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  1. I delivered a beautiful baby boy 6m ago. Given birth at the age of 40years only is very tiring, luckily for me, I found a wonderful confinement lady who is so superb. I found her thru somebody blog by accident. There is no description or contact number of her on that blog, so I contacted the blogger for her number. Only after sometimes, the blogger replied with her number and praised her without me asking about her. I called the confinement lady for a brief interview and she sound better than other confinement to tried so hard to hardsell themselves. But first, she would ask for your EDD first before she continue with the interview. So I requested to meet her on the following week after satisfied with all my concerned questions from her fee, cooking, to handling baby and handling housechores. She is now booked until Sep 2017 by her repeated guests. Brief description about her: 1. 65 years old Hakka lady, cooks very good food, discourage fried food as she thinks soupy and vegetables produce more milk, but will still cook if requested. 2. Flexible with any sleeping arrangement. We slept in same room for a week and I saw how she woke up at every time baby cries at night. I moved out to another room when air-cond broke down, and she slept in a fanned room with the baby. 3. She boiled and carried up water for me to washup and bathe. 4. She handwash laundry 5. Speaks Hakkanes, Hokkien, Cantonese or Mandarin. If interested, do contact me at carinaauyong@hotmail.com for her number.
  2. I do bring goat's milk to KL / Selangor. My BF owns a herd of goats. I personally dislike the taste of milk, but I tried Goat's Milk and feel it is very smooth drinking, and the smell is not that strong, maybe because it is fresh, i dunno. He is selling at $25 per litre ( bottled in 2 bottles x 0.5l) , it is not cheap, but lots of families and relatives are ordering from him.
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