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  1. For my experience , I managed to compare the 88 facets diamond(biro88 diamond, http://www.biro88.com/) and the GIA triple excellent cutting side by side in the same diamond shop. Indeed, the 88 facets diamond is more sparkling when view in what ever angle, perhaps due to it has more facets. However, I didn't buy the biro88 diamond because it is more expensive and personally I like the heart and arrow cutting, which is more meaningful in love. :)
  2. From what I know, all Estrella diamond must come with triple excellent cut and set on platinum ring(maybe can set to white gold, which I didn't ask this). Perhaps you can check with your sales agent to clarify this.
  3. Just for sharing In my opinion, each shops have different environment in terms of the lighting. So it is pretty hard to compare the which diamond is more sparkling, unless we compare the diamond side by side in the same environment. Also, different company and different certs comes with different standard to determine the triple excellent cut(after comparing ideal cuts proportions between IGI, AGS, love diamond, Estrella). So, I will suggest to check the cutting using this site, to determine the cut quality. The site will determine your cut grades based on GIA and AGS standard. http://www.pricescope.com/cutadviser.asp Here is the price I got during my diamond hunting last month. :) All with IGI certs, triple Ex cutting. Love diamond - 0.21c, F, VS1, RM3600, white gold ring Love diamond - 0.30c, G, VVS1, RM4400, white gold ring Gold Heart - 0.31c, F, VVS2, RM4600, white gold ring Wah Chan - 0.31c, F, VS2, RM3300, white gold ring D&P (Estrella) - 0.23c, E, VS1, RM3737, platinum ring D&P (Estrella) - 0.321, E, VS2, RM4420, platinum ring Actually got few mores, but I didn't keep the price because not worth to buy it, especially some shops overprice their diamond.
  4. Thanks. yaya. I think so. The time I am waiting for her answer, I think should be more than 5 seconds, the words she speak at first is "very touching", then only follow by I do.
  5. Thanks everyone. Finally I proposed to my gf and she agree to with it. ashandrea, I asked my friends there because I want their help to decorate the room. My gf is very smart, and sure she will feel suspicious if I missing for sometimes to do the decoration. My experience, not every girl want you to propose in public or with audience, maybe they more prefer do it privately. :P you are right, maybe I shouldn't ask my friends to be there. They have no enough time to leave the room, when the time we finished the dinner and walked back to our room. Some funny things happened when we entered the room. haha. I feel nervous as well that time, feel like cant speak out the words I prepared. Luckily still manage to control myself and finally propose to my gf, but with very little voice, maybe due to I also wanna cry that time I speak.
  6. Hi, can you PM me your album URL, very interested to view it. Thanks
  7. Hi, can you PM me your album URL, very interested to view it. Thanks
  8. happyloh

    J&S's ROM Photos

    Hi, can you PM me your album URL, very interested to view it. Thanks
  9. Hi, can you send me your album URL, very interested to view it, as we are looking for the place for our ROM. Thank a lot.
  10. Hi, Please send me your album URL, very interested to view it, as we are looking for the place for our ROM. Thank a lot.
  11. Good idea. Will consider it, but spa really out of my budget already. Personal massage no problem Now confusing after talked to a friend, and she said at beach is more romantic. but I have no idea how is the beach condition there..even though hotel got private beach, and also worry the wind will blow off all candles.
  12. Newbie here I am planning to propose to my gf soon, during our anniversary day, everything still in planning, but not really prepare the things yet, only booked the hotel. I comes out with a checklist to do, and advice needed how to accomplish this. Purposely to propose during anniversary day to prevent her suspicious when I bring her to the hotel and doing a series of "suspicious" thing. The propose will take place in hotel room, to prevent any unexpected things happened, like raining, windy..So I have to do some decoration in the hotel rooms, with the help of my friends. 1. Any idea/example how to do the decoration? I was thinking to create a love shape on the bed using petal, and writing some word using candle on the floor. Any idea which words to write? "I Love You" / "Marry Me"??? Any else to do, seems too simple? My friend will help to prepare this thing while we having dinner. 2. Anywhere to buy the balloon which can fly? 3. Normally during propose, do we have to speak touching words first or directly say "Will you marry me?" 4. Will ask my friend playing some romantic song that time as well. Thanks. More question maybe coming.
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