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  1. Hi Zack, Thanks for your response. The amount is pretty small so reporting to the police.. aih. I think they won't bother also. I just emailed her again a few days back. I hope she will either refund or send my my stuff. It's not so much the money but the dissatisfaction of being ripped off like that. Never going to simply purchase again. My first horrible experience!
  2. I've purchased many things online before. My wedding gown was found via this forum and my kwa was from an online shop. My wedding cupcakes was via a baker I found on the Internet. I've bought many skirts, dresses, tops etc from off the Internet. I only have one really really bad experience. it's with this Puteri Fashion website. I made an order somewhere in March and paid on the spot. Then I waited waited waited.. no response. I visited the site again and it was mentioned that the blog and the email address was hacked. I was so disappointed cos I paid almost RM200 for a few items there. I thought that was the end. No more. A while later, I found the new site of Puteri Fashion, verifying that it had been hacked and therefore we should contact the owner again in case of any info lost. I did just that. I got one response from her in mid-June saying that she would include me in her next batch. Until today, no response to be though I sent her 2-3 emails after that, even gave her my hp number so she can contact me. Sigh... I don't know whether I was caught up in a scam or I'm just one of the unlucky few.. She has not updated her site since April. Kiss my money goodbye?
  3. So sorry, dear. The ring pillow was snapped up just last weekend. Hope you manage to find a suitable ring pillow.
  4. Still available ladies! PM me (don't write here) so that the message gets sent to my email for quick response.
  5. Still available ladies! PM me (don't write here) so that the message gets sent to my email for quick response.
  6. Hi Kiera, The details are actually at the first page of this post. If there is more specific details you need, do PM me and I'll supply them to you. Thanks for your interest! :) Regards & Happy New Year!
  7. Hi ladies, I've emailed you the dimensions and the pricing already. let me know if you are interested :-).
  8. Hi Nellie, I've PM-ed you. Do check. The items are all still available currently.
  9. I've emailed you ladies already. Sorry for the late reply! Horrible of me.
  10. I won't call it blind trust. We trust one another for specific reasons. We know each other enough to want to get married and so we won't let just about any small matter to ruin out life and marriage just like that. And because of that, we are both careful in how we act with others and treat one another. Maybe cos we went through too much just to be able to get to this stage and so this marriage is very precious to us. I always believe that we cannot control what others do but I can control what I do. I'd rather live my simple life happily than to worry day and night whether hb is shagging up some other woman. He believes in God and divine judgment and so that governs how he lives. For me, if he wrongs me, too bad for him. But I do my part as wife, friend, lover, playmate... etc, all of which I do wholeheartedly and freely. I of course expect and hope he treats me well sincerely as well. so far, he's doing his part well and that's really it. I mean, I have seen all sorts of things happening to marriages of people around me. Broken marriages, affairs and all... I'm not naive to those things. But ultimately, I trust hb I feel and know i should. Makes our marriage happier. If he betrays this trust of mine, he knows he faces Someone greater in a soon coming day. That's not my battle to fight for him.
  11. Interesting subject matter. Trust is really hard to define, from what I can see here and from life's experience. Before Hb and I ever courted, even back in the days as very normal friends, we discussed the issue of trust in general. We got to know one another, and you know, trust is built. Now if my hb wants to go out etc, go by all means. To me, I do my part as wife and I hope he does his (he does well :-)). We trust have vowed to be be together till death do us part and it's trust that's going to ensure this vow is kept. No matter what. Yes, trust is also fragile. But I want to think that trust is firm as well. Not a paradox. When I trust my hb, I trust him with a "firm" kinda trust ie I won't let small small things cause me to start questioning his faithfulness. I won't get petty and fussy over little things. I won't let myself blow up before checking. Because once he gets the inkling that my trust in him is weak, it would hurt his ego and our relationship. Then that trust would start to crack... And for what? For nothing. It's good to care, not check on hb. I use his phone to call because he's always got more credit. he uses my phone to play games. When either of us aren't around, we pick up the phone. But we never look at each other's SMSes; emails; bank books etc. Because there's the element of trust there. We trust each other enough not to probe into each other's personal space. He wouldn't mind me looking at his SMSes. But I don't do it because I trust him. It's just the way it is for us. If he talks to a member of the opposite sex, he'll tell me if necessary. If I do the same, I'll tell him if necessary. No reason to hide or whatever. Don't know if what I'm saying makes sense. Aiyah..
  12. Tash made a very good point! Keep all the receipts and tabulate how much was spent on food each month. If your hubby is concerned at all about the future, he'll start to pay attention. For me and hb, McDs is definitely a treat, much like Tash. We do McD maybe once a month... even then, not really. Very rare. Eating out happens only when we have meals with in laws or when I'm super tired to cook. Otherwise, every night I try to cook, even if simple, for the sake of health and my hb. If makan out, he will try to save save and in the end only all vegs, no meat. At least at home, I can make meat and he will eat. Christy, try easy recipes like roast chicken thighs (just rub with soy sauce, salt and pepper; marinate overnight; and bake in 180C until cooked). Pasta is easy and very versatile. Even fish and chips is easy. Just get thaw frozen dory fillets, marinade with salt & pepper, then dunk in flour, then beaten eggs and finally brea crumbs. Fry until golden brown. Don't take much effort of time but delicious. I can see your hb very used to impulse spending and eating the best foods out there. Maybe you can remind him that outside food isn't good and that in the future, his health will be compromised. Just do your best, cook when you can esp for baby. Cook your own lunch (have to wake up earlier than 11am la) so you don't have to eat out. Cook maybe a little for dinner so you can makan first then if hb wants, you just teman him eat outside. After a while, hopefully he will want to stay home for your food. Take baby steps and I believe it will work. Marriage is all about baby steps, right?
  13. UPDATE (26 JULY 2010) All these items are still available. Everything MUST go! Feel free to contact me for price negotiation. Also, I have posted my kwa for sale in another thread. Once it has been approved, I'll share the link here as well. Thanks The more items you get in a row, the cheaper they will be.
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