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  1. Oh! So I'm supposed to keep it in freezer in smaller pieces and only bring down to thaw when I need to use it.... Alright! Will try ti out when I get my next cheese block! Thanks girls
  2. I have one question - how do you girls normally keep the block cheese? Baby / Toddler won't eat a lot right? I bought a block and it seems like it took forever to finish. ANd I kept it in a container in the chill room in my fridge. But recently it started to have some foul smell, smell like sour milk. I have to throw half of the block away. What should be the right way to store block cheese?
  3. After feeding for almost 14 months, out of sudden I got this mastitis. . It was so torturing and painful and I had to see my gynae and was on antibiotics since Friday last week. Since I had fever and was feeling so lethargic, I wasn't pumping but I was direct feeding my daughter throughout the weekend (since everyone says it's ok to feed if mother has mastitis). Yesterday when I came back to office and continue to pump, my usual daily yield from 2 times pump a day is about 10-13oz. But yesterday, I only managed to squeezed out 5.5oz! ... I felt so sad... Though my hubby said it's OK and think if this continues, we can wean her off then. But I still feel so sad. I'm on antibiotics for 1 week. Today is my 5th day. Anyone had this problem before? Will the milk supply resume after the medication?
  4. I baked some muffins for my girl during the weekend using Heinz Muesli & Apple cereal. The recipe said we can freeze the muffin up to 3 months. I refrigerated a few and used microwave to heat it up before bringing them out for my girl as snack. But it ended up with some hard rock muffins after microwaving. anyone knows why? else i'll have to throw away the 15+ muffins in my freezer.
  5. Q - my office has mother's room. Sometimes it's full then I'll use the first aid room. I think some mothers will request to HR to use one of the meeting room to pump. I pump twice in the office (once before lunch time, once before going home). Some friends pump 3 times (once when reach office, once before/after lunch, once before going home). I store my milk in the fridge in office. If no fridge, you can get a cooler bag and get a ice pack (frozen the night before) and keep your milk inside. Most ice packs can keep the breastmilk chilled for 12 hours.
  6. Q - do u have a pic of the oats that u give your boy? is it this one?
  7. dont give quaker oats i give organic baby oats... i used to blend (or mill) it before preparing to eat.. but soon i plan to give just as it is u can give oats+veg/fruits for meals or bfast Oh we still have to blend it? My girl just passed her 1 yr old ... do you have to cook it first?
  8. Do you girls feed oat to your kid? I haven't tried yet, except the oatmeal cereal. I'm thinking of getting the instant quaker oats for her breakfast. What kind of oats that you mummies normally give?
  9. Mabel, u're right. I used it for muffins once but it doesn't taste sweet in muffins at all. :P... I bought another one yesterday but I haven't tried if it's sweeter. Just that i thought the breastmilk + cereal is normally a bit sweet so mixing blueberries maybe will be ok. but I haven't tried yet laa... :P
  10. I bought some blueberries yesterday. I am thinking of mixing it into my girl's cereal for breakfast. How should I do it? Do i boil them first and then blend it? or I can just cut & mix them straight into the cereal? If I boil & blend, how long can i keep in the fridge?
  11. soap? its not a pleasant taste... in fact smells a bit like puke. i did try a bit... taste bad but dunno whether its spoiled or not. just now i gave her ebm frm yesterday..chilled not frozen..it smells alright but after i warm it up around 30mins...i smell it (getting paranoid must smell everything now)...it smells different also. not as bad as the frozen milk this morning. but so far she seems ok... no diarrhea (touchwood) frm the morning frozen milk. can keep in the fridge for so long?? if you think it tastes bad then don't give to baby anymore. Frozen milk do smell funny but it should taste edible (not smell like puke). Fresh BM has no smell. Anyway, you can try another bottle of frozen milk and see if it still smells bad. Maybe that bottle spoil already. There was once i forgot to bring bottle to office for pumping and I borrowed my colleague's bottles. She told me her hubby sterilized the bottles for her already. B4 I use it I ran thru hot water and tried smelling it, and I can smell some sourish smell. I tried to run thru hot water again but the smell is still there. So end up, I only use one bottle (she pinjam me 2 since I m using a double pump) and do single pumping only. And before I return to her, I washed for her & sterilized to make sure there's no smell. Apparently, the smell is from the bottle screw (the top part of the bottle). I didn't tell her because she wasn't in a good relationship with her hubby so I didn't want them to fight over this. As of now, my baby girl is drinking the frozen breastmilk dated 1 month ago. Babysitter has no complain and my baby is still drinking 6oz per feed so I guess it's ok. According to most websites they said can keep in the freezer up to 3 months. You must make sure your freezer is cold enough.
  12. yivoon, U mean ur milk is the frozen one? If it's frozen one, I normally leave it at the bottom of the fridge to thaw it overnight. After it's thawed, I'll put that into warmer for 30 minutes before feed.
  13. FIFO so that no wastage later. I still direct feed my daughter after work so she'll drink frozen milk for half a day @ babysitter's place, and after home she'll get those that's fresh from oven. Btw, I also read that EBM can tahan for 4 hours in warmer, I'm not sure how true but I tried to let my girl finish it within 2 hours (from the time I start to warm it up). If your baby has a fix feeding time then it's easier. Just put the EBM to warm 15-30 minutes before her feeding time. Else, just distract her if she's crying for hunger while the milk is warming up.
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