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  1. am desperately looking for this copy of the magazine and it has been sold out. If anyone can sell me their copy, will be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Pls pls pls help! THANKS!
  2. jetfynn, can see the other pictures at syuen?....have pm u...thanks
  3. jetfynn....what band is that...How much do they charge?
  4. thier ballroom is very small but the price is less than 1000/table, so if u have less than 30 tables, can consider this hotel
  5. yup...jetfynn.....pic looks gd...thanks again....sorry bout the typo mistake for yer name
  6. thanks for the pic, jetflyn but the pic doesn't really show the ambience/setting of the ballroom
  7. went to this hotel and the receptionist named Ismail was super rude...definately won't consider this hotel at all
  8. still am not 100% sure to take this place although the ballroom is nice cuz seems like everyone i asked have never been to a wedding here before....:(...can u guys help me ask around too
  9. just wanted to share more pics...fred, i hope i did it rite this time...the first pic a little too big, i know, but i resized the next 2 liow....can u delete your own msg once it is posted?
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