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  1. When my gal was 10 months old, I take out the sarong and put in the plastic bag in front of her. I tell her no more sarong. From that day onwards i pat her to sleep. No more sarong. Hehe.
  2. I feed my daughter lotsa fruits and vege. So far she seldom fall sick.
  3. kai: You shoudl try mamil gold. My bb also did not pass stool when she was on friso. But now ok. Mamil have oligosacharide.
  4. Triple test + ante natal test 80-100? So cheap? I did it last year. It cost me abt RM 200. Yes the triple test is very contervesial but I did it. And it turned out to be negative. Phew! Its just a screening test. Not a confirmatory test. If you want you can do nuchal screening test.
  5. Avocado and banana puree is very nice. My gal love it. But my hb said the avocado smells funny. Haha.
  6. Totally agree on this QUOTE (qarezma @ Oct 15 2010, 08:07 AM) * QUOTE (tinkerbelle @ Oct 14 2010, 10:06 PM) * QUOTE (aishiteru @ Oct 14 2010, 02:49 PM) * i have seen some grandparents spoilt the grandchild and then when the child grow older like age 4-5 that time... the grandparent will blame the parents itself for not discipline their own kids. correction: usually the inlaw's from the husband side will be the one pointing the fingers AT THE MOTHER. why is it always like that???
  7. correction: usually the inlaw's from the husband side will be the one pointing the fingers AT THE MOTHER. why is it always like that???
  8. U can find this from wikipedia: Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) is a small bright spot seen in the baby’s heart on an ultrasound exam. This is thought to represent mineralization, or small deposits of calcium, in the muscle of the heart. EIFs are found in about 3-5% of normal pregnancies and cause no health problems. EIFs themselves have no impact on health or heart function. Often the EIF is gone by the third trimester. If there are no problems or chromosome abnormalities, EIFs are considered normal changes, or variants. But best is what the gynae advise? Did he/she advise on any further evaluation?
  9. I've been to mydear warehse 2 times. Did not saw any boaster seat except the car boaster seat. Unless they come out with new product.
  10. Ya RM 100 quite worth it lar. Cost outside selling new one abt 199 if there are no discount. :)
  11. Yes the boaster seat is very useful indeed. My gal sit in the boaster seat every time we have our meal. And we also trained her from the start she need to be seated there when its time for her to eat. We will bring out the seat for dinner too as we find restaurant high chair not really clean. Sometimes the high chair strap not really suitable for small infant too. I got the fisher price one for RM 179.
  12. Actually sweetcheery got a combination car seat RM 299. It can be used from newborn till 4 yrs old.
  13. I only feed bb with millet porridge which we homemade. Paeds adviced not to give nestle cereal. According to her nestle cereal will make bb dislike oth tasteless food. I think the nestle cereal too sweet. This really ahppen to one of my fren's bb. SHe only like nestle cereal. Other things like porridge she dislike.
  14. Evonne: I delivered under Dr Selvam Sellapan on Feb 14,2010. And I stayed in single room for 2 nite.
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