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  1. Pro: 1) good & new style photography skills 2) more choice of photographer Con: 1) poor customer service especially with certain SA 2) not follow up service 3) poor album design 4) limited gown choose especially evening gown 5) uncertain management system, different boss tell u different things 6) photograper more keen on outdoor photos insist of indoor 7) just keep sign new customer, trend not to provide post customer service 8) limited choose on wedding stuff 9) more & more cause I am not satisfy with Keep Gallery so far...
  2. At this very last minute, I also looking for wedding actual full day photography service at Ipoh, around Pasir Binji on "23 Jan 2010, Sat". Any recommnedation? TQ
  3. Totally agree with u I'm also in your shoe before As I say, Keep gallery photography skill is above average, but the service is really below average!
  4. Thank you. I think I need to look for other dress....
  5. May I know the comment on my this Cheong Sam? TQ
  6. Anyone interested for the following red cheong sam? Description: cheong sam with top red lace + bottom red satin Condition: Brand new in good condition, never wore out before Color: Red Size : L Bust : 35.25" Waist: 29" Hip: 36" Height: 5.5' Approximate length from shoulder to herm: 57.5" Selling price: RM 340 firm (Bought in with RM 490, -30% off) Pick up point: Klang Valley Contact: Please send personal message/ PM, or email to chansiewen3@hotmail.com. Reason of sale : My wedding actual day will on Jan 2010, but I already have TWO RED cheong sam, so I would like to let go one of them.
  7. i think yes if they really want to share ur happiness
  8. Can u share the contact & photo? chansiewen3@hotmail.com TQ
  9. KChan


    I start to worrying mine 1...
  10. if it in ur mind it, it means u really mind to hv it may be just hv a small catering at house (RM20x30=RM600), or small banquet at restaurant (RM 600x3=RM 1800) <30 to 50 pax is 1 of the option
  11. most of hotels insist on full payment prior to AD
  12. when is the list be compile? price based on year???
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