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  1. Hi, Thanks I think you can try to call up and ask. For my case, I need to submit the application to the faculty that I wanna take the photos as well as UM Pejabat Hubungan Antarabangsa dan Korporat for UM area which not belongs to any faculty. sent you the templates through email. The PM used to work, but has been not working for long time. Maybe can check out the forum if there is any solutions.
  2. Hi, I not manage to PM you, so i email the links to you. Yes, UM required application procedure. I think you can call up UKM to check out as I do not think the procedure for each Uni should be different. Let me know if you need more info. hi, basically i have the same idea with u as well, thinking to take photo at the university we both met. (UKM) Did you go through any application procedure? Mind to share? tingting810815@yahoo.com
  3. So sorry for the late reply. May I know which stage you are in now? I am so sorry as I do not really get you on the gown arrangement, do you mean where I get my gowns or how i plan to match the gown and the scene? I MTM my gown from neoromantic which I believe it quite worth for the value. If you looking for very good material and perfect finishing, then you might need to go for those designer which is expensive. And I did not go for rent as well as the price almost similar to the MTM price and with that price, you can only go for basic design which you might dun like it. If you attached with the BS, you actually get cheaper rental price. Before I go, I actually search online, brochures for the design, choose the one i like, mix and match and choose 2 designs (but can be 4 wear) and go to the shop for quotations. You may consult her if the design suit you or not or you can go straight to the shop and talk to her. 1 of my design got lace, so more expensive, but total less than RM1500 for 2 gowns. I am not sure if your photographer will prepare bouquet and props or not, you may check with them also. Since everything on our own, that is why I need to survey where to get the flowers, what kind of props I want. Let me know if I understand your question wrongly or you need any further information.
  4. hi, sent to your email. Please check it. can i have the link too... lois_wong@hotmail.com. thx. ;)
  5. hi gal, I tried to sent and seems like your PM function disabled. You can PM me your email, I can sent the link.
  6. hi gal, I failed to send PM to you, the error message mentioned that PM has been disabled. Do you have any emails that I can send? Just PM me will do.
  7. hi gal, so sorry for the late reply. I not manage to PM you (which i dunno y), I have sent to your gmail.
  8. hi gal, sorry for sending you so late. I dunno why I cant PM you. So i send to your inbox, please check.
  9. hi gal, no need to leave any email address here... sent you the PM. Happy planning also ^^
  10. hi gal, just send you through PM. Will be great if you can share with me which part you are heading to and what are things you hope to see, we can discuss from there or you look into the blog about how i prepare the trip.
  11. gal, sorry for late reply, send you the link.
  12. hi gal, just sent you my blog's link. So far i only manage to share out my kyoto itinerary, i yet to got time for hokkaido trip. You may browse through other photo that i share in my blog. Maybe you can let me know where you wanna go or what you wish to see, we can discuss about it ^^
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