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  1. :P shimily1314, haha..u r qualified to become a agent now... :P who take care of ue baby now?
  2. me too.. i heard that this product r effective..but do no can suitable for pregnant ppl..?
  3. haha..my due date is feb 08 but i still no ready yet......just beli beli baju baju baby only... :P thaks for the info here...
  4. this antie sounds good oo.. pls PM me her contact..thanks peiniehappy@yahoo.com.sg
  5. PM to me pls.. thanks.. peiniehappy@yahoo.com.sg
  6. hello, my cousin signed up a slimming package 2 to 3 years ago in Unisence at Times Square... but she told me she want to transfer to me (FOC)... Any 1 can tell me the branch phone no? cos times square 1 tutup liew..
  7. Hi myteddybear, hope i m not too late to share ur photos~ My friend also signed up the package with woshingtan coz she have RM1000 voucher... peiniehappy@yahoo.com
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