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  1. I have a copy of my wedding reception program. If you want you can email me at sheryl.phang@gmail.com I can forward to you. =) So you all will know how things float by =)
  2. Samantha, sorry dear, not making to sell. but its easy to sew the alphabeth =) if u r talking bout the bear, i din sew the bear. =p cheers!!
  3. I am sure things will be going smoothly and well. I have the similar problem on my wedding day. The ballroom was booked for few days straight lot and my decorator needs the hall in advance to deco but the noon event only ends around 4.30pm, and i have drapes to be hung to the ceiling!!! but luckily the company that holding the event on the noon doesn't mind my deco to hang the drapes one day in advance. thank lord!!! else i was so worried my wedding night will be ruined. and they manage to settle all the arrangement of table in just 1hr n 30mins....of coz my hubby went to check on them that whole time so no error for the numbering of table and they provided xtra man power to arrange. same goes to my decorator, xtra manpower to settle the whole ballroom. Just stand by one person in charge to look over them during the prep. I am sure things will go well...they are used to doing it...
  4. i can live without them. hence, zero contact. has been more than a year now and going strong. for me, once, twice, and come the 3rd time, they'll get it from me like a M16. SALUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I sew the alphabeth n hang it on the stand as to divide the bride & groom side on the reception table. =) Additional wedding bear forever friends to indicate to those elderly that doesn't know english =)
  6. Indeed Mrs. Gan is a wonderful lady that will do her very best to make a beautiful cs/gown for everyone. My wedding falls a week after CNY and she is going for vacation during CNY, then I could only come back 3 days before CNY despite she still rush for my cs alteration and done a great job! I love her workmanship. It is really a great CS!! I love the cs very much!! Everyone adores it on my wedding dinner. Will definitely seek for her again to make gowns when my sister in law get marry.
  7. Dear Crystal, yup, he is kinda busy nowadays. i am sure he will reply you as soon as possible. you message him via phone? do you wanna drop a mail to him too?
  8. leongal, nail art is patterns drawn on ur nails. look more exotic~ haha
  9. hi leongal, as long as you and your hubby is comfortable with it, i don't see any obstruction to it. =) congratz!!!
  10. Best as what mentioned, do it the day before your ROM. Best effect for photos outcome. ^^ I done mine a day before my ROM and AD. =) Just nice as left a few hours to the actual ceremony so not much of handwashing. Must washed your hair before you do your nail or go to saloon to wash your hair after having ur nail done.
  11. Hi bbs, I will recommend Sunny from Perfect Moments. Just had my wedding last Saturday, We had surveyed a few videographer earlier and attracted to his work and he is real friendly with open minded to accept suggestions and also to offer suggestions. No regrets engaging him as our videographer. if you want his contact, pls kindly PM me. all the best in seeking!!! congrats in advance!
  12. Crystal, Yes as John recommended William, he is really a great emcee. I just had my wedding last Saturday. He has done a great job!! He gave us lots of suggestion and made our night a memorable night. He also gave us a surprise agenda without us knowing it and it was really great!!! Definitely no regrets engaging him as our emcee. He has coordinated our night very well and it went smoothly without failed!!! Thumbs UP!!!
  13. Hie everyone!!! Skye~~ My wedding went very well!!! Absolutely unforgettable!! Everything went very smoothly! Everyone enjoyed well that night! Everyone was surprised and fascinated with the decoration!! Credits to my emcee, William, for coordinating the whole night. And of course I felt like a princess that night!! Not to forget about the morning ceremony, everything went well!!! Great DKJ, both parents like her lots with her good speeches! Am still very excited with my wedding though it's already 6days ago!! HAha...!!! Looking toward for your wedding day to come, wanna hear your excitement after your BIG DAY!!! =) Am at Korea now enjoying my honeymoon with my hubby! Congrats to those newly proposed bride to be, enjoy the process of wedding preparation!
  14. My AD just finished on the last Saturday 12.2.2011. My compliments to Derek will be non stop~~~ make it short he is the best AD PG!! When we started looking for AD PG, we did look through a few portfolios and when we came by Derek's website, we didn't bother looking for others anymore as we fell in love with his artwork! And directly engaged with him regardless how much he charges. He is really great and friendly, all my families and friends likes him very much. He has really done a great amazing job!! I will definitely regret for not engaging him as my AD PG!!! But that will never ever happen to me!!! I will recommend the other brides to look at his portfolio and you will know what I meant!!! You will never regret engaging him as AD PG!! Once again I thank Derek for such wonderful job he has done on my memorable day!!!
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