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  1. Would like to ask has anyone engage this tour guide called Bapak Niman before at Bali? If yes, how was it? Thanks a lot...
  2. Oh dear...! That's really terrible of him to do that... Hope you managed to get the cap and hose without having to pay.
  3. You can also try parttimemaid.com They do service OUG area too.
  4. Hi hi, Does anyone has any part-time cleaning services to recommend that's reliable? Thanks.
  5. Hi all.... I have one used wedding gown (from Pretty In White) to let go... Please do PM me if you are interested. Thanks..
  6. Hi june june... sorry for the late reply... Been busy with my work and personal happening so didn't really have time to log into MB nowadays... I'll try to send some photos to you after I've get them... :) I think for RM2k you should be able to get nice decos... Perhaps nicer than mine since mine is lesser than yours... hehehe... Beautiful or not is kind of subjective to each person.. It may be beautiful to me, but so so to you? But don't worry too much... Vernis is a nice person to deal with.. Just tell her your concerns / what you have in mind and see what she can do for you...
  7. Hi hi... have sent.. sorry for late reply... coz didn't log onto MB for lately.. Best to pm me if anything.. Thanks again...
  8. Anyone else has any feedback on any reliable handphones? I just got a HTC S740 early this year, but want to change to another one liow... Bit sot-sot even though is a new one... When I press the call button to answer a call, sometimes it so "smart" go and cut off the call for me.. What about LG & Samsung? Anyone use before?
  9. Anything in particular you are looking for? I know some places like shopping malls sells those standard kind of guestbook... Those with red brocade cover and with plain red paper inside... Or are you after something in particular? When's your wedding? Otherwise, you can try to make one yourself... heheh.. Or you can try this website.. Hopefully it helps... http://divinefavorz.com/mall/index.php?mai...ex&cPath=15
  10. There's no fix rule that say it's a must to get a wedding decorator. It all depends on you and your spouse. If the venue where you are having your dinner provides good enough and both of you are ok with it, then don't have to spend the extra money to get one.. Can save the money for something else... Only spend what you think and feel necessary.. But if you have the extra budget and dun mind spending, why not? After all, it does help in the whole ambience & setting... Just like what Edward mentioned. Most important, both of you have to be happy...
  11. Finally found a bit of spare time to post here... For my wedding, I engaged Vernis of Memories Deco to do the ballroom deco for me.. I must say that I am totally very happy and pleased with the decoration that she (and her team) had done for me. I had initially thought that she only caters to the expensive ones and tight budget bride like me would not be able to afford it. But I was so wrong! When I told her about the things that I needed and if she can do it within the budget I had, I was really surprised (and happy) when she told me she can coz my heart was ready to hear her say no.. heheh... Vernis is also a very nice & understanding person to liase with. All I can say it Thank You Very Much Vernis for coming to my help.. Really appreciate all the deco you've done... I would suggest for you to just give her a call to ask whatever budget you have and see if you can do that.. Who knows??
  12. I have a new off shoulder wedding gown which I made at Neoromantic for sale. Please pm me with your e-mail address if you are interested as I may miss some of your request if you post it here.. Thanks alot..
  13. Thanks cheer.. Have replied to you... Opps, I just saw meiteoh's post... So sorry.. Will take note and post accordingly..
  14. I have one extra new (meant for one member, but after got it she didn't want liow) hei puncher for sale if anyone still wants it... Let me know... Thanks..
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