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  1. Ya, I have one experience yet good cinematographer in mind. Pricing wise is very reasonable too. Unfortunately he is not available on 15 jan. sorry ya
  2. For those who are interested with Syezen's work, you may email her at syezen@gmail.com for quotation. Else, you can also visit syezen.wordpress.com for her portfolio.
  3. I attended a wedding dinner there last year, their food is really good compare to any 5 star hotels
  4. Dear all, pls click the link below for the floor plan.
  5. Hi Cherrystar, I remember my friiend told me that you can find such bungalows at country heights kajang. She saw ppl did it before, rental is thousand plus per night. Perhaps you can call up some real estate agent / event mgnt company and seek for assistance.
  6. Another option would be look for a park / rent a bungalow house then brg ur own caterer, serving chinese food. normally those rm30 menu is very good already, plus the rental, drinks, canopy, furnitures & a bit of decor... am sure it won't costs more than rm100 per pax unless if u didnt spend wisely
  7. hi cherrystar, So sad to say, yes, year end is peak season. again, even though u hv someone there to help collect ang pow, but u can't guarantee that everyone will give. in my case, i hv 3 jimui to man the registration counter. still, some of my guest prefer to give it to me & hubby personally, u can't stop ppl doing so right. plus, if ur inviting relatives as well & they come in the whole family... the risk is there. i can tell u that the ang pow tat i received are such a big gap... from rm50 to rm500. see the difference. i hv a fren who is stuck in financial problem but still gv rm500... but how many ppl are so generous. my fren's sis also break even, but she did it in chinese restaurant. i was told tat they invite many big bosses who gv thousands per person. unless if u hv crowd like this, else is really hard. some expenses were not in my plan earlier, like corsages for groom & parents... until 2 days before the wed. also the corkage, i didn't expect my guest will finish all 4 cartons of wine, i thought max is 2 cartons only, so hereby also increased my wine expenses. somemore, if u hv cake, favour & etc... all these are also part of ur dinner expenses. so if ur angpow can cover up to 70% then is consider as very good oled. not only that, let's say if u cater for 300 pax, it doesn't meaans tat all 300 pax will turn up. u can count oled hw much is the lost here... again, not everyone will still gv angpow even if they dun come. u will stress urself more if u keep thinking of break even, i knw it's hard to let it go, but if u really hv a budget concern, u hv no choice oled. else end up u will be an unhappy and stress bride. hope it helps.
  8. Agree with sooklin, not everyone will give angpow. It's kinda sad to say this, but this is the fact. It's even worst if you are inviting non chinese to ur wedding too. Malay & Indian's angpow is very small, or totally dun give, or buy u a present instead. Mat Salleh lagi dun practice this. By the way, some married couple will gv bec how much you gv them last time during their wedding. Theirs could be in a chinese restaurant & u gv them rm80 (std market rate), so even though ur having a garden wedding which is more high class, still they will just gv u bec according to what u gv them last time. U can't ask ppl for more... in the end it's still the thought that count
  9. Hi, I am just sharing my two cents. If budget is a concern for you, honestly, you may hv to drop off the idea of garden wedding. Reason being is, the food itself is oled hundred over, somemore u still hv to spend on canopy and flower arrangements. So in the end, the cost per pax will be much higher. Malaysian being Malaysian, no matter how u hints them, the standard rate is still ard rm80-100. break even is almost impossible unless if u hv certain family members who give big ang pow. otherwise, what u receive can maybe only cover 60-70% of your total expenses for the reception. Especially if your big day fall on wedding peak season and most of your guest hv to attend 2-3 wedding in a month, then it can be even worst. We also had an angpow box at the registration table, but guess what, I hv a strong feeling tat certain guest didn't even gv us ang pow. We even hv a hengtai who sms us a day aftr our wedding saying that he forgot to gv us n etc... but isn't tat the box there is so obvious oled. So again, there is no harm to put an angpow box but dun put a high expectation on it. At first I also hv set a budget for the reception, but when closer to the date, many things pop up and end up spent more. I spoke to a friend who is in wedding industry and he told me that so far none of his clients can break even, really hard nw a day. Not to mention if u are inviting the whole family and there are 5-6 of them, most of the time then they won't give u a big ang pow just bcos of this. Jo
  10. Hi cherrystar, I am so paiseh to share my quotation bcos as per the PIC, so far im the first bride who topped up so much on the menu, in other words, mine is the most expensive one. besides, i also top up for the flower ball, registration table's table centerpiece, two flower standees along the entrance. And yes, the venue was hot and got mosquito too. garden wedding is always like this one. as for the food, i remember the PIC told me b4 tat the allowance of up to 10pax is ok, else it won't be enough
  11. Dear Sheryl and all zi muis: That's the Girl's power... I am planning on church wedding in the morning. In the evening, i will have my light reception at a cosy place / a club house (yet to decide the venue) Now, i rather confuse how to tell people that i will be having a reception as the following style: light cocktail will be served to our guest, we expects lots of mingling and interaction throughout the nightPianist to play Jazz music at earlier sessionInvite 3 piece band / DJ to play hot music at later sessionA dance floor for our 1st dance - Waltz / Rumba / Cha Cha (not sure aunty and uncle will enjoy it or not )Food will be served in Buffet-style - means my guest need to queqe ans get their own food. May i know what is the right term to use when i address my wedding reception above ? Especially in telling ppl or get it printed on the card, so that my guest will not think that this is a "cheapskate" kind of dinner?? :wacko3: I had the similar wedding too, minus the band. For the reception, we just put it there as 'Cocktail, Dinner & Dance', this is a very common term used in any event
  12. Hi, My wedding was already past and I have some new and used gowns / veil which I would like to let it go at a very low price. 1. Princess cut, strapless wedding gown with long train - wore once for photoshoot only, dry clean & well kept @ RM200. Fits size S/M 2. Plain white veil, 4m long, by Carven Ong @ RM100 3. Short white veil with embroidery, by Carven Ong @ RM80 4. Kua - Brand new @ RM150, fits size M/L 5. Bridesmaid gown - brand new @ RM100, fits size M Do PM me your email address if you're interested to have a look at the photo. Thank you! Jo
  13. Hi Terry, I will email the floor plan to you latest by tonight. Re the projector, I would suggest you to get Passion Rd to arrange it for you, together with the PA system. So in case if there is technical problem, you can still get them to sort it out. My cocktail started at 6pm, but most of the guest only start coming in when it's close to 7pm, even though it's written on the card the cocktail starts at 6pm and dinner would be at 7.15pm. Luckily we only served welcome drink, else the finger food would be wasted. So I dun thk it's necessary to have fingerfood. By the way, I checked with Passion Road before and they are unable to cater for it as well. Re the menu, forgot to tell you that it can be more hassle if you go for table d'hote. Reason being is first, if you only give 1 choice of main course, certain guest may come and complaint that they dun eat chicken lah, this and that. So hard to please everyone. People will then start talk bad bout your wedding dinner n etc... Secondly, if you decided to gv diff choices, you'll hv to call one by one for RSVP and take their order so the restaurant can prepare the food accordingly. Calling your guest for RSVP on their choice of menu can be stress already, which is unnecessary. Certain guest might not be understanding as well, tends to change their mind from time to time. Don't be surprise if two days before your big day, someone call and say 'oh, i want to change from chicken to fish'. Thirdly, by knowing the typical Malaysian, RSVP means nothing. Some people who say confirm coming might not be appear at all then those who say cannot make it might suddenly appear. Then you'll be having another headache on how to settle their main course. Lastly, in order for the waiter to serve the main course accordingly, you'll have to prepare a small card stating is it chicken / fish / beef or etc... another extra job. So as a conclusion, I suggest you to go for buffet instead unless if you really dun mind to be stress prior to your wedding day. Cheers...
  14. none of my guest are shy to line up for food, that's not true. If u asked me also I will say that I won't be shy. For the pomander hanging behind the main table, yes, i top up for that, plus the two floral standee near entrance, love ornaments to be hang on the tree, floral arrangement for reception table. not cheap... 4 figures. it is not a problem at all to have a dance floor if u hv only 80 pax. i can email u my floor plan if u want. are u having any projector?
  15. Hi Terry, I had Western flavours but is buffet. Everyone love the food because it's really good, especially the mushroom soup. I was considering to have set menu before but read from a blog saying that the serving isn't so efficient plus it's a bit cold. So I am sure that this problem won't happen if I take buffet
  16. hi veronika, i also went thru tough time during preparation as his family doesn't accept a Catholic wedding. We argued a lot till a church fren told me just stay calm, dun say anything but pray to God. eventually you will see how amaze is God's work.
  17. joyful01, do you mind to tell which resort is this? normally when i am dealing with the hotels on any company event, we will try to settle bill aftr event; but if the hotel really dun allow, then only we will make the balance payment two weeks before event date. in your case, i think it's too much already for the hotel to do so. so i guess now u hv no choice but just stick to whatever you've confirmed with the hotel since isn't refundable. now is only june, so really hard for the guest to RSVP so soon. also, they might change their plan at anytime as well. those who say yes sure coming might last min dun turn up, but those u least expected might come.
  18. hi, i m a catholic too, but i m not so sure about the booklet eventhough i already have the cd from the parish office, can u give me some idea? or can u show me ur booklet? i really need it cos my wedding is fall on 10 july but until now i havent sent the sample to father to see through yet!! thanks alot for ur helping . s_lai_kuan@hotmail.com Hi, Just saw you message now. I only have the indesign file with me now, the pdf copy is in my office's pc. will email it to you on Monday. which church r u going to hv ur wedding? thanks alot!!! i 've choose the St.Ignatius Church at kelana jaya!! i already email u the sample booklet this mrng, hope it helps
  19. thanks ling. now i thk is worthy to sacrifice my beauty sleep for these thgs, especially teh guest seating card. many typical msian like to do last min RSVP
  20. hehe, combination of his & my favourite colours. i would advise soon-to-be bride who wants to hv more than 1 theme colour to choose something that has strong contrast. if you & ur family aren't pantang to hv black, pls consider it. it is really a nice colour to match with
  21. Thanks Ling. I like it very much too. Really 'sui' lah
  22. i had some DIY projects for my wedding too... Hand bouquet that costs me less than Rm20 Table card - each table is named aftr the disney cartoon Individual guest seating card Ring pillow church ceremony booklet
  23. hi all, here are the photos of my wedding cake. the cupcakes are vanilla flavour while the top tier is a 3kg fruit cake.
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