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  1. I may not have shared with you all this before ... Actually, I've done a pregnancy photoshoot with a studio (both my husband and I) when I was about 7 months pregnant. But because I felt that the photos were rather, err "sexy" so I didn't "dare" to show it to anyone here But I must stress, mine is not as "sexy" as the ones BunnyNwife posted. I didn't dare to go that far! The album was only meant for my husband and I to reminisce our first pregnancy and all the beautiful memories that come with it But I've shared it with my mum, cousin (sisters) and some close girlfriends though I did the photoshoot with The Studio Loft in Singapore, with a female photographer (of course! ) who was also a mother herself Here's their website, their photos are beautiful I must say. I especially love the ones with rose petals http://www.thestudioloft.com.sg/bloom.htm I'm thinking of sharing my my pregnancy album in facebook some day. Will invite (girl)friends to have a look, heehee
  2. Meringue, Ya I kinda have a feeling my chances for a cooler temperature in September is rather slim ... but I supposed +-20degrees is anytime better than our hot weather at 30+ degrees Think I better bring along some light clothing too Ya I think you're kinda right about the summer in Europe. Even if it's hot and sunny, I'm sure it won't be as humid as in Malaysia and hence we won't be sweating that much too. Sweating could really dampen your mood to move around outdoor you know meiteoh, You're right, it really depend on my luck then. At this moment I'm not so concern about the weather but how to make this a fuss free and enjoyable trip with a young kid in tow 5 more months to September ... gosh, I can't wait!!!
  3. Oooh ... so Autumn in Paris will be different from Autumn in Greece lah? That means will be cooler? Then that's a good news to me! :) I'm hoping for temp about 14 to 15degrees in the day, something like the Winter in Melbourne ;) I believe Spring and Autumn are the peak season to visit Europe?
  4. meiteoh : I was hoping for a cooler weather so that I could wear some boots, nice jacket and also to have an excuse to buy those cute little jacket for Brandon, heehee These days the weather is so unpredictable Winters don't feel like winters anymore. Last year, I went to Athens, Greece with hubby in December, which is supposed to be Winter but the weather was so warm there. The average temperature was about 20degrees in the day and by night fall, it wasn't any cooler either I had prepared so many winter clothings, even went to Zara and bought one nice thick jacket with furry collar just for that trip. In the end, that jacket was totally uncalled for I only wore it for photo taking purpose, what a waste. smurf : Thanks for the pointer! But actually, Brandon has traveled by air about 3 to 4 times since he was 1 month old. But those were short trip from Singapore to KL only. For all those flights, he didn't show any sign of discomfort at all during take off and landing. But someone told me it might be because he was too young and not "complicated" enough at that time to acknowledge/register the pain, I'm not sure how true that is He has not been flying for many months now so I don't know how he will react to the ear pressure now. Am really start to feel worry now But like you said, we will definitely discuss with our pediatrician before the trip. mummyally : Yupe, finally made up my mind. Thank goodness, no more deadlock But honestly, we're taking our chances too. Have never brought such a young child on a long trip before and I'm kinda nervous about the whole thing Don't know what to anticipate just pray hard that all goes well... And ya we definitely need to get a lightweight stroller, our peg perego is a little too bulky. Any good umbrella strollers to recommend? But from what I've seen around, most umbrella strollers can't be reclined and I worry Brandon might not be able to sleep comfortable in it. While most hotels toilet might look clean on the surface but I have doubts about the way they clean it. Germs and Bacterias are creatures that we can't see with our naked eyes but they are there ... I better not go on on this otherwise I might freak everyone out Even with a sterilizer I still don't feel quite comfortable. Ya, I know I sound psycho, sometimes I really wish that I could think like a normal person but I'm trying hard to convince myself not to be so paranoid Anyway ... so I've thought of a "solution", I plan to wean Brandon off formula when we're in Paris. Just buy him those packeted/bottled fresh milk from supermarket or convenient store. That way I can just thrash the bottle/container away after feeding him, no bottle washing then! What do you think? Feasible? Meringue : Thanks for reminding me that ;) I think my hubby should know about plug thingy coz he travels to Europe quite often, just that never with a kid before You're right about sterilizing. When I'm at home, I don't sterilize his feeding utensils anymore. I only sterilize his bottles because I always "hang" them inside the sterilizer after washing so might as well just sterilize them since it's so convenient Really? October can be rainy? So that means our decision to go in September could be a good one after all
  5. babysiew, wow, you gave birth already? Time flies! Congratulations! Have a good rest ya
  6. I'm in a good mood lately ... must share Hubby came home over the weekend and "announced" that he has made up his mind, he is bringing his little boy with us to Paris! We have come to a new arrangement though, that is to move our trip back a few months from the initial planned June to September instead. By September, Brandon will be a little older and hopefully it will be easier to bring him on a holiday. Believe me, a few months makes a hell lot of difference in a baby/toddler's mental and physical development Another reason for the date change is because hubby prefers to go Europe in a cooler season, more "feel" according to him His point is, the only time we get to experience an Autumn or Spring is when we're out of our own tropical country. So why visit a country which has 4 seasons in a hot summer, a season which is all year round in our own country? I think he's got a point there So, all is set and this time round I'm really looking forward for the trip! No more contemplating, no more difficult decision making, no more torn in between ... Yippee! Meringue & Meiteoh, thank you gals for being supportive!*HUGZ* We'll heed your advices and suggestions when we're there Just hope that all goes well and we'll have a memorable first family vacation there Meiteoh, just want to check with you, since you're living in Europe, is September a good time to visit Paris? We have to pick September because it coincides with Brandon's semester break at Julia Gabriel. Personally I would have preferred October since it's cooler then but that would clash with Brandon's classes.
  7. Meringue & Mabel, Appreciate all your inputs :) Sigh, I'm still contemplating on the matter ... cannot make up my mind. Many around told me it's not wise to bring him along as it'd probably spoil my holiday and I'm starting to lean towards their suggestion. So, most probably(ok maybe 60 to 70%) not going to bring Brandon along. He's already quite a lil monster even at home No doubt, I've seen many people (especially the caucasians) on board planes with young babies but we can't compare our situation to theirs. Most of the time, they're going back to their home country. They have the comfort of their own home there, things that they are familiar with and they have their whole support systems there. It's very different from the situation where you're with a young toddler in a foreign land. I know this may sound crazy to some but one thing that really bothers me is the idea of washing my baby's feeding utensils and milk bottle in a hotel bathroom... I NEVER bring anything that belongs in the kitchen into a bathroom/toilet. NEVER! I'm a total "hygiene freak" when it comes to these things. So, how am I gonna wash his used bottles if we're staying in a hotel? So that alone is enough to discourage me from bringing Brandon with us. Moreover, I was thinking what's the hurry in bringing Brandon with us this time round? We go holiday every year and if we want to, we can always go Paris again next year or the year after when Brandon's much older and more independent.
  8. Geez, it took me such a long time digging up this thread! I didn't want to open another topic on this, this parenting forum is messy enough as it is with so many duplicated topics It's time to call for some house keeping. Anyway, that's not the reason why I dig up this thread. I'm reviving this topic because I'm facing a DILEMMA HB and I are planning for a 2 weeks holiday to Paris sometime in June. Now the question is to bring or not to bring Brandon along. By June, he will be 18 months old. We're afraid that he might get uneasy or restless or uncomfortable on such a long flight. And there are so many other things to consider if we were to bring him along. What's he gonna eat for the 2 week? How am I supposed to prepare his food in hotel room? Will it be very inconvenient for us to bring him around in a stroller and do all the shopping and sight seeing? But then ... it will be really NICE to have a family holiday in a place like Paris, all 3 of us! Sigh, I have to decide and make arrangement soon ... I hope to hear more opinions and to seek any advice from any parent who has done a long haul flight/long holiday with a kid that is under 2 years of age. If you were me, would you bring along Brandon? Pls advice me Any input is greatly appreciated!
  9. Oh ok ok, I also wish to hear from her
  10. Meringue, I'm living in Singapore and have been there for many years. Thus, I have little idea about the education scene in Malaysia now, let alone knowing which private or govt school is better or more elite. I just know nowadays more and more parents are sending their kids to private school. As in why the "trend"? I'm also trying to find out. I'm sure there are also many good govt schools around that are able to churn out academically brilliant students. I have 4 Cambridge Law graduates (a couple even with scholarships) in my extended family, all of them from govt schools. But they are from one generation before us, back when the private schools have not start making waves yet. Just out of curiosity, what is so different about the mentality of a person from Chinese school? Don't mind to elaborate and give a few examples? I'm really curious to know, thanks I think we have a good reason to choose a non-public school for my kid(s) if we ever relocate back to Malaysia. My kid is born in Singapore and will be raised there until at least after primary school. By then he will be so used to the education system in Singapore and to have every subject taught in English. He won't be able to cope in a public school in M'sia. To put him into a local public school will only subject him to a "cultural shock". And he will also be having a hard time catching up on Bahasa. Why bother making him going through such stress if we have the means to go for other options that could perhaps help to make the transition less "traumatic" for him. It's almost the same reason why the foreigners need a special school for their kids in another country.
  11. Yes, it's really interesting and lots of fun, it's a great way to kill time when you're alone with a baby This is the break down of the costs: - School fees per term S$780 (approx, I can't remember the exact figure). 10 weeks per term, 2 times a week, 1.5 hours each class. - Refundable deposit S$200 - Some administration fees S$20 - Registration fees (to be on waiting list) ~ S$35 (can't remember exact also). I only remember clearly we paid S$1k+ for the school fees + deposit + administration fees. What we do there is they start with lots of singing and music (welcome songs) -> a story telling time-> small time arts & crafts session-> tea break-> free playing time at their indoor playground -> then back to classroom for more music and singing. I find that their approach is rather "westernised" and they really let the young kids have lots of hands on experience, literally. Like for today's arts & crafts , they were playing with paints with their bare hands! And the parents did not seem to fret at all at the mention of the word "paint" (like I did as I'm a cleaniness freak ). The next thing I saw was one by one the parents took off their young kids' shirt and start getting their kids' hands onto those paints. Their young kids just running around topless in aircon room somemore and to them it seems normal. Remember, these kids are still very young, they are babies and toddlers. It's really very different from our local "parenting concept" where we are constantly worrying about our kid catching cold. If you've noticed, whenever there's a rainy day, you will start to see young kids all rugged up from top to bottom with sweaters, long pants etc. Even though we're actually living in a tropical country Oops, sorry forgot to add... Yes you need a parent to accompany the kid in the class. But only 1 parent is allow at a time.
  12. I wonder what Jezebelle stands for? I sounds like a nice name to me ....
  13. mummyally, If you ask me, I'm all for the Montessori We do plan to send Brandon to a Montessori kindergarten in future, unless we find something better. Though I may not know much about Montessori at this stage (will worry about it later ), I heard that their approach and teaching are good. And if you put your kid into a "better" kindergarten, the crowd there will be different and the people your kids mix around with will be different too In a way, you're paying for the "exclusivity" and exclusivity comes with a price tag. May I ask how much is the Montessori you were talking about? how are their charges like? And If I'm not wrong, there are many different centres of Montessori right? Some should be cheaper and some more expensive depending on the location (or what else?). I know of some parents who pay S$1k school fees each month (per child) for their kid's Kindergarten here in Singapore and I would think that is considered an expensive Kindergarten already. by the way, anyone heard of the Eton House before? smurf, Is Sri KDU more expensive than an international school? I have a question ... not sure if anyone of you ponder upon this before ... I believe there will be many rich man's kids in all of these private/international school. And what if your kid is not one of them? Would it have any negative impact on his self-esteem if say he goes to school in a Toyota while the rest of his school mates come in chauffeured BMWs, Mercs and the likes? I hope it's not too sensitive a subject to be touched on here but I know "comparing" is a common thing going on in these schools. A friend of mine, his younger brother was sent to a private school and one day he came home and ask his daddy "why are we not rich? My classmates dads are all big time businessman, hotelier etc, and you are just a salaried guy" And mind you, his dad is not any low level executive, he was already a high ranking Director in a top MNC! But sadly, they look rather small standing next to the Tan Sris and the filthy rich... So sometimes, I wonder if it's better to let your kid to be a big fish in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond. Just sharing my thought ...
  14. Woah, primary one already so expensive! I supposed you will see many kids of the "high society" there Thanks Meringue for the explanation. But if Private school follow government curriculum, what's their medium of language for the subjects?
  15. You know what .. you girls are making me very kiasu now .. I mean I was already very kiasu but MORE kiasu upon reading this :p I think I better start doing my research about kindergarten for Brandon and if possible, register him as early as possible. I'm very particular, type, I want him to get in the good ones.
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