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  1. luilui

    Moles (small)

    joeybabe, are yr moles black in color ? i've 3 spots too under my right cheek but in light brown color. Some pp said it's my skin pigmentation ;( I'm looking for ways to remove it too. i think i'll go for Dr. Tan that PeiPei has recommended. (thanks Peipei !!) I think i'll give it a try as there's no consultation fee. And RM300 for whole face is cheap la. I've consulted Dr. X in Plaze Hartamas before, the charges is RM500 to take out 1 mole, and laser is more than at least 1k. ... luilui
  2. I tried sunless tanning lotion before. But i found only colouring (orangy) adsorbed into my skin after applied 2-3 times. So i stopped before i got any skin problem or side effects. And i heard saloon (indoor) tanning will give you skin cancer in the long run. Now i dun try to achieve tan as i'm born fair.
  3. bebe and mhYap, Yup ! I agree that it's gonna collapse one day and by then many pp will be victims. My fren kept tellin me it's not direct selling or MLM and it won't risk your downline's money. Which i think it's impossible. But he showed me a newspaper cut-out of our PM Pak Lah giving award to this business plan. However, i heard it's has officially launch in M'sia and you'll see its advertisemt in most of the leading newspaper today.
  4. Anyone heard of EM-PAY ? http://www.em-pay.com/ A friend recommended it to me knowing that i need fast (and easy) money for my new house. Dun know if it's a trustworthy deal or any hidden trick?? No need to sell, or buy anything at all. Scary huh ! And it's been expanding and around the world. Once you register and invest as little as appxm RM300, money will flow in and auto debited into yr Maybank acc. My friend's most recent pay was RM5000, without doin anything. however, 10-20% of the income value has to be spent on its affliate partners e.g. Tesco, and Jusco (if not mistaken). Anyone can advise and know how it works?
  5. beanie, You can try Ms. Ellie Ng 016-2047633, who started her profession as tailor ever since graduated from fashion school. I dun know if she's still doing it. She did EG for a friend of mine, and the workmanship was good. She can alter dress too. btw,if you are want alteration for normal clothes. There are a few in Sungei Wang, all located on 3rd floor. Ling is more popular there, her shop is quite near to computer zone.
  6. Wind, where you found this chinese ' poem' ? I already copied it down and will force my hb to say out loud on wedding day. :P Thanks... for giving me this idea. luilui
  7. i agree with Elmo. If she cares bout your wellbeing, pointing this n that only gives you more worry. A good colleague should be telling you to relax, dun stress yrself or lend a helping hand.
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