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    single eyelid

    The simplest way is to use eyeliner to draw a lone on the upper lid, be adventurous to try out other colours not not necessary just black. But normally i stick to darker based colour, like dark brown, dark blue, very dark green and sometimes grey... and u smudge them a bit and put some matching eye shadow, and then put on the fake eyelashes, depending on occasion, if got dinner, can opt for more dramatic fake lashes, if just normal day time outting can use those more natural type of fake lashes. Btw, sometimes, i put 2 or 3 fake lashes on each eye coz my eyes are really small n putting those fake lashes really got the effect of "expanding" eyes :)
  2. I just have some advise for BTB planning to sign up with Lasposa to becareful, because often they don't live up to their promise and suddenly impose a lot of restrictions once you have paid $$ (In case you wonder, my wedding was over long long time ago, but I have a good friend signed up with them for her bridal package and I am really sad that she had to be taken advantage of until that extend)
  3. Nicole's Mum, After reading through everything, I think your mom is very lonely at home and i think she is complaining and trying to seek for everyone's attention. To me, she is threatening (or blackmailing) you to go back hometown which I don't think that is her intention. Since she is so highly educated, why not u have a talk to her privately without your husband around. Talk to her, ask if she really wants to go back to hometown? If she really wants to go back hometown, how would she be able to take care of herself? Plus the house cleaning and cooking part? Also, point out to her that YOU LOVE HER VERY much, but you would not be able to repeat what u were doing when you were single, now that you have a family and 2 kids, you are unable to travel to meet her every weekend, reason out to her that soon your daughter will have to go to classes (like music, art or dance) and you only have weekends to do so as weekdays you will have to work. Plus, in case of emergency.... you are UNABLE TO DRIVE ALONE middle of the night to rush back to see her (side track a bit, I think it's very wrong of you doing so, even when your mom refuse to see ur husband, you should also bring him along, in case she is fainted or whatever at least you have another helper) Driving late at night is dangerous and you wouldn't want to be caught in an accident or something bad luck right? and I'm sure she would want that to happen also. If I am you, if she insist wanting to go back hometown, get her to agree on getting a helper. If she cannot get along with one, FINE, please get her to find another one herself. Find one that she finally is happy with, because you wouldn't be able to keep searching helper high n low. And make her to agree that at max you would only be able to go back hometown to visit her once a month. Or give her another choice, if she wants to continue staying, then she had to understand that you wouldn't be able to cope with the current situations. You need a helper to clean the house BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING AND YOU DON"T WANT HER TO TIRED HERSELF by doing the house chores. But she had to be co-operative and close an eye to the cleaner, or else she will be seeing her daughter suffering doing house chores until her daughter needs to see psychiatrist. To me, i find that she is not used to the fact that she is not your center of attention plus a bit of jelousy? (U hv heard about jelousy from MIL rite? perhaps your mom got partial of those feelings?) GOOD LUCK! And Be strong!!
  4. Hi All, Would like to check if anyone tried the following catering vendor? Goon Wah Restaurant (also do catering) Fr Kuchai Lama Golden Fun Catering Anyone have any experience engaging them? Or anyone have any good contacts to share? My budget is around RM20-26 with about 50-60 pax, appreciate your feedback or suggestions
  5. Thanks everyone for the comfort, but it hurt most when I feel the disappointment from my husband (even though he is trying to hide it from me) But I suppose life goes on no matter how... Just hope that I can get pregnant again soon Thanks everyone
  6. It was quite a roller coaster weekend for me, I just had a miscarriage :( I suppose i just had to try harder after that then.
  7. you dun really have to follow the usual la.... have to depend on the no of angpow u are giving out as well. For my case, I gave a bigger angpow for both my brothers and the rest is only RM10. (FYI, i only have to give 4-5 angpows for my cousin, coz all my other cousin are too paiseh to collect angpow from me) hahahha
  8. Would like to check if I have spotting & stomach bloating during early pregnancy, should i go visit the specialist immediately?
  9. Thanks Aish!! :) My period cycle is normal i guess... it fluctuates sometimes but averagely it's about 32days/ cycle. And I am 7 days overdue based on the 32day cycle.... so I guess it should be around 2-3 weeks pregnant only? Maybe it's still too early to tell ya? Hmmm Maybe I should wait for another 2-3 weeks then only go for gynae check up? I wanna go for check up just to confirm that it's a healthy pregnancy (keeping finger cross n praying hard) SO far I dun have any symptom except that I feel my stomach very bloated (like there's a lot of "wind" inside) and sometimes I still experience and "pre" menstrual discomfort.... are these normal? Other than that, I am already taking folic acid...... (took this b4 pregnant, but not diligently.... guess now i have to put a reminder to take it everyday!)
  10. Hi All, Would like to seek your advise on this...... My period was overdue, and naturally I went to get a pregnancy test kit to check if I hit the Jackpot or not.... the results gave me 2 lines that I've been waiting for :) (2 test kit giving the same results) So I would like to check, if I should immediately go visit gynae to confirm? Or I could wait for another 1-2 weeks only go to check? My husband mention no need to visit gynae so soon, coz if I go now also they will only do the urine test to confirm if I am pregnant or not? (To him, the urine test is rather similar to the pregnancy test kit we got from pharmacy) So hope to get some advise from the experienced :)
  11. I will think that's a very nice concept.... if you are comfortable in wearing flats.... just go ahead, afterall you are wearing long skirt, no one would know if you are wearing 5inch heel or flats. Most important is that u feel comfortable, coz once u r comfortable, you will be more relax and confident :)
  12. Well I suppose u can compensate her in terms of monetary? At least she can feel that her effort is appreciated?
  13. I'm not sure about Antler..... but if I were you... I'd be buying my own suitcase, coz tak kan everytime travel also have to borrow from ppl rite? Anyway suitcases nowadays are quite affordable... 200+ you can get quite a decent one. To me, I don't think your sis is being calculative, imagine if it's an expensive luggage bag and she will definately feel the pain if it's spoilt or whatever rite? Put yourself in her shoe... if she borrow ur LV bag and cause a big stain to it, how would you feel? All I can say about ur sis is that, she is being very direct! hahahha :)
  14. I wore the same dress for PS & AD, reason being i just love that dress very much! In fact my frens also suggested that, they mention it'd be more memorable for the PS album in future as u r wearing the same gown for ur AD. And till now, i didn't regret that decision
  15. citibank can give u replacement card in 1 hour, but u have to go to their Jln ampang office to collect (u can take LRT and stop at ampang park, just a few minutes walk from the LRT station) P/S: I have tried this 1 hr replacement card service, trust me they can really do it :)
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