. Yes, WP is one of the few that allows taking photos of the gowns, some BS doesn’t allow. Then again, better bring my hubby there to view & give opinion on the spot, haha! My AD is in May, WP advised to do the fitting in Mar, is that too late? The short video of making of PS is not a full day video session, but the helper will bring along the video-cam and take bits and pieces like when making up, when I drag the gown and walk, when the car arriving, when we hide below the shade/ waiting for rain to stop, when we change (they showed me a sample in Cameron Highland where they bring along the big white covers for the couple to change, in the middle of outdoor!!!) End product is just a few min video scene after editing. These are all samples they show me lah…. can be quite funny :P Jaskin, I am not sure whether this short video is a new introduction, or since when, but I signed up the package during the Christmas week in bridal fair in Mid Valley. My friend paid additional RM 600 for one full day video shooting in Vogue, Redbliss quoted me RM 1,000 (full day before nego). Then again, that’s full day lah…WP one is just bits & pieces, shdn’t be that expensive qua….
  5. Dear all....especially MTB, Happy 77 & Sharene, I am a bit late....seems like this topic quiet down in Dec....Can you please share with me the photos as well? My email is holahe@gmail.com. I am supposed to do my gown fitting next week then book date for PS soon.... I spoke to Jasmine, she seems nice. My package is RM 2,999, pretty similar with the rest, signed up during bridal fair:- - Can select all gowns except those on manequin - 6 gowns in total for PS but if I want to choose Ulu Yam, only 4 gowns in total without extra charge, same day - They ask me about analogue or digital, as they use both type of camera now. I thought of using digital, easier & faster + can look at the output immediately even during OD. Don't really know how to differentiate between the 2.... - Jasmine told me additional pose is only RM 35 mah.... - Short vidoe of "the making of our PS" - Slide show of the selected poses (50 poses) + the short video of the making of our PS - The softcopy of the selected poses Some questions: 1. Can anyone share with me where do you change in Ulu Yam or other outdoor locations? Is there proper toilet/ changing place or do I have to hide behind bushes? :) 2. Does the MUA follow to the outdoor location to re-do touch up etc? 3. Do they allow you to change to your casual wear for OD shoot? Ulu Yam sounds dangerous, I would rather to be in my jeans on those climbing scene :P I browse through the gown and thought it's quite nice, haven't done fitting, maybe it's limited like what some of you have mentioned....wish me luck next week! Thanks for the advice for bringing more matching shoes.... Looking forward to the link/ mails on your photo sharing yeah, tq tq!!!
  6. Hmm...I must say most ppl in this forum don't talk about Ever After, hence it's one sided negative comment on them. I will seriously consider all these comments before I decide. Thanks so much for the tips....did anyone use their wedding planner service?
  7. holah

    Le Meridien vs Ritz

    Anyone held their wedding in either in LeM or Ritz before? Care to share with me the good & the bad? I am looking at about 250 pax guests.....
  8. Gee, sounds really horrible, thanks for the advice. I met up with East, she seems very nice & friendly. We even chat online till past midnight....I guess look is deceiving....I don't plan to take their photography on actual day, just outdoor pre-wedding & wedding angel services. But so far I haven't hear of any good review on them yet. Guess this is really a warning sign on the quality of their services.....
  9. Hello! Has anyone use Ever After in SS2 before? - How's the wedding planner service? - Are they honest or do they mark up the price of the vendors? - How are the gown selection, and pre-wedding packages? - How is their working attitude? Overall, would you recommend using Ever After? I am looking for a one stop centre that provides everything, and it seems like they fit my criteria....but I am very nervous and hope to get some feedback, all opinions are much appreciated.
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