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  1. puffylaine

    Park Royal

    Thanks for the info Wongmaro, could you post it up after u have taken the photo at Park Royal tomorrow please? Which thread are you refering to? because I can't find any pictures in the previous Park Royal thread, sorry I could have missed out on that thread. :( Cheers, Elaine
  2. puffylaine

    Park Royal

    Thanks Diana for the feedback. Actually i am in the same situation as you. Because currently i am in Perth and liaising with the hotels via email. Wanted to find out more before i propose to my family. Spoken to Amy as well, yeah agree with you, she is helpful in providing me the information, but still waiting for her to send me the pics =( and it will be great if anyone that have the experience of hosting their wedding there to share their thoughts. Cheers, Elaine
  3. puffylaine

    Park Royal

    Hi all. B) I am new here and wish to know more about banquet in Park Royal (Kuala Lumpur). Wonder if anyone has the decoration and set up pictures for the ballroom apart from the website to share with me. How's the food there by the way, anyone has any comment on it? Ty ty! Cheers, Elaine :) AD=17th of Jan 2009
  4. Hi, Dada, could you also send me the soft copy of the quotation, please? Thanks in advance and have a good day!! Cheers, Elaine :) By the way, my email add is teohelaine@gmail.com
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