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  1. May i knw when is ur wedding? Coz i dt hav much time 2 compare n decide coz i dt hav any choice liao!! Since my wedding date is on September 2009...im reali late in finding a venue liao...so im oredi considered lucky 2 get a place which is affordable n da menu also quite acceptable also...hehehe...if u gt da time, can alwaz go chk out 4 more options...dat's my point of view...hope u njy in planning ur wedding~! =D Love, Catherine
  2. Hahahaha...it's ok...previously i thought i cant find a venue for dinner on time since i was really really late liao...i've called alot of restaurants in whole KL n Selangor...still cant find 1 4 da date i initially chose...so dat's y im asking whether gt ppl separate their church wedding n chinese traditional wedding b4 or nt...hahaha...bt nw gt gd news!!! I found a venue liao...plain lucky n God's blessings also!!! So now wil stick bak 2 d initial planning...all in 1 day gau tim!!! Phew!!! Very relief liao!!! My flow for my actual wedding day same like urs!! Fetch bride thn go church thn go bak groom's place...hahaha...typical christian's wedding...whn is ur wedding?? Mine is on 26th September 2009....i got dis date at da very last minit...n it's chinese's hot date! Lunar calendar is 8th August...so i ws really really lucky 2 b able 2 find an affordable n favourable restaurant in time!! Hahahaha...ct describe hw happy i am now!!!! Can finali breathe...hahahaha....afta settling da venue, may i knw wat's other stuff 2 start worry bout? I reali am blur blur now...taking avting slow n steady...hahahaha...mind 2 share ur wedding planning wif me??? Thx 4 participating urself in dis forum...u r most welcome 2 share here....n thx in advance 4 ur next reply....God bless u n take gd k!! Happy planning 2 u n ur fh!! Love, Catherine
  3. Well..im here to share with u girls dat i juz paid my deposit at Ah Yat's Avenue K branch last nite...erm..my wedding day is on 26th September 2009...i consider myself lucky enuf 2 find a place in within dis fw weeks time...*phew*...The package offers menus from RM598nett to RM1388 nett...inclusive of all da basic stuffs like bridal arch, backdrop's decos, free corkages, free 1 nite stay at Corus Hotel which is juz next 2 Avenue K only, free basement carparks 4 all guests (da carparks r quite small n crampy n abit dangerous 4 those not-so-skilled drivers like me..hehehe..), 2 complimentary VIP parkings, 5 tiers dummy kek, emcee service, free soft drinks n chinese tea, free invitation kads, complimentary gifts (a small red organza bag filled wif a pair of heart-shaped chocolates), complimentary guest book n etc....which i find quite enough already..hehehe...but we are yet 2 decide on which menu set we will be taking...still got the time though..hahaha...n yah...they charged us 50% less for a trying session of the menu we chose..=.=''' which im not so satisfied with...but not much i can do...im desperate 4 a place...n btw, im having 38-40 tables...haha...hope dis helps...have a good day! =)
  4. Hello girls, May i have the contact number? Thanks in advance. Catherine
  5. Hello, I have an interest too...can u please send it 2 me as well? Thanks alot. My email: cat_le0@hotmail.com Catherine
  6. It's me again...guess what, i haven't even settle with the date choosing yet!!!!! OH NO!!!!!! Initial plan was 5th September but my parents checked with the feng shui master n it clashes....=/ N therefore i need 2 reconfirm the date with my pastor n then have 2 check back with the feng shui master again!! Im really having a BIG headache here, just 2 choose a date!!!!!! I just wanna know....if v were 2 put our church marching day on 1 day n the very next day is our dinner n chut mun..is it possible? Sad...just sad...
  7. hi. i had my wedding in BC 3 months ago, purple theme. if u r interested to have a look on some of the settings they did, do pm me :) Im interested...please send it to cat_le0@hotmail.com n congrates on ur wedding!! Njy ur great happiness. Thx alot!
  8. Hey...been so long i dint update here...thx 4 sharing ur ideas n xperiences here..all r deeply appreciated...u can share all ur wedding preparations stuff here also..n passed xperiences...ur memories of ur wedding...my FH n i r going back 2 his hometown, Sibu 2nite...so v wil b discussing our wedding plan wif his family 1st...afta dat, v wil officially inform my family here n start doing our wedding preparation at KL..v hope 2 only do it in KL n if avting goes well, v wil b hunting 4 venue n alot of stuff 2 worries thereafta...v planned 2 hold a garden wedding initially, but thn, due 2 out-of-budget, v stay back at having it at a typical chinese restaurant or juz an affordable small hotel...so our wedding date is on 5th of September (my FH n my decision only, nt yet filtered by parents..hehe), thn ROM mayb on my birthday, 21st Aug (my idea only, hahaha)...thn oredi bhot wedding rings n signed up wif Mon'Liza, SS2, PJ...hahaha...nid 2 diet liao...nid 2 go slimmer desperately...n also $$ prob..bt i hav decided 2 surrender all my $$ prob onto God..i knw He will help us thru it all...n hopefuli avting goes well n it wil b a gd memory especiali 2 both of us...another ques...hw many bridesmaid v nid actuali? Can v 'recruit' more than 1? Hahaha...n wat exactly is the bridesmaid's duty? Thx in advance. God bless...im nt sure i can on9 whn im in Sibu, will gt back 2 u all soon...wil b back at KL on 27th...so GONG XI FA CHAI avbody!!! Take k n God bless...
  9. Thx 4 da infos...will do more comparisons b4 deciding...=)
  10. Dear momo (wil u mind dat i call u dis?), Yah..it's a great frustration whn u wana do sumting bt ct, budget oredi nt enuf n im seeking an out-of-reach garden wedding dream... But as u knw, every gal has a dream n like u, i alwaz dream of a fairytale wedding...n fairytale is closely linked wif garden...*sigh* Wat can i do nw? U cn afford hotel...n im so hapi 4 u....bt nt 4 me n my FH...dat's y i wana try my luck here n c wat cn work out da best 4 us 2 hav an affordable garden wedding...since av1 here also thot it is way too expensif 4 us...v mite juz stick wif restaurant or any affordable hotel gua...do u mind 2 share wif me ur wedding dinner pictures? I wana c hw is ur decorations 4 'Fairytale Wedding' theme. Im planning 2 put my wedding dinner on September dis yr...stil havent book any venue...slumber only...hahahaha...bt in real, i hav tonnes of work 2 do...mind 2 share ur xperience in planning ur wedding? Thx in advance. HAPPY MARRIAGE!!!!! ALL DA BEST 4 U N UR HUBBY!!! Cat
  11. Hey dear, Thx 4 ur opinion is dis...i hav thought bout dis place 2...but rm3k is alot...i dunno wil it fit my budget or nt...bt stil...at least it is an option, better than hav nothing...hahaha...if u dont mind, can let me knw da contacts 4 da canopies? No harm getting more options...thx ya! Gd day! =) Cat
  12. Well...im reali having a big headache here :wacko3: ....1st v thot of having juz a honeymoon wedding thn changed 2 a small wedding banquet n now v r thking to hav a big garden wedding (if possible)...b4 finalising 2 reali gt dis plan going, i reali nid sum advises here...i reali nid ur help if u hav DIY ur garden wedding b4...n nt at hotels or restaurants bt at a private bungalow which u rented juz 4 dis function? N all da cost 4 da canopies, decorations n caterings? Any1 knws which catering company provides normal 7-8 courses of dinner juz like thy serve in da restaurants?? I reali nid 2 knw whether dis plan wil work or nt...n im desperate 4 help n infos in dis..im 2 blank nw ..reali dunno whr 2 start...is it possible 2 juz rent 1-2 days of a bungalow?? Any1 tried it b4?? N i nid 2 hav a bungalow land which fits ard 40 tables!!! Wahahaha...n hw much is it usuali if i were 2 rent a bungalow 4 juz 1-2 days?? I nid 2 knw da total budget of dis big garden wedding n hav it 2 cmpare wif normal restaurant's banquet...if it's much more expensive than da normal restaurant's 1, thn i hav no choice but 2 stop dreaming of a great garden wedding... my wedding will b on 5th September 2009..n my budget is ard rm40-60 per person..i reali hope any1 of u out thr cn help me...especiali if u hav done a DIY garden wedding b4...thx in advance!!!! Love, Catherine
  13. Dear leeleeboo, Can u please send me the quotation too? Thx alot. Send it to cat_le0@hotmail.com
  14. Sorry Apple Green...i didnt get ur mail...can u please resend it 2 me?? cat_le0@hotmail.com Thanks alot..
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