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  1. I've PMed both fiona and rosa. Please check ya:) zero Hi I'm interest with your car seat. how is the car seat condition? When u purchase it? Do you have pictures > Thanks , Fiona Goh
  2. Hi mummies I tried to post this in garage sale but the mods have still not approve my post and it has been a while . Actually I would like to let go of my girl’s Sweet Cherry Baby Child CAr Seat Booster. She refuses to sit in it now. This is how it looks. http://gubibaby.com/about/post/carseat-carrier-sweet-cherry/baby-child-booster-seat-grey/ But the one I have, the red color is brighter. Looks better. Condition: Very good condition. Guaranteed. Almost new. I started her quite late so she seldom uses the carseat. Price: RM180 ( I got it for RM230) Pls pm me or rep me through this post k. Thanks :)
  3. You might want to try this place: Happy start Kindergarten I went there recently to have a look and I found that I kinda like the concept. It's montesori based. There are not many students at the moment but the ratio is small according to the principal, Ms Ivy. The food is also quite good when I compare with the rest I surveyed. What I like most is there is cctv that allows parents to view what their kids are doing. The only this is it's too far from my place. but here's the contact if you want to visit the kindy. hope it helps. Tel :012 2623033 Address : No 90, Jalan Elektron U16/93, Seksyen 16, Denai Alam, Shah Alam. Selangor.
  4. I thought that I was alone too... I'm sorry so many of you have probs with yr mil/mom... I too have always thought of being SAHM but I just dont know if it'll be better..and neither do I know how to be one. Anyone felt that the world is just going way too fast? After my 2nd baby, I just feel that I cant keep up with my life. Non stop work, housework - washing & cleaning, travelling 4 hours to and from from work, taking care of kids, cooking, mom in law diagnosed with Cancer- in and out of hospital, car brake down, babysitter that's not helpful and loads and loads of other problems........to a point it's even affecting relationship btwn hb and me.. I think I'm going to be depressed soon..or maybe I am already depressed... it's really difficult to cope sometimes..sigh..
  5. I need to find another responsible owner for my rabbit which I've been keeping for 3 years +. My mil was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness and with my two year old n baby plus caring for mil, I just cant cope anymore...My tod is just too young to help me yet. So I feel bad cos I sometimes forget to play with it or feed it late. There is NOTHING wrong with the rabbit. It's perfectly fine. It's black, brown and white. I have a new cage for it and still have plenty of food which I'll give for free. I just need a good n loving owner who lives on a landed property (enough land for rabbit to hop around). If you'd like a per rabbit for yourself or older kids, pls pm me. thanks. *sorry mods. i posted in garage sale but no news so far*
  6. Hi Mabel.. just read this thread and found out that u've delivered. CONGRATS!!! It's great to hear n see pics of yr supply. I have so many friends who claim that mom who deliver premies will NOT have milk cos the breast are not ready (it seems the millk will only come after 36 weeks!) Keep up the good work. *pat on the back*:) Btw, I remember that u used to give Eva "dream feed". My baby is 2.5mths and she can sleep from 12-5am without feeding, sometimes longer. Should I wake her up? I usually pump it out if she doesnt wake up..
  7. "abt the blame, i was referring to getting me pregnant! :P" that's so funy!! never thought of that..hey, he's responsible too okay...? lol yup, my older one also wakes up at night. mengigau..screaming or crying for me.. i believe she's insecured after baby's arrival.. poor girl..
  8. Oh yeah, i've heard of vital years too.. is it really good mhyap?
  9. it's nice to be able to blame hb but in my case i cant cos it's my choice. i suggested co sleeping...so it's always my fault. when i was pregannt, my girl also wanted to sleep bear style, on top of me. it was such a hard time for me..so i hugged her side ways or her head on my chest without touchinng tummy. after delivery, i was in pain so it was even harder n with baby around, it was a terrible time. slowly,i managed to convince her to sleep by my side with me patting her to sleep. so now i breastfeed baby n pat the older on to sleep. both hands occupied. it's tiring but better controlled. sometimes, she will make noise n wake baby up. but after a while baby got used to her sister's voice n older sister got used to baby crying at night when she wants to feed or changed. i thank God. it is not easy, co sleeping..my hb also gets kicked by older girl n he has to endure the baby crying but my worries somehow worked itself out. i guess when we have no choice, we'll have to find a way to adapt. i still dont regret co sleeping. soon we can all cuddle up together!
  10. Ash..yeah i figured only those rich families can afford it. i told my hb abt it. teaching our kids whatever whenever. it would be good also cos they'll be with me, less sickness, i get to control what they eat..but still, we need $$$ in order to do that. It's just too taxing on hb to be the sole breadwinner. tinkerbell..i'd like to..but hb wants one nearer to our taman so that mil can walk there to pick her up if we're late. the one in the taman is so academic.. :S what abt food wise in playschool? arent you all concerned abt the quality of food? would u mind if the playschool serve roti canai once a week? My friend took her child out of the playschool cos she says it's unhealthy to eat that..hmm..
  11. Hey..BIG thanks for all your thoughts.. The only reason im planning to send my girl to playschool is because she's not learnig anythg at the babysitter's place. worse is, babysitter still stashes my girl in the playpen when she needs to attend to other things. my girl is 2.5 yrs old! I wish to send her to a playschool and there, she should just PLAY. but i find many playschools that are so academically inclined! i JUST WISH THEY DONT START STUDYING SO EARLY. even montesorri here is not fully montesorri. it seems parents want their kids to study as early as possible in order not to lose out at school.. (roll my eyes).. and yes, germs are bad but being caged in the playpen is even worse.. :( has anyone considered homeschool or maybe is homeschooling their kids? i read abt this lady who homeschooled her kids. she teaches them whatever she feels like. no syllabus. but she uses books she buys and the internet.. i do wish i could do that cos i feel my kids will learn more from me than in school whereby they will learn only to memorise. but how to homeshool if we're not financially prepared. i'll have to stop working...depend on hb which is not enough. and later on, kids will have to sit for o-levels..and then, what?
  12. I was wondering when is the best age for toddlers to start pre school? Some of my friends say 5 or 6 because if we start them too early, they will get bored when they start primary 1. However, I have some who start at 2 and at 3, the kids are being trained to do homework! :wacko3: Care to share? Thanks.
  13. My friend's babysitter is looking for a kid to tke care. She's in USJ area. Currently taking care of one, 2 yr old girl and a little baby. I think the 2 yr old might be leaving to playschool next year so she's looking for another. Quite nice and chin chai lady (based on seeing her a couple of times, but pls dont take my word for confirmation. Not liable for anythg k. lol. Go see her yrself.). Pls let me know if interested and i'll pm u.
  14. hi all.. Since last evening, my right breast n nipple was really painful (only half of the right breast). It wasnt engorged. It was soft but very very painful, esp whenbaby latch on, even when baby latches on the left, it's extremely painful when the milk comes in. At night, i begin to have bodyaches n morning today, i have slight fever. Anyone faced this before? I wonder if it's infection, like thrush.. Pls share..thanks!
  15. lily mine was c sec not by choice. baby in transverse lie..she was lying down position..u can google it to find out.. half body unconscious..i dont think it's called epidural but it was injected in my spine too. it wasnt painful but i could feel them cuttin or pulling baby out but jsut no pain.. i could even see what the doc was doing through the reflection on the lights above...scary.. the injection was kinda scary cos they ask me not to move, i was sitting down position but when i felt the pain of cos my bosy was tense. they told me to relax or the med cannot enter my body so i had to relax tho i was in pain..lol it was also freaking cold n i vomitted during the c sec..n was really giddy. i was also straving cos was fasing for almost 10 hrs. i was thinking of food durng the op! but maybe its just me. my frens didnt vomit or giddy.. why are u planning for c sec? dont u want to try natural first?? fluene...can we choose doc at ummc? i thought we cant choose doc eugene? if i knew could i would have gone to ummc too.. :(
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